Poverty stricken counties are accused of spending a lot of money to build goddess statues

 Poverty stricken counties are accused of spending a lot of money to build goddess statues

In this regard, Guizhou Jianhe county culture, culture, radio, television and Tourism Bureau reported on October 21 that it has recently paid attention to the information about the statue of yangasha on the Internet. In this regard, I would like to thank all sectors of society for their concern for the development of cultural tourism industry in Jianhe County.

In January 2018, there were similar information about the statue of yangasha on the Internet. We responded in time and got the understanding of netizens.

Yang Asha is the legendary beauty God of Miao nationality, named Qingshui girl. Its sad and beautiful legend is widely spread along the Qingshui River in Southeast Guizhou Province. It is the embodiment of Miao womens diligence, beauty, kindness and self-confidence, which embodies the broad cultural identity and emotional destination of Miao people in this area. Many places in Southeast Guizhou are named after it, such as yangasha lake, yangasha street, yangasha square, yangasha Avenue, yangasha Hotel, etc. yangasha has become the cultural brand of this region.

Jianhe county is a county with a large population of Miao people. In 2017, in order to develop the tourism industry, Jianhe County yangasha tourism investment company, relying on Jianhe countys cultural tourism resources endowment, built yangasha statue on the North Bank of Qingshui River through self financing and bank financing of 86 million yuan. The statue integrates the cultural connotation of the local Miao Festivals February 2 and June 6. The base height is 22 meters, the height is 66 meters, and the total height is 88 meters. After verification, the project did not use the national poverty alleviation funds.

In 2019, Jianhe county will withdraw from the poverty-stricken county sequence after the special review of state-level poverty-stricken counties, provincial-level third-party assessment, and national re inspection. After poverty reduction, Jianhe county has taken the development of cultural tourism industry as an important starting point of economic and social development and vigorously promoted the whole area tourism. In recent years, the number of tourists coming for sightseeing has increased year by year. During the National Day golden week in 2020, Jianhe tourism industry ushered in a new growth under the normalization of epidemic prevention and control. The county has received more than 220000 tourists and achieved a comprehensive tourism income of 209 million yuan.

The sculpture network of Miao goddess Yang Asha in Jianhe County

Recently, a netizen took a 88m aerial photo of the worlds largest Miao goddess Yang Asha. The sculpture was started in November 2016 and completed in July 2017 in Jianhe County, Guizhou Province. The whole statue is 88 meters high and costs more than 86 million yuan. It is reported that Jianhe county was once a state-level poverty-stricken county. On March 3, 2020, Jianhe County withdrew from the poverty-stricken county sequence. Some netizens questioned that the sculpture was a image project built by the local government with a huge amount of money. It is better to use the funds for poverty alleviation.

A staff member of the Publicity Department of Jianhe County, Qiandongnan Miao and Dong Autonomous Prefecture, told Hongxing news that the local government has spent all the funds in the past three years on the anti-poverty work of the whole county, and the construction of some ancillary facilities of the yangasha sculpture, which was originally planned, has been suspended.

According to public information, the legend of Yang Asha has been handed down for generations in the Jianhe area of Qingshui River in Guizhou Province. Since 2007, Jianhe has held the yangasha cultural festival every year, which has become a driving force for Jianhe to expand its publicity, shape its image and promote cultural tourism.

World record certification body to sculpture certification site map

In addition, the investment amount of yangasha hot spring town is also very large. Lu Xianwen, executive vice minister of Publicity Department of Jianhe county Party committee, said in an interview with the media that the first phase scenic area project of Jianhe hot spring city core area covers an area of 430 mu, with a construction area of about 100000 m2 and a total investment of about 1.2 billion yuan. It is constructed according to the national 5A level scenic spot standard, and the maximum number of people to be received is about 10000 people per day. The whole project is invested and constructed by Jianhe County, employing domestic top professional companies Administration.

According to the official website of Qiandongnan Miao and Dong Autonomous Prefecture Peoples Government in January 2018, Jianhe County strives to promote the synchronous development of new-type tourism industrialization and ecological development. Among them, the establishment of yangasha sculpture and the hot spring scenic spot are integrated into the urban landscape planning, forming a county tourism complex based on yangasha culture, realizing the three major goals of widely absorbing employment, boosting poverty alleviation and strengthening the county and enriching the people. Jianhe tourism boosting poverty alleviation model has been highly recognized by the higher authorities.

According to a news released on the official website of Qiandongnan Miao and Dong Autonomous Prefecture Peoples Government in January 2015, in recent years, Jianhe county has taken tourism and promoting consumption as the new fulcrum of county economic growth. The first is to invest 760 million yuan to build yangasha hot spring town; the second is to steadily promote the construction of scenic spots in the county. 80% of the site leveling works of yangasha theme park have been completed, and yangasha goddess sculpture has been commissioned by the Central Academy of fine arts to design and create real models. In 2014, the tourism growth rate of Jianhe County ranked first among the 10 national poverty alleviation and development key counties in the province, ranking the second.

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Yangasha, the worlds largest Miao goddess, was built with a cost of 86 million yuan in Jianhe, Guizhou (source: original)

The 88 meter sculpture of Yang Asha, the largest Miao goddess in the world, was taken by netizens. Some netizens questioned that Jianhe county was still a state-level poverty-stricken county when it invested a lot of money to create the sculpture, and it only withdrew from the poverty-stricken county sequence in March 2020. If the funds are used to get rid of poverty, the county may be able to get rid of poverty earlier, which is a image project.

The Red Star News reporter noted that the Ministry of housing and urban rural development issued the notice on strengthening the construction and management of large-scale urban sculptures on September 29 this year, which made it clear to strengthen the control, management and review of sculpture. According to the notice, some urban sculptures have some problems, such as too large scale, low quality, unsuitable theme and incongruity with the surrounding environment. In particular, there are some deviations in the understanding and understanding of carrying forward the excellent traditional Chinese culture in some places.

The relevant notice map issued by the Ministry of housing and urban rural development is based on the official website of the Ministry of housing and urban rural development

In terms of defining the key points of construction and management, the notice mentioned that large-scale sculptures with a height of more than 10 meters or a width of more than 30 meters should be managed as important urban construction projects. The construction of large-scale sculptures with a height of more than 30 meters or a width of more than 45 meters should be strictly controlled. It is strictly forbidden to blindly build large-scale sculptures that are divorced from reality and the masses in the name of cultural heritage, tourism development and image promotion Plastic.

A staff member of the Publicity Department of Jianhe County, Qiandongnan Miao and Dong Autonomous Prefecture, told Hongxing news that yangasha sculpture had been questioned by netizens shortly after its completion. It happened that from 2018 to 2019, the whole county devoted all its efforts to poverty alleviation, and the local government spent all its funds on Poverty Alleviation, agriculture and other poverty alleviation related work Work with a slightly smaller working relationship, such as the tourism industry, urban construction and industrial construction, has slowed down, and the construction of some ancillary facilities of the yangasha sculpture, which was originally planned, has been suspended.

The staff also said that the yangasha theme park has promoted the development of tourism industry in the county in recent years, and ushered in the tourism peak during this years national day.

According to official information, since the hot spring scenic spot was officially opened on October 1, 2017, including the yangasha cultural square complex, it has achieved tourism revenue of more than 20 million yuan, received more than 1000 tourists a day, and received an average monthly income of more than 5 million yuan. It is reported that after the completion of the Jianhe hot spring cultural tourism complex project, the daily reception capacity will reach 50000 people and 3700 jobs can be provided, including more than 2000 poor people.

Red Star journalist Chen Qingyuan

Editor Zhang Xun

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The 57.3-meter-high statue of Guan Gong and the 99.9-meter-high shuisi building have been approved! We will resolutely put an end to the indiscriminate construction of cultural landmarks and other image projects and achievements projects!

Giant Guangong statue project in Jingzhou City, Hubei Province

We should make clear our position and resolutely control the excessive construction

According to the circular, the giant statue of Guan Gong built in Jingzhou City, Hubei Province, is 57.3 meters high, which violates the relevant provisions of the approved protection plan for Jingzhou historical and cultural city, and damages the ancient citys style and historical context.

The shuisi building built in Jingxin Valley Scenic Area of Yingshan town in Dushan County of Guizhou Province has a building height of 99.9 meters and an investment of 256 million yuan.

The housing and urban rural development departments of Hubei and Guizhou should, in combination with their responsibilities, cooperate with relevant departments to follow up and guide Jingzhou City and Dushan county to carry out the rectification of giant Guangong statue project and shuisi building project; they should draw inferences from one instance, strengthen supervision, improve the system, timely intervene and correct the problems found, and resolutely put an end to the indiscriminate construction of cultural landmark and other image projects and performance projects.

The annual financial revenue of Dushan County in Guizhou Province is less than 1 billion yuan

This year, we just took off the hat of poor counties

In order to develop tourism

Dushan County borrowed 40 billion yuan to create various landscapes

One of the most famous is

The best water company in the world

Dushan County once introduced shuisi building, which started construction in September 2016. It is a large-scale complex integrating exhibition, hotel accommodation and sightseeing. It is a landmark building mainly built in Jingxin valley scenic area. The building covers an area of 5215 square meters, with 24 floors and 99.9 meters high. After completion, it is expected to declare three world records: the worlds highest glazed pottery building; the worlds highest Shui, Buyi and Miao ethnic elements; and the worlds largest archway. The water company building will be shut down around June 2018.

Pan Zhili was born in Haian County, Jiangsu Province in September 1964. Since August 2007, he has been the director of the Management Committee of Haian Economic Development Zone, deputy secretary of the Party Working Committee and Secretary of the Party committee of Chengdong Town, Haian County. From 2010 to 2011, Guizhou introduced 12 outstanding cadres from Jiangsu, Zhejiang, Shandong, Hebei and Chongqing in two batches to serve as county Party Secretary, including pan Zhili. In July 2010, he was transferred to Dushan County, Qiannan Prefecture, Guizhou Province as secretary of the county Party committee.

In order to finance, Dushan county has set up a number of financing platforms. According to a report of the countys news and media center in 2017, there are 36 financing platform companies in the county, including 5 companies with total assets of more than 6 billion yuan, 4 companies with a total assets of 3 billion to 6 billion yuan, 10 enterprises with 1 billion to 3 billion yuan, and 16 companies with less than 1 billion yuan. The financing projects in Dushan County claim to be high efficiency, and they are guaranteed by the government reputation, which is easy to gain the trust of investors.

Golf course, Dushan University Town, the worlds first water company building With a large amount of funds, Dushan county a number of major projects have been launched. However, due to the excessive number of projects started at the same time and the high debt, the funds were broken and many projects were uncompleted.

It weighs more than 1200 tons

It weighs 136 tons

On July 10, this year, the worlds largest Guan Gong statue in Jingzhou, Hubei Province, is sinking, without planning permission and without fire inspection and acceptance. According to a report, on June 17, 2016, the Guangong Yiyuan Garden opened. Under the 48 meter high statue of Guan Gong, a two-story building, named the center of Guangong culture exhibition, was built.

The official account of WeChat in Jingzhou shows that there are many activities in the base of Guan Gong statue during the National Day holiday. Chen Degui, general manager of Jinglv group, said that he had just learned that the Ministry of housing and urban rural development had informed him of the matter. After receiving specific opinions, the company will actively implement the opinions of the superior and seriously rectify the situation.

Its like a giant statue, a water tower

Such a man-made scenic spot of seeking fame

Tourism taste is getting higher and higher

Being abandoned by the market is the general trend

Waste human, material, financial and land resources

Whats the point?

The impulse to spend huge sums of money to build giant statues everywhere

Its time to say no!

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