Audi A3L with wheelbase of 2680mm will appear at Guangzhou Auto Show

 Audi A3L with wheelbase of 2680mm will appear at Guangzhou Auto Show

Key words of new car:

u00b7The design completely inherits the style of overseas version, which is divided into ordinary version and S-line version

u00b7The domestic three compartment version may be extended to 2680 mm on the basis of the 2640 mm wheelbase of overseas models

u00b7The domestic three compartment model almost completely copies the shape of the overseas version. The overall style tends to be more flat. The wider front face strengthens the movement characteristics of the air intake grille and heat sink. The LED matrix headlamp group is very discernible. The engine hood adopts the clamshell design, and the ribs leading out from the inner corner of the headlamp to the bottom of the A-pillar create a three-dimensional and strong impression.

u00b7More aerodynamic design and sports kits are added on the side. The full encircling waistline is led from the head lamp and runs through the rear door of the vehicle. The vehicle is obviously elongated at the rear door and triangle window. As a reference, the length, width and height of overseas triangles are 4500 / 1820 / 1430 mm and 2640 mm respectively. The wheelbase of domestic models may be extended to 2680 mm.

u00b7The interior is replaced by a new interior design style and layout. The layered polygonal central console makes the whole interior space very fashionable. The new car is equipped with 10.1 inch central control touch screen, 10.25 inch full LCD Meter, new MMI information entertainment system and the third generation modular information entertainment platform. It also supports the interconnection function of applecarplay and androidauto mobile phones.