Three minutes to tell the classics invites you to pay attention to the 8th Zhongjing forum

 Three minutes to tell the classics invites you to pay attention to the 8th Zhongjing forum

At the opening ceremony, Zhang Boli, winner of the national honorary title of peoples hero, academician of Chinese Academy of engineering and President of Tianjin University of traditional Chinese medicine, sent a congratulatory letter to the forum. Zhang Daning, a master of Chinese medicine, sounded the gong at the opening ceremony of the forum.

Congratulatory letter from Zhang Boli, national winner of peoples hero and academician of Chinese Academy of Engineering

Chinese Medicine Master Zhang Daning plays the gong

Sun Yaozhi, founder of zhongjingwanxi Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd., attended the forum

Zou Xu, director of the Department of critical care medicine of Guangdong Provincial Hospital of traditional Chinese medicine and leader of the medical team of traditional Chinese medicine in Hubei Province, with full and accurate clinical data and practical combat experience of traditional Chinese medicine, detoxification as soon as possible, strengthening the body as soon as possible, strengthening the body and eliminating pathogenic factors in order to save the lung.... Novel coronavirus pneumonia prevention and treatment from the perspective of Chinese medicine, Professor Xu Liran, Professor of Henan University of traditional Chinese medicine, extremely elegant and valuable. Because we have Zhang Zhongjing, we have Treatise on Febrile Diseases , we have dialectical treatment.

Zhongjing Wanxi Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd., with the core of inheriting, promoting and innovating the traditional Chinese medicine culture of medical sage Zhang Zhongjing, mainly produces such classic famous prescriptions as Zhongjing Liuwei Dihuang pills and Xiaoyao pills, as well as formula granules and other traditional Chinese medicine products. It is the first Chinese medicine enterprise in the industry to put forward the pharmaceutical concept of good medicine, good medicine, and establish and implement the traceability system of traditional Chinese medicine.

Three minutes to tell the classics is based on the enterprises continuous commitment to Zhongjing traditional Chinese medicine culture for many years, and its commitment to the authentic quality of good medicine and good medicine. On the basis of promoting the standardization construction of quality Chinese medicine, it is an activity designed to inherit and innovate Zhongxin culture, which is also a carefully designed activity. It is also the development of traditional Chinese medicine heritage essence and innovation. Keep pace with the times under the guidance of direction.

The project aims to use scientific and vivid, interesting and easy to remember language forms, focus on the dominant diseases and diseases of traditional Chinese medicine, popularize the classics of traditional Chinese medicine, and inject more new energy into the inheritance, innovation and development of traditional Chinese medicine. Nanyang is the hometown of Zhang Zhongjing and the permanent venue of Zhongjing forum. This year novel coronavirus pneumonia outbreak, novel coronavirus pneumonia combined with Qingfei detoxification soup, which is based on Zhang Zhongjings treatise on Febrile and miscellaneous diseases, shows a significant therapeutic effect on new crown pneumonia. This year also coincides with the 1870th anniversary of the birth of medical Saint Zhang Zhongjing. With the advent of autumn and winter, the Zhongjing theme forum on anti epidemic of traditional Chinese medicine is of great significance to summarize the experience of anti epidemic of traditional Chinese medicine, to discuss academic theories, to further play the advantages of Chinese medicine in anti epidemic, and to inherit and carry forward Zhang Zhongjings medical culture. Source: editor in charge of mass news: Chen Tiqiang_ NB6485