Model 3 drops to 199000? Teslas new battery brings low price

 Model 3 drops to 199000? Teslas new battery brings low price

The entry-level version of model 3 has decreased by 114000, which is equivalent to 60% discount!

The realization of domestic production still has a great impact on Tesla. In addition to the monthly sales volume of more than 10000 yuan, that is the price. The imported price of the standard range upgrade of model 3 was 363900 yuan before, but now the entry standard endurance upgrade version including basic driving assistance function is 249900 yuan, which is equivalent to 60% discount!

Even if it is compared with the price of the entry-level model when it was just made in China, it is equivalent to a 30% discount. Is it surprised? Are you surprised?

Because of the big price gap, it once made the atmosphere very awkward for users who had purchased imported models to chat. After all, Tesla is still a luxury brand in the field of new energy. Moreover, according to roadside news agency, due to too much criticism from netizens, Tesla also defines some green vegetables as indescribable:

u25a0 several ways to reduce the price of domestic products:

Localization - reduce tariff, improve production cost and efficiency;

New battery lithium iron phosphate upper position;

With subsidy - the threshold to enter into 300000 yuan.

Tesla will certainly not lose money by repeatedly reducing prices. Otherwise, Musks hair will be less and less. How can their costs be controlled?

First of all, after the domestic production of many parts, including battery packs, the tariff of parts has been controlled. In addition, the cost and efficiency of production in China are also well guaranteed - although Teslas quality control has always been mediocre, but It seems that Tesla made in China is already the best.

The cost and price of electric vehicles largely come from batteries, so when Tesla replaced the domestic batteries for the domestic model 3, especially the lithium iron phosphate batteries today, the cost was reduced and the price had more room for operation. As for the introduction of lithium iron phosphate battery specific changes, we will also elaborate below.

In addition, even Tesla will face the problem of new energy subsidies - previously, Tesla adjusted the price of model 3 entry-level models to the range of 300000 yuan, so that they can enjoy state subsidies. And this time, it is within 250000 yuan, which is also the price included in the subsidy.

What is the effect of LiFePO4 on the performance?

Optimized structure, increased weight and improved endurance

Compared with the ternary lithium battery, Teslas new lithium iron phosphate battery has lower cost and better safety, but its energy density and low-temperature performance are also inferior - but it solves the core cost and price problems, and other things are easy to say - such as the performance in winter, it depends on how Tesla handles the efficiency of the thermal management system.

In addition, according to the conventional way, the energy density of LiFePO4 battery is lower than that of lithium ternary battery, which means that the self weight of the battery pack with the same capacity is greater, which will have a certain negative impact on the energy consumption of vehicles. However, according to the information reported at present, the lithium iron phosphate battery provided by Ningde times adopted by Tesla has been optimized in the structure and material of the battery pack. As a result, when the weight of the battery is increased by more than 100 kg, the battery capacity of the model 3 with LiFePO4 battery version has been increased by 3 kwh, and the range has been increased by 23 km. The performance parameters are not available Lower.

Super 18650 appears -- 4680 battery

High energy density, lower price and uncertain production time

In the past, the 18650 batteries used by Tesla can be said to be well-known in the industry. Many consumers even think that Tesla is a large-scale electric toy car - in any case, it uses one dry battery after another Of course, it has been upgraded to 2170, which is a larger cylindrical cell.

2170 and 18650 batteries previously used by Tesla

Not long ago, Tesla just released its latest battery technology, which is called 4680 in the industry. The new battery has a diameter of 46mm and a length of 80mm. The capacity of the new cell is increased by five times, the output power is increased by six times, and the endurance is increased by 16%.

The reason why Tesla chose the size of 46mm is that it has a relatively balanced performance in terms of endurance and cost, while continuing to increase the size will not contribute so much to increasing the endurance and reducing the cost (just as it is not so long to raise chickens for a certain period of time).

*Cost reduction is not just about materials and battery design

According to Tesla, reducing the unit cost of batteries is not only a matter of anode and cathode materials and battery design, but also the production process of batteries and the integration of batteries (bags) and vehicles.

*Why cancel polar ear?

*Core or cost reduction

Of course, if electric vehicles are to be popular, the core is to reduce costs and prices to the same level as fuel vehicles - especially the cost of batteries. Teslas new battery uses less cobalt, along with a variety of optimized designs, including the polar ears, and more efficient production equipment, to reduce its cost.

In addition to the design and manufacture of the electric core, the improvement of the vehicle will be followed up synchronously, including the large-size aluminum alloy casting parts of the rear body of the vehicle, and the reinforcement design of the battery pack as part of the vehicle structure, etc., which are also to reduce the cost.

*In the future, different cells will be applied for different models

In order to balance the cost and match the product positioning, Tesla will also apply different types of batteries to different models in the future

Conclusion: Tesla can be said to be a love hate brand. On the one hand, its technical innovation and driving experience really have a few brushes, on the other hand, quality control and marketing sometimes do something important. The release of the new 4680 battery and supporting technology will definitely lead to price reduction. However, the specific model and time will depend on Teslas mood.

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