Is synbiotic HMO milk powder really blowing so good?

 Is synbiotic HMO milk powder really blowing so good?

For my spoiled baby who has been drinking breast milk, it is a big challenge to let him drink milk powder. It can be said that every mother must have both wisdom and courage. Finally, the baby was so sleepy that she finally took a few drinks.

When it comes to the HMO milk powder of altamix Germany platinum version, I have also checked a lot of data. He added a dual HMOs (2fl + 3gl) + gos / FOS prebiotics combination. Their synergistic effect is verified by clinical trials to ensure that Baobao can ingest real and effective ingredients and enhance its own immunity. Synbiotic has not verified the efficacy of milk powder, and it is difficult for us to know whether the efficacy it publicizes is real, let alone whether it can guarantee food safety. Many mothers dont pay attention to clinical verification when choosing milk powder. They think that adding nutrients will certainly be beneficial to their babies. However, in terms of safety and effectiveness, without clinical verification, there is no guarantee.

In terms of cost performance, the Alta whitening gold version is also better than synbiotics, the price is directly reduced by half. I also particularly like the small blue box design of altamix German platinum version, which is light, hygienic and convenient. In terms of safety, lactofidustm, which is used to make milk powder with Alta whitening gold plate, has also obtained the safety certification of EFSA of European Food Safety Council. Its not only the safety certification, but also the ingredients added by the platinum version of altamix Germany have been verified by more than 500 scientists in Newcastle Asia. They really showed the mothers that they were effective and safe. It seems that synbiotic has never done this. No wonder. Only this kind of safe milk powder is safe for me to buy and my baby can drink it at ease.

After several weeks, the baby finally changed milk successfully, from the union to love him in Germany platinum version. But there is one thing to say. After the baby changed to love him, Germany platinum version, the fever of accumulated food was relieved a lot, and the mental state was much better. The number of night and night disturbances decreased. It is worthy of double HMOs with clinical proven efficacy. Indeed, Bao dad said that, when the situation is not very right, it is necessary to see if the milk powder is not suitable. No matter how the business blows, Baoma must choose the milk powder suitable for the baby.

Source: responsible editor of mass news: Chen Tiqiang_ NB6485