Adjustment and reform plan of professional sports forces of the whole army: no longer participating in the national comprehensive sports games

 Adjustment and reform plan of professional sports forces of the whole army: no longer participating in the national comprehensive sports games

The overall design and target requirements of this adjustment and reform can be understood and understood from five aspects

A clear direction is fundamental. We should accelerate the transformation of military sports construction in the new era, strengthen the service for the army and support the construction of combat effectiveness.

Second, adjust the orientation of construction. We should further highlight the military attributes, change the direction of development, strengthen the guidance function of military sports training services, build a professional sports force layout with distinctive characteristics, capable and efficient, which is suitable for the development of the situation and tasks, and promote the transformation of military sports construction from focusing on the competition field to focusing on the army.

The third is to optimize the power structure. We will retain some professional project teams with distinctive military characteristics,

The fourth is the standard.

The military will no longer participate in the national comprehensive sports games and individual events, but will participate in the world military games and the International Military Sports Council single events.

According to the leader of the training management department of the Military Commission, after the completion of the reform task, a new layout of professional military sports forces will be formed, which is in line with the strategic goal of building a world-class army in an all-round way and in line with the strategic requirements of reforming and strengthening the army, so as to comprehensively improve the scientific, professional and practical level of military sports training and improve the contribution rate to the construction of the combat effectiveness of the army.

Basketball Association announced the withdrawal of Bayi mens basketball team! There is no military division in the league

Bayi players will be difficult to complete the transfer this year, or will not be able to collectively this season

With the official announcement of the Chinese Basketball Association, Bayi, who once ruled the Chinese basketball circle, decided to bid farewell to CBA.

This farewell is very thorough. Before that, during the period when the qualification of Bayi team was still pending, the future of Bayi team has always been an ambiguous topic in the domestic basketball circle. The relevant people are very secretive. No one can say clearly whether this years Bayi team will continue to play as a military team, or collectively change the name of Fubang, or leave the first stage of the competition, or say goodbye completely u3002

In this atmosphere, the CBA official can only retain its schedule and qualification without completing the registration on August 1. As a result, when the first round of competition against Beijing Shougang was held, the League had to abstain from the competition for many years. Beijing Shougang won 20-0 without a fight, and all the points were given to Li muhao.

For CBA, the identity of August 1 makes this embarrassment inevitable, while for the Chinese peoples Liberation Army, which belongs to the Bayi team, this kind of inexplicable result is intolerable. According to the source, in fact, the Bayi team and the peoples Liberation Army have made a final decision before the match with Beijing team, and the August 1 departure can not be changed.

There are too many questions about the departure of Bayi, but at present, the most important one is the ownership of Bayi players.

From the perspective of CBA League, this operation has a certain positive significance. However, according to sources within Bayi, the possibility of all Bayi players returning to the CBA League is very low at least this season, and the players of Bayi team are likely to miss the CBA 2020-2021 season collectively.

It is reported that the future of Bayi players is mainly due to their Military identity - different from the usual perception of fans, we can not regard the first identity of Bayi players as players, but soldiers. In fact, in the last two seasons, the Bayi team has played as a special invitation. As for the soldiers, including demobilized and transferred fans, what they think should be done in the context of professional league matches should actually be subject to the internal regulations of the PLA. After all, wearing and taking off military uniform is not going to work or resigning. No matter in any form, joining the army is not a joke.

In the future, whether the players of Bayi team can successfully enter the professional league as players is still uncertain. In fact, the August 1 exit is not a basketball teams business. In recent years, the decoupling of the army from the sports teams under its jurisdiction has been advancing in an orderly manner. However, compared with other sports, basketball, as the most professional project, involves more aspects, so it needs more processing time.

From a macro point of view, there is no institutional ban on the return of Bayi players. When the Bayi Football team was disbanded in 2003, many of the former Bayi players joined other teams. In the history of Bayi mens basketball team, many players, including Yu Junkai, Wang Sheng and Zhang Tao, have left Bayi to join his team. Before the start of this season, Han Shuo, who had previously played in Jiangsu and Bayi, left Bayi to join Sichuan, and had a good performance in the previous games.

From the market point of view, at present, CBA teams also have a demand for Bayi team talents. According to the transfer situation and contract renewal amount of each team this summer, 2-4 players of Bayi team have the strength to be selected into the national training team. If the state is maintained in the future, it will not be difficult to win the C or D Contract of other teams. At that time, even if Bayi players can not return to the court this year, they will still be able to return to the stadium in the future Become the focus of CBA Players market.

In short, no matter what the future of August 1, we all wish the players and coaches of Bayi team. After all, they have made contributions to Chinese basketball. As CCTV sports news said on October 18:

I hope these young talents can also find their ideal home.

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The army does not participate in the national comprehensive sports games