Open source to the left, self research to the right

 Open source to the left, self research to the right

What are the new trends of enterprise storage? What are the technological innovations of the new generation of qingstor products? When many manufacturers choose to do secondary development based on the open source storage platform CEPH, why does Qingyun qingcloud take the difficult road of self-study from scratch? Recently, intelligent evolution interviewed the research and development team of qingstor.

Hot, cold, warm, mixed data, four scenes of product upgrading

Wang Yu, head of research and development of qingstor storage product line, believes that there are two major trends in the development of enterprise storage market

Second, with the rapid decline of SSD flash media cost, full flash storage has gradually become the mainstream. IDC report shows that full flash storage has accounted for 80% of all enterprises using storage. And it will maintain an annual growth rate of 50% in the next few years.

Wang Yu, R & D director of qingstor storage product line

Qingyun qingcloud divides storage scenarios into four categories: hot data, cold data, warm data and mixed scenarios. The four products of qingstor are developed for four scenarios: block storage for enterprise core business data; object storage for massive static data and unstructured data; file storage for general scenarios; and integrated storage for multiple storage scenarios.

The distributed block storage of qingstorneonsan is the key business and core data of enterprise. Whether Oracle RAC cluster database can run stably is a test of high-end storage performance. Previously, only traditional storage could do this. Qingstorneonsan is the first and only distributed storage product that can support Oracle RAC.

Moreover, in terms of compatibility, qingstorneonsan can dock with mainstream virtualization or cloud computing platforms such as VMware, openstack, Hyper-V, etc. At the same time, in the face of the increasingly popular cloud native environment, qingstorneonsan can provide high-performance, reliability and enterprise level distributed storage capabilities for k8s and kubesphere container platforms.

According to the latest research report of IDC, the total amount of global data has reached 50zb (about 1 trillion GB), of which the unstructured data accounts for 80%. Object storage is the best choice for managing rapidly growing unstructured data. Qingstor object storage 3.0 is a storage service with both fish and bears paw. It has the ultra-high performance of massive data storage and data storage. Version 3.0 added more scenarios such as data migration, data protection, data backup, AI video monitoring, etc. In terms of performance, when the number of single bucket objects exceeds 10 billion, the storage performance of qingstor objects can remain stable, leading the industry.

File storage is the oldest and most widely used data storage method. The newly upgraded qingstor file storage has built a unified namespace through self-developed entire file system stack, which makes file storage free from the limitation of local file system. Each directory supports multiple access nodes to access at the same time. There are no restrictions on the capacity and the number of files, so that the processing capacity has horizontal expansion.

The integrated storage of qingstor meets the requirement that enterprises can obtain multiple storage types and storage interfaces in one purchase. It integrates the above three types of professional storage at the deployment level, but at the architecture level, it still maintains the architectural characteristics of each professional storage, as well as its complete functions and performance.

Open source vs self research, real innovation comes from the most difficult road

At present, many domestic storage manufacturers will choose CEPH based open source distributed storage platform as the bottom layer for secondary packaging and secondary development. Why does Qingyun qingcloud choose the very difficult road of 100% self research? According to Wang Yu, there are two main reasons:

First, the cloud has high requirements for security, isolation, and large-scale horizontal expansion capability in the core business of enterprises. It is difficult for open-source distributed storage products to fully meet these requirements. Through the strict test of CEPH performance and the investigation of a large number of enterprise customers, the research and development team of qingstor believes that the most fundamental logic of CEPH is to expect to meet all requirements through a set of solutions, which is not suitable for highly professional storage business.

Second, self research can provide Chinese customers with high-quality products that can be controlled independently in the whole stack, thus eliminating the concerns of enterprises on data security. At present, from the software architecture, the underlying chip to the operating system, qingstor has fully realized the compatibility and mutual certification with domestic manufacturers, and built the localization ecology. At present, qingstor has completed the compatibility and adaptation test with Kunpeng, Feiteng, Zhongke haiguang, Inspur openpower and other domestic chips, realizing the compatible docking of main domestic operating systems such as unison UOS, Kirin and Euler.

In addition to the overall improvement of technology, performance and function, the ability of scenario is also the heavyweight content of the annual upgrade of qingstor.

On the one hand, qingstor products pay more attention to seamless docking with upper application development partners. One of the most important directions of our new release is to enhance the ability of scenario, so as to help ISV manufacturers in the storage industry to develop upper level applications more easily based on our products. Wang Yu said.

Kubesphere kf3000 container all in one machine is launched to help enterprise users optimize the production environment of landing container platform. Feng Xiangdong, product manager of qingstor storage product line, said, if Qingyun qingcloud only provides kubesphere, the first open source container platform in China, and the industry-leading distributed block storage, qingstorneonsan, to enterprises, enterprises still need to do a lot of configuration work, and optimize the landing production.

Feng Xiangdong, product manager of qingstor storage product line

On the other hand, qingstor makes storage products more landing scenarios, aiming to help enterprises directly solve business problems, not just enhance it capabilities. For example, in the AI video monitoring scenario, the qingstor object storage thoroughly breaks through the life cycle of video image data, and makes it easy for enterprises to manage the process from massive data storage to data analysis and processing to data archiving. Through SDK, intelligent terminal writes data directly to object storage, simplifies the end-to-end storage process, and smoothly connects with external data AI analysis engine.

Automatic driving is a typical object storage business scene, and the original data collected by enterprises every day reaches hundreds of TB. In a case of an autopilot customer, the qingstor object storage can meet the customer needs because of its super high performance, standard open application interface, flexible deployment, simple operation and maintenance. At present, the qingtor object storage has stored more than 10PB of data for the customer. In the early stage of business, it also solves the problem of mass data migration across cloud and across regions. The choice of the last technical route is closely related to the values of the enterprise. Qingyun qingcloud chooses the latter between the low cost and rapid development of products and the highest quality provided by deep self research. After 8 years of forging, 100% of the independent design and development of the distributed storage of qingtor for cloud is not only the underlying support of all cloud products of Qingyun qincloud itself, but also has been verified by tens of thousands of enterprise customers. Source: responsible editor of mass news: Chen Tiqiang_ NB6485

Autopilot is a typical object storage business scenario, and the raw data collected by enterprises every day reaches hundreds of TB. In the case of an autopilot customer, because of its ultra-high performance, standard and open application interface, flexible deployment, simple operation and maintenance, qingstor object storage meets the needs of customers. At present, the qingstor object store has stored more than 10PB of data for this customer. In the early stage of business, it also solved the problem of massive data migration across clouds and regions.

Write it at the end

After eight years of forging, 100% independent design and research and development, qingstor distributed storage for the cloud is not only the underlying support of Qingyuns own cloud products, but also has been verified by tens of thousands of enterprise customers.