China International Information and Communication Expo 2020

 China International Information and Communication Expo 2020

On the spot of the communication exhibition, Youyin communication fully demonstrated its original technology and service. With its leading technology research and development ability, excellent brand influence and service concept of honest management, Youyin communication has won three awards, including technology innovation and Application Award, most popular brand award and excellent employer in 2020.

Technology innovation and Application Award in 2020

Youyin communication always adheres to the concept of user demand-oriented and user service-oriented. It independently develops and updates iterative communication products and technologies, precisely matches the personalized communication needs of enterprises, effectively solves the pain points of enterprise communication management, and combines new products and services with new business models in the digital transformation of enterprises to enable new businesses u3002

The independent research and development of mobile cloud agent products by Youyin communication is aimed at the new requirements of various enterprises for communication product functions and the demand for information application ability. It increases the diversity of product functions, optimizes the page to increase the beauty, and adds the call reminder and leakage transfer function to ensure that every business opportunity is not missed. The service SMS function and enterprise customization can also help enterprises maintain customer relations, Establish a unique brand image. With good product performance and user praise, mobile cloud agent unified communication solution won the 2020 technology innovation and Application Award in the 2020 100 cities Gigabit construction and future urban development summit forum.

As a senior enterprise in the field of enterprise communication service, Youyin communication has always been committed to the R & D and service of enterprise level communication products and solutions, providing customers with professional and convenient communication value-added services and platform based solutions. Its high-quality communication services have won the worlds top 100, including Amazon China, baidu, China Life Insurance, Alibaba nail, iFLYTEK, auto home, etc Strong enterprises and domestic well-known enterprises in-depth cooperation, cumulative service customers more than 500000 +.

Participants understand and negotiate business in Youyin communication exhibition area

In addition, when the new crown epidemic is spreading, the global economy is facing severe challenges. With its strong service undertaking ability and high reliable operation and maintenance ability, Youyin communications adjusts the characteristics of communication products to meet the needs of enterprises and help enterprise customers overcome difficulties. For the small and medium-sized enterprise customers in distress, Youyin communication implements the strategy of reducing the fees, renewing the service and not discount the service, and uses its own technology and service advantages to help them tide over the difficult times. Under the background of economic downturn, the performance of Youyin communication has not declined but increased, maintaining the growth against the trend, which has confirmed the brand influence of Youyin communication from the side. Thanks to this, China International Information and Communication Exhibition awarded the most popular brand award to Youyin communication.

Winning the award of excellent employer in 2020

China International ICT exhibition is the most influential event in the pan ICT industry and the main battlefield for 5g release. It is known as the innovation base and vane of ICT market in China and even in the world. In order to learn the most advanced and leading new technology, new business and new application in the information and communication industry from the industry peers, experts and industry authorities, and also show the innovative products and technologies of Youyin to the public. Youyin communication has participated in China International Information and Communication Exhibition for five consecutive years, and has maintained high popularity for five consecutive years, which has been highly concerned by peers in the industry Communication has won the excellent employer of 2020.

From the original standard exhibition to todays Guangdi exhibition, not only the venue is upgraded, but also the product technology and service of Youyin communication. From standardized products to personalized products, and customized services are updated and iterated. With the continuous improvement of product and service, the range of customers and partners of yon communication is also expanding. Nowadays, more and more customers trust has given Youyin communication greater trust Confidence has also given you greater courage to show yourself in the communication exhibition.

In the future, Youyin communication will continue to focus on the research and development of communication products and technologies, hoping to bring more efficient and convenient communication products to the majority of enterprise customers, Enabling more enterprise communications. Source: editor in charge of mass news: Chen Tiqiang_ NB6485

Live broadcast of video anchor in Youyin Communication Exhibition Area