Encounter with technology 2020techworld Green Alliance Technology Carnival

 Encounter with technology 2020techworld Green Alliance Technology Carnival

Shen Jiye, chairman of Lvmeng Technology Group

Industry insight: looking back on past industrial trends and witnessing the road of policy innovation

Ye Xiaohu, senior vice president of Green Alliance Technology, delivered a keynote speech entitled technology reconstruction: past, present, and future. Dr. Ye Xiaohu mentioned that in recent years, green alliance technology has deeply cultivated industry customers, but also witnessed the change of enterprise customer safety protection ideas. More and more enterprises realize that paying more attention to construction than operation can not achieve the goals and requirements of safety construction It is imperative to establish the overall security architecture for the enterprise. As a professional security company, safety capability is the core competitiveness of Green Alliance Technology. Under the guidance of the smart security 2.0 strategy, green alliance technology continues to break through innovation and provide more security guarantee for the digital transformation process of enterprises.

Ye Xiaohu, senior vice president of Lvmeng Technology Group

Zhu Guobang, director of the Network Security Bureau of the Ministry of public security, publicized, implemented and interpreted the national network security laws and regulations, hierarchical protection system and other policy requirements, introduced the new connotation of network security classified protection system 2.0, and put forward guiding opinions on the development of network security enterprises in the new era. Director Zhu pointed out that network security enterprises should strengthen the research and development and application of network security products, actively participate in national major activities and special projects, and participate in the formulation of international, national and industrial standards; strengthen industrial technology innovation, old enterprises new ideas and new enterprise unicorns, closely follow the changes of cyberspace security situation, analyze the situation and assess risks, and have social responsibility for the country Suggestions for network security work.

Zhu Guobang, director of the Network Security Bureau of the Ministry of public security

Li Xinshe, deputy director of the network security industry development center of the Ministry of industry and information technology, mentioned in the keynote speech new eras recognition of the network security industry. With the deep integration of information technology and contemporary society, a new generation of infrastructure supporting the development of digital society is rapidly forming. Security first, demand driven, open collaboration, application driven new information infrastructure construction will form a new model and new scheme for the development of digital society. The new generation of infrastructure is not only the stabilizer to deal with the complex and severe situation, but also the driver to lead the economic transformation and development. We must break through the traditional network security thinking, rethink the role of network security industry in the protection and promotion of digital society, and make the network security industry become an important support of digital society and a new blue ocean of industrial development.

Xu Shubin, vice president of Cyberspace Security Research Institute of CETC, focused on the construction and development of smart city. Starting from the development trend and security requirements of smart city, he sorted out the scientific issues and technical directions of network information security in smart city, including urban security guarantee system, heterogeneous system interconnection, information security collection and controlled sharing, network threat perception and disposal, and comprehensive network security prevention This paper explains the key technologies of smart city network security, shares the practical results and experience in data security construction, and puts forward the solution of trusted sharing and exchange of smart city data.

Then, under the chairmanship of Tan Xiaosheng, founder of Beijing Saibo Yingjie Technology Co., Ltd., the four guests discussed the development history and milestone of network security for more than 20 years from the perspective of policy interpretation, industrial ecology and technology development, focusing on the new network security problems emerging in the new infrastructure, digital era and post epidemic era, Interpret the development trend of network security industry.

The afternoon meeting begins with the Green League technology micro film our 20 years, which presents the story of the Green League people in the 20 years development process of Lvmeng technology for the audience on the spot, and reveals the past of the dust in the years, the sweat and glory behind the growth, the difficulties and the courage, innovation and pursuit. For the sake of ideal, the Green League people have never stopped for 20 years.

Li Chen, vice president of Green Alliance Technology Group, said that the founder of the company has made his love for technology into a career. After 20 years of development, the brand of green alliance on both green alliance people and green ion can be summarized in three words: professional, progressive, trustworthy and responsible. Lets go for another 20 years and live up to our love of network security technology.

Li Chen, vice president of Lvmeng Technology Group

Trend Forecast: all the past is the preface, looking at the future of technology

In the afternoon forum, security experts focused on industrial Internet security, Internet of vehicles information security, security confrontation capability construction, 5g security, cloud native security and other new technology directions.

Su Zhou, Dean of School of Cyberspace Security, Xian Jiaotong University; Zha Qiwen, senior engineer and doctor of Security Research Institute of China Industrial Internet Research Institute; Cao Jia, vice president of Lvmeng technology group; Yu Le, senior engineer and doctor of Xinan center of China Mobile Group; Liu Wenmao, director of Innovation Center of Lvmeng science and technology group The related fields include network security real event analysis, security framework construction, solution implementation, etc.

Mr. Tan Xiaosheng presided over the face-to-face session of the technology club. Mr. Yuan Renguang, head of Tencent security Zhanlu laboratory, Qin Bo, person in charge of didi network security, Cao Jia, vice president of Lvmeng science and technology group, and Zhang Yunhai, director of Tianji Laboratory of Lvmeng science and technology, took security reconstruction as the theme to jointly trace back the nature of security, focus on technological innovation of loopholes, and develop the situation of attack and defense in communication The exhibition points out the future.

The interactive exhibition area outside the venue also attracted the attention of many participants. The wonderful and creative customs clearance activities brought new experience of combining art and technology for participants.