Learn everyday and review the history of war with the commander in chief

 Learn everyday and review the history of war with the commander in chief

This feeling is that in January 3, 2018, Xi Jinping went to inspect a certain army division of the central theater and inspected the exhibition board at the visiting history museum.

On November 15, 2019, volunteer veteran Cao Jialin (Center) climbs toward the main peak of Songgu peak in gyangchuan City, south of Pingan, North Korea.

In order to escape their lives, the U.S. military launched a round after round of attacks on the volunteers on the mountain. Bombs, gasoline bombs and incendiary bombs poured down on the top of the mountain. The position turned into a sea of fire, the Loess turned into black soil, the stones were rammed into powder, and the barrel of the heavy machine gun was bent

After the bullets ran out, Yang Shaocheng, the instructor, rushed to the enemy with a bayonet. Zhang Xuerong, a seriously wounded soldier, crawled to the enemy and pulled four grenades from his comrades. Xing Yutang, who was hit by napalm, rushed to the enemy with a roaring flame, biting an American soldiers ear until both of them were burnt When the platoon leader died, the monitor took the initiative to replace him; when the squad leader died, the soldiers took the initiative to replace him. Finally, cooks and correspondents joined the fight.

The fifth counterattack of the US Army finally failed. For a whole day, the third company had a fierce battle with the enemy who fled to the South and aid from the North hundreds of times as much as it had. In the end, only seven people were left, but they were firmly nailed to the position like nails.

In this vicious war, the volunteer army won more with children, played the prestige of Chinese soldiers and the hero spirit of the new Chinese men. Wei Wei, who was interviewing the Korean battlefield, wrote his views and stories into the communication who is the most lovely person, and touched countless Chinese children.

Our army has always been vigorous and energetic. In the past, there was less steel and more Qi. Now there is more steel, more Qi and harder bones. Seventy years ago, the Chinese peoples volunteer army fought hard and hard against the powerful enemy to defend the country. Today, 70 years later, the increasingly powerful Chinese nation is not afraid of foreign enemies!