Guangzhou 5-storey high Banshan villa sold 65 million safe, 20 real estate certificates

 Guangzhou 5-storey high Banshan villa sold 65 million safe, 20 real estate certificates

Entering the room, first of all, a six meter deep hall and a Colorful Enamel screen create a classic and noble atmosphere.

Behind the screen is the study. The desk seat with big red acid branch is in the center of the opposite scene, which is elegant and elegant. The landscape design of the moon arch not only echoes the complicated technology of the Qing Dynasty, but also sets off the simple atmosphere of the Ming Dynasty.

The main and guest rooms are axisymmetric, and the Chinese furniture and decoration are not heavy and dull at all. The silvery wall cloth of the mountains and rivers depicts the mountain scenery of the mountains and calls out the round window of the full moon connected with green plants on the opposite side, and skillfully introduces the outdoor scenery into the interior.

There is no lack of modern smart home in Chinese style, such as the mirror on the dressing table, which can query information such as temperature and humidity, check maps, listen to music, and a proper mirror tablet computer.

What kind of treasure is hidden in the safe of a wealthy family? Did not expect such a small box, there are 20 real estate certificates!

The restaurant has 18 large round tables, which are very elegant and suitable for the whole family to have a dinner together.

In addition, one of the highlights of the villa is the traditional family nave. The height of five meters is enough for atmosphere. The tenon and mortise of the inner eaves near the square caisson is presented. The mottled and delicate of a hundred birds courting the Phoenix, and the exquisite carved patterns of the imperial chair in the middle create a good family style of orderly growth and courteous hospitality.