Shibo cloud customized cloud game solutions for nut mobile phones, helping nuts to launch the first 5g mobile phone!

 Shibo cloud customized cloud game solutions for nut mobile phones, helping nuts to launch the first 5g mobile phone!

Cool cloud Tour experience lights up machine night

There is no need to download, upgrade, or worry about the memory capacity. You only need a small mobile phone with a transmission line, connected to the display screen, plus the keyboard and mouse or game handle, you can enjoy the experience of all kinds of 3A level masterpieces. As the highlight of this conference, the addition of cloud games surprised the whole audience! Ultra high definition image quality with ultra-low delay experience, immersion is stronger, the picture is smooth, reached the host level feeling. Senior players give professional evaluation feedback.

As the technology provider of this cloud game, Shibo cloud provides high-quality cloud game PAAS platform services. The platform has engine level adaptive function and supports game system. It can realize real-time dynamic adjustment of game resolution according to different network conditions. Even in the environment of network fluctuation, it can still ensure the fluency of player experience. In terms of server load, the cloud game PAAS platform can also dynamically adjust the material rendering accuracy according to the server pressure, so as to help the server carry more users, reduce the resource consumption of single user and reduce the cost. At the same time, this cooperation adopts the cloud game solution of webo cloud x86 + GPU architecture, which realizes the full coverage of Android and IOS mobile phones in the form of client. It is perfectly compatible with the top popular mobile games and app applications in the current Android application market. A series of technological breakthroughs have made the performance of the new nut machine close to the professional game console, and the players can enjoy it no matter whether they open the black or eat chicken The ultimate game experience.

Build cloud game + scene by joint efforts

In the mobile phone industry, nut has a world-class industrial design and craftsmanship spirit, a high-quality user group, and a high premium brand image. The nut R2 not only seeks a breakthrough in ID aesthetic design, but also introduces a full screen design + white panel. In addition, it uses 108 million pixel sensors used by Xiaomi and Samsungs top flagship, which is also the mobile phone sensor with the highest number of pixels so far. At the same time, the new mobile phone also carries high-tech snapdragon 865 chip, 16GB + 512gb super memory, SA / NSA dual-mode 5g network, and 11v5a with a maximum power of 55W. All these changes have increased the capital of nut mobile phone benchmarking mainstream flagship mobile phone.

The choice of nut mobile phone to cooperate with Shibo cloud to jointly develop cloud games is mainly based on the continuous expansion of the current scale of cloud players and the good market feedback obtained by the first flagship cloud mobile game new magic land of perfect world game.

As a leading enterprise that entered the cloud game industry earlier in China, Shibo cloud realized the mature commercial deployment of cloud games in 2012, covering 250 million users. It can provide partners with complete supporting tools and more extensive open capabilities, and provide customized cloud game solutions for enterprises with flexible resource allocation according to business needs. The self-developed cloud streaming PAAS platform has many advantages, such as wide coverage, high performance, low cost and high experience, which can help customers quickly build cloud game business. According to the characteristics and requirements of different games, it can schedule the software system and underlying hardware resources of mobile phones in real time, and provide terminal users with extreme cloud game experience with ultra-clear image quality and ultra-low delay The experience of 3A game moved to the mobile phone, bringing subversive E-sports experience.

The release of nut R2 with cloud games is the first step of nut mobile phone layout of cloud game business. In the future, nut will work with Shibo cloud to explore more possibilities in the cloud game field, integrate the characteristics of cloud game point and play into each scene, and seamlessly integrate with live broadcast, information flow, short video, advertising scene, etc., to create more new play methods and promote more future scenes. Source: editor in charge of mass news: Chen Tiqiang_ NB6485