On site meeting for application and promotion of industrial Internet platform solutions for auto parts industry held in Suzhou

 On site meeting for application and promotion of industrial Internet platform solutions for auto parts industry held in Suzhou

The participants visited and investigated Li Ying, a first-class inspector of the information technology development department of the Ministry of industry and information technology of Suzhou Dahua Precision Machinery Co., Ltd., Hu Xuetong, member of the Party group and deputy director of the Department of industry and information technology of Jiangsu Province, and Ji Jing, deputy secretary and acting head of Xiangcheng District, Suzhou City, Jiangsu Province, attended the meeting and delivered speeches. More than 100 representatives attended the meeting, including responsible comrades of industrial and information competent departments of key provinces and cities, relevant leaders of key auto parts industrial parks and industrial park management committees, representatives of auto parts industry enterprises and heads of some industrial Internet platform enterprises. The meeting was presided over by Tao Wei, director of the central system Institute.

In her speech, Li Ying pointed out that choosing the automobile industry with relatively mature industrial Internet application and promotion to hold the on-site, practical and landing where is the difficulty, how to land and what is the effect, so as to help the government understand the significance of industrial Internet application and promotion, and help service providers better understand the pain points of industrial enterprises, Help enterprises see more clearly the value effect of industrial Internet application. In the next step, we will accelerate the integration and development of the new generation of information technology and industry, deepen the application and promotion of the platform industry, and improve the industrial Internet platform ecosystem.

At the on-site meeting, shangsheng and Dahua first introduced their difficulties, business pain points and digital transformation needs in the process of production and operation. In view of the industry pain point of frequent line change in automotive electronics industry, Pangu comprehensively introduces the efficient line change solution based on digital base industrial Internet platform from three aspects of enterprise problems, platform solutions and application effects. Purple light cloud engine aims at the general needs of flexible production of scattered manufacturing resources in the automobile parts machining industry, introduces the factory on cloud solution based on Unipower industrial Internet, and shares the practical cases of small and medium-sized enterprises deploying industrial Internet solutions. Finally, shangsheng and Dahua shared their decision-making process, application results and opinions and suggestions on the application of industrial Internet platform to other enterprises.

Source: editor in charge of mass news: Chen Tiqiang_ NB6485