Facing the biggest antitrust lawsuit in 20 years, why can Googles share price rise against the trend?

 Facing the biggest antitrust lawsuit in 20 years, why can Googles share price rise against the trend?

First of all, for investors, this is expected. Many media have previously reported that Googles search monopoly will be the focus of the U.S. Department of justice, and some Wall Street analysts have done a lot of analysis and Research on this.

Second, there are also speculations that any corrective measures eventually introduced by the government on Google will not have a profound and lasting impact on Googles ability to make money in the search advertising market. investment bank Sanfordc.Bernstein Analyst mark schmurickuff08 SanfordC.Bernstein uff09On Tuesday, the investment bank said it believed the risks facing Google in the lawsuit were limited..

Finally, Google pays billions of dollars a year to partners such as apple to ensure its default status as a search engine. The Department of justices lawsuit alleges that users rarely change the default settings, which is actually a search engine that has blocked competitors. But analysis said that, because of Google search engine market influence, even if there are more choices, users may eventually choose Google.

Some critics have been calling for a spin off of Google, separating the search engine from other Google services, such as youtube, maps, advertising technology, Chrome browser and Android operating system.

In addition to the lawsuits filed by the Justice Department and the 11 state attorneys general on Tuesday, some state attorneys general are planning to take further antitrust actions against Google, including lawsuits against the companys behavior in the digital advertising market. In this market, Google controls most of the technology used by advertisers and publishers to buy and sell display ads. In addition, states such as Colorado and Iowa are investigating Googles search market behavior, which will be concluded in the next few weeks. (Tianmen Mountain)