Shandong needs to start and keep an eye on Guo Allen

 Shandong needs to start and keep an eye on Guo Allen

The old master

Gao Shiyan needs to continue to shine

In the first game of the new season of Shandong mens basketball team, Gao Shiyan, who had just been loaned to the team from Liaoning mens basketball team in the off-season, was entrusted with an important task and appeared in the starting list. He played for 40 minutes and got 16 points, 6 rebounds and 6 assists. He is one of the best players in the team.

During the off-season, Shandong Xiwang mens basketball team and Liaoning mens basketball team exchanged personnel. Shandong team sent off the inside player Zhu Rongzhen in exchange for two Liaoning guards Gao Shiyan and Guo Xu. The core of the deal is that Shandong hopes to strengthen the guards short board, and Liaoning hopes to strengthen the inner line thickness. After Gao Shiyan came to Shandong team, Gong Xiaobin attached great importance to him. He became famous in the first World War of his first show. He did not fail to live up to Gong Xiaobins expectations for him. His ability to control the ball on the field and the technique of jumping shot in an emergency stop also impressed the fans deeply.

In this competition, Gao Shiyan will wear the Shandong teams robe to face his old employer Liaoning team. In fact, this is not his first time to oppose the enemy of the old owner. In the summer of 2017, he was loaned to Jilin, where the guard line is weak, and has played very well. This time, on behalf of Shandong in the face of the old owners, Gao Shiyan in the face of Liaonings powerful guard group, whether there can be sustained and efficient output has become a major point of the game.

Prevent Liaoning

Keep an eye on Alan Guo at the beginning

The upcoming Lu Liao war, Shandong mens basketball team has to focus on defending a person, that is Guo Allen. In the opening game of Liaoning and Tianjin this season, Guo Allen showed a strong desire to score at the beginning of the game. In the first quarter, he got 14 points and 5 assists, which helped the team lock in the victory in a very short period of time, and got 39 points, 10 assists and 5 rebounds in the whole game, which became the absolute meritorious hero of Liaonings victory over Tianjin.

Guo Allens first battle to hand over such a report card, had to let Shandong team on the field nerves up. As one of the most outstanding guards in China, Guo Allen has strong individual comprehensive ability, and he is also more focused when playing, and is not soft at critical moments. Often when they fight alone, they can also hand over satisfactory report cards.

However, once Guo Allen can not play to his satisfaction level on the field, his mood will often affect his performance of the whole game. This also gives Shandong mens basketball team a wake-up call, must quickly enter the state at the beginning of the game, strengthen the defense against Allen Guo, prevent him from firmly grasping the rhythm of the game at the beginning. At present, Shandong mens basketball team has enough guards on the line, so we can take turns to attack and preempt. Before Guo Allan takes away the rhythm of the game, he should hold the rhythm firmly in his own hand, so as to seize the opportunity.

Match the inside line

Xi Wang mens basketball team should be cautious

Although Shandong team won the first battle, the interior line was not smooth. Because Tao Hanlin was strictly guarded by the North control, he had already accumulated five fouls in less than three quarters, which greatly reduced the playing time of little shark, and in the subsequent offensive and defensive process, he also appeared to be somewhat helpless.

This season, Shandong mens basketball team will borrow Zhu Rongzhen to Liaoning, Wu Ke goes far away from Shanxi, the thickness of the internal line is greatly weakened. Jia Cheng was suspended for two games at the beginning of the new season because of his foul in the last game of last season. At present, Shandong mens basketball team at least in the first two games, only Tao Hanlin and Jiao Hailong two inside can use.

Liaoning is not a strong interior team, but Zhu Rongzhen joined, his rotation can let Han Dejun have better play. In the last game, Zhu Rongzhen got 4 points and 2 rebounds in 6 minutes, and was encouraged by Liaoning coach Yang Ming after the game. This will be the first time in his career to play against the old game, whether he will have a better play, so that both fans are very concerned.

In this match with Liaoning, Shandong wants to fight the inside line, and the two players should pay attention to their own fouls. Once the time on the field is shortened or the players leave the field because of the fouls, Shandong team will not have the advantage to fight against the powerful guards in Liaoning on the outside line.

Source: Qilu Evening News Author: Jin Yuhao, editor in charge: Tan Haotian_ NBJS12258