In the 12th year, tmall redefined double 11: divided into two sections and the future may become normal

 In the 12th year, tmall redefined double 11: divided into two sections and the future may become normal

Every reporter Wang Xingping, every editor Wang Lina

On October 21, 2020 tmall double 11 officially launched pre-sale. Last year, tmall broke the main keynote of spending money on double 11, and put forward the slogan this year is the most economical double 11. This year, tmall has reinterpreted double 11, that is, tmalls double 11 has changed from Bachelors Day to nunchaku.

Tmall announced that this years double 11 will last three days more than usual

This definition is mainly due to the adjustment in time of tmall double 11 this year. Daily economic news reporter learned that the reason why it is called nunchakus is that from this year on, tmall double 11 will no longer have only one outbreak period, but there will be two times, and the time will be three more days.

It is the first time in the history of double 11 that one day becomes four days. The lengthening of the time line is undoubtedly more enjoyable for consumers. And the reporter also learned that as the first double 11 after the epidemic, the reason why tmall double 11 will make such a big change is also bearing the expectations of more businesses. If 618 is the battle of returning blood, then the double 11 with high expectations is fighting a battle of turning over and transforming.

This years double 11 is three more days than in previous years

Every year, double 11 is undoubtedly a shopping carnival. Therefore, how consumers can buy happily and safely is obviously tmall, which is also the most concerned by consumers.

Obviously, the biggest feature of this years tmall double 11 is that you can buy two waves.

Jiang Fan said at the launching meeting of tmall double 11 in 2020 that this years tmall double 11 broke out not only on November 11, but also in two waves. November 1-3 was the first wave and November 11 was the second wave. In other words, this years double 11 is three days more than before. Consumers can pay the balance of pre-sale goods on November 1 and receive the goods 10 days in advance.

The extension of time will undoubtedly allow more consumers to participate in it. Last year, the number of consumers participating in tmall double 11 was 500 million, and this years target is 800 million. Jiang Fan said that on the one hand, the number of new consumers came from the number of new users on Alibaba platform in the past year; on the other hand, it extended the duration of tmalls double 11 activity to attract more people to participate.

On the other hand, brands and businesses will also change. According to Jiang Fan, the scale of tmalls double 11 hit a record again this year: 250000 brands and 5 million merchants participated, including more than 2 million offline businesses. The number of products participating in the double 11 discount will reach 14 million, 1.4 times that of last year, including more than 5000 new brand products, and 2000 industrial belt products will participate in double 11 for the first time.

At the same time, overseas goods will become one of the key supply points of this years tmall double 11. This year, tmall double 11 has also set up a special overseas market. Under the epidemic situation, consumers who cant go abroad to clean up goods can stay at home for consumption.

It is worth mentioning that on the eve of the ant groups listing, its national application Alipay said it will participate in Tmalls double 11 this year in different ways. Ye Guohui, general manager of Alipay digital division, said that before the ant and Alipay were mainly providing payment and financial services, and the underlying technical support, Alipay will participate in Tmalls double 11 for the first time as a digital living open platform this year, becoming the main venue for Carnival of city life.

Ye Guohui introduced that on Alipay, from October 21st to November 11th, 2 million businesses from hungry, word of mouth, flying pigs, panning tickets and barley will participate in 50 percent off Carnival activities, and 900 thousand businesses will achieve 50 percent off of the whole store.

The decisive period of merchants

As we all know, in addition to the shopping carnival, the outside world is also very interested in the number of transactions that are breaking records every time. Last year, the turnover of tmall double 11 reached 268.4 billion yuan. As the background of the epidemic, whether the double 11 can break the record again is highly expected.

However, Jiang fan does not seem to have much pressure on this. In an interview with a reporter, he said that from the beginning of the planning and design of tmall double 11 this year, Ali did not focus on the number of transactions, but was thinking about how to make the experience of merchants and consumers better under this rhythm.

This year, we are vigorously promoting some new models, but they are not necessarily business models, because we hope that double-11 can take on more social responsibility in the whole society, regardless of the business level of double-11. Jiang Fan said in an interview with the media, including reporters from the daily economic news.

Of course, Ali is not without pressure. And the biggest pressure is actually from the business side.

Jialuo, vice president of Alibaba group, told reporters that at first, they thought that under the background of the epidemic, businesses would reduce their investment in commodity preference and marketing resources. However, the reality is that businesses have invested more in these aspects, and the expected value for tmall all year round and for the double 11 node is higher than ever.

The urgent demand of businesses for growth and the rising expectation of tmall are a kind of pressure for us. Jialuo said.

For example, in order to welcome the double 11, Turkey electric appliance, which was founded in 2017 and focuses on creative small household appliances such as safe sterilization and healthy cooking, has specially customized a new product for tmall. On the basis of knife and chopsticks disinfection machine, the chopping board disinfection function is added, and the overall disinfection effect and cleaning convenience of the product are improved. At present, the pre-sale has been started.

This time, tmall double 11 is a decisive time point for the turkey brand. Wang Jianchun, founder of Turkey electric appliances, said, we must consolidate our position as the No.1 in the industry on double 11, which is also the expectation of investors for us. With the help of tmall double 11, we can open up a bigger market and let more consumers use our new products.

This years tmall double 11 is the most special year. Jiang Fan also said that as the worlds largest consumption season after the epidemic, many businesses have stronger expectations and higher expectations for double 11. Tmall double 11 chose to launch two waves of innovation in the sales period this year, hoping to create a longer business time window for businesses and bring them the biggest growth opportunity this year.

Among them, Jiang Fan also mentioned emphatically that the assistance to small and medium-sized businesses has also been strengthened. The reporter learned that during the double 11 period, e-commerce banks will provide more than 400 billion loans to small and medium-sized businesses to help them solve their cash flow problems. Before that, the scene financial business unit of Alibaba B2B business group also provided financial benefits such as financing increase, ultra-low interest rate and free credit for small and medium-sized enterprises.

Small and medium-sized businesses have always been the core participants of double-11. In such a new rhythm cycle this year, we also believe that there will be a better opportunity for small and medium-sized businesses. Jiang Fan said.

Source: Wang Fengzhi, editor in charge of daily economic news_ NT2541