Unilateral downward index fell more than 1percent, northward funds fled, these stocks end straight up! Convertible bonds continued to break out, and Wanli convertible bonds rose by more than 70percent

 Unilateral downward index fell more than 1percent, northward funds fled, these stocks end straight up! Convertible bonds continued to break out, and Wanli convertible bonds rose by more than 70percent

There are only 30 stocks with an increase of more than 9% in the two cities, and the profit-making effect is mainly concentrated in sub new shares, convertible bonds and online Red economy, among which Wanli convertible bonds have risen by 72%, Haofeng technology, the leader of quantum science and technology, has 3-link boards, and Yinsai group, the leader of wanghong technology, has 2-linked boards.

Gem index down more than 1%

Net outflow of northward funds for 6 consecutive days

Shanghai and Shenzhen stock markets opened high and went low. In the morning, they went down unilaterally. In the afternoon, they maintained weak shocks. The Shanghai index nearly turned red, the quantum technology sector rose in a straight line. The Internet red economy and banks were relatively strong. The third generation semiconductor and military industry weakened all day, and the fusing wave of convertible bonds continued. There were still more than 3000 falling stocks. There was a strong wait-and-see atmosphere and poor profit-making effect.

As of the end of the day, the Shanghai Composite Index fell 0.09% to 3325.02 points, the Shenzhen composite index fell 1.00% to 13467.91 points, and the gem index fell 1.46% to 2700.53 points.

In terms of sectors: banks, online Red economy, quantum technology, new shares of registration system, liquor, gold concept and other sectors ranked first, while the third generation semiconductor, photoresist, military industry, Internet of things and other sectors showed the largest decline.

In terms of individual stocks, more than 3000 stocks were floating green, 7 stocks were down, and over 170 stocks were down by more than 5%; nearly 900 stocks were floating red, with 20 stocks up and down, and nearly 90 stocks were up more than 5%.

In terms of capital, the total transaction volume of Shanghai and Shenzhen stock exchanges was 706.2 billion yuan, an increase of 38.8 billion yuan compared with 667.4 billion yuan of the previous trading day. Among them, 246.8 billion yuan was traded in Shanghai stock market, an increase of 19 billion yuan over 227.8 billion yuan in the previous trading day, and 459.4 billion yuan in Shenzhen stock market.

Northbound funds flowed out unilaterally throughout the day, with a slight upturn in the end. As of the closing, the net sales were still RMB 6.922 billion, which was the net sales for 6 consecutive days. Todays net sales exceeded the total net sales of the previous five trading days. Among them, the net outflow of Shanghai Stock connect was RMB 2.02 billion and that of Shenzhen Stock connect was RMB 4.902 billion.

Net red economic plate active

Quantum science and technology plate pulled up

The pre-sale of the e-commerce double 11 was opened on the 21st, driving the economic sector of online celebrities to be active. Because SAIC Group and xuanya international gained 20% limit and both closed boards, their initial shares were up 10% and shengxunta rose more than 16%.

The quantum technology sector rose sharply in the end of the day, with Blue Shield shares touching the board and trading limit of 20%, and Haofeng technology was subsequently closed; KDC and guangku technology both rose more than 10%.

New shares of registered system rose sharply in the morning, and some of them fell back in the afternoon, leading the overall growth of the board. Longli was closed at the end of the trading, and Shengde Xintai rose nearly 14%.

The third-generation semiconductor plate was down in the whole day, leading the decline in the two markets. Taiji shares fell more than 9%, while Yu diamond, ganzhao optoelectronics, Yangjie technology, Aohai technology, and eashit fell more than 5%.

Photoresist plate fell first, Fuman electronics fell more than 10%, and Taiwan based shares fell more than 9%.

The military sector today recalled that Tianjian technology, Xinyan shares, Hongdu Aviation, Hangfa power and Hangxin technology fell more than 6%.

20% limit for the resumption of trading of China submersible

The case was filed for investigation, and the reorganization of major assets was terminated

At the beginning of trading, the trading limit of China submersible shares, which resumed trading today, dropped by 20% to 78.16 yuan, with more than 40000 sealed orders and a market value of 15.96 billion yuan.

On the news, the company received the notice of investigation from the CSRC on October 20, and the CSRC decided to file an investigation on the company for suspected illegal information disclosure.

The company announced on the same day that the company originally planned to purchase 100% shares of Lianhe ChuangTai Technology Co., Ltd. and raise matching funds by issuing shares and paying cash. During the filing and investigation period, the company did not meet the conditions for issuing shares and paying cash to purchase assets, so this major asset restructuring was terminated.

It is worth noting that China submarine has planned cross-border acquisition more than once, and both of them are terminated or there is significant uncertainty.

On March 12, 2020, the company disclosed the letter of intent to purchase shares related to the acquisition of Datang storage. From March 13 to April 2, 2020, the companys stock price increased by 130%. However, on October 9, the company announced that due to the failure to reach an agreement on the main commercial terms, after careful consideration and friendly negotiation, the company terminated its intention to purchase shares of Hefei Datang Storage Technology Co., Ltd.

In 2019, the company promoted a series of cross-border actions, including 1 yuan acquisition of 100% equity of Beihai Huiyu Network Technology Co., Ltd., investment of 1 million yuan to establish a wholly-owned subsidiary of Beihai Zhongqian, and acquisition of 100% equity of Shanghai Zhaoxin by means of acquisition and capital increase. So far, the business of Beihai Zhongqian has stagnated, and the equity of Shanghai Zhaoxin has been sold. But at the same time, the companys share price has risen nearly eight times since early May 2019.

Convertible bonds continue to be popular

Seven convertible bonds were suspended in trading today

By the end of the day, six convertible bonds were up more than 10%, Wanli convertible bonds were up more than 72%, and Blue Shield convertible bonds were up more than 27%.

Yu Jingwei, a bond analyst at CITIC Securities Research Department, believes that the convertible bond index is relatively stable this year, but there are many target stocks that have skyrocketed in the year. The common feature of these hot speculation convertible bonds is that the market value is small and it is easier to control the market. Meanwhile, in terms of trading mechanism, convertible bonds have no limit on price limit, which is t +0 mechanism, less funds can leverage the target.

Many hot speculation stocks are hot money in the participation, the participation of institutional investors is very low. At present, the premium rate of some convertible bonds is relatively high, which has deviated from its own fundamentals and industry average. Recently, the relative value of the premium rate of some convertible bonds is still rising, and the irrationality of trading is further enhanced. It is easy for individual bonds to rise and fall in a single day. Investors should be careful of the risks and not blindly follow suit.

Hong Kong stock index rose 0.75% in shock

Evergrande auto rose by more than 11%

Hong Kongs Hang Seng Index closed 0.75% higher, with telecom stocks leading the way, with China Unicom up more than 11%, China Telecom up more than 9% and China Mobile up nearly 4%. Evergrande auto shares rose more than 11%.

Shareholders: firmly look forward to the fourth quarter

For todays trend, most investors remain optimistic.

In general, we are still determined to see more than four quarters. However, it is normal for the market to adjust for several days because the market has been rising for two consecutive days after the national day

The air force is getting weaker and weaker, and it cant go down.

Institutions: push up trend or short-term status

As for the future market trend, Yuanda investment consultant said that from the perspective of domestic macro data, with the establishment of the pattern of accelerated economic recovery, superimposed on the upcoming 14th five year plan policy inclination, the logic of the long-term good trend of the market has not weakened, but further strengthened. At the same time, after the full adjustment of the market, further accumulation of upward momentum, therefore, after the short-term adjustment of the index, the probability rate remains unchanged Concussion upward pattern, at the same time does not rule out the possibility of accelerating the pull up.

Tianxin investment consulting said that in the short term, the overall performance of the market is still push-up trend. First, if the Shanghai index goes up again, it will continue to face the pressure of large intensive trading areas; in addition, some high-pressure policies will not allow the active funds in the market to do anything. Second, a lot of new shares have been issued recently, and they are all giant geckos. The sharp rise or fall does not meet the demand of issuing new shares. On the contrary, it is this kind of performance without waves that needs to be seen. In terms of operation, we should control the position, continue to focus on the better quality varieties, and gradually participate in and hold patiently through the position control; at the same time, stepping back is still an opportunity for active intervention.

Rongwei Securities believes that in terms of technology, after continuous adjustment, the Shanghai index fell below the 5-day moving average. After the test of 10 lines today, it rebounded in the intraday, but the trading volume continued to shrink. It is expected that the future market trend will maintain the shock consolidation trend. On the whole, the market rebounded sharply after the festival, and the trading volume has not been effectively enlarged, resulting in the continuous adjustment of the stock index after encountering pressure. It is expected that the market will continue to shake and collate the trend at this position. Operation, good control of positions, waiting for opportunities is the best policy.

Anxin Securities said that at the current stage, the earnings expectations of A-share companies will continue to improve, the liquidity expectations will tend to be stable, and the RMB exchange rate will remain strong. It is worth noting that the second outbreak of the epidemic in autumn and winter in Europe and the United States has brought a shadow to the global economic recovery. We should also pay attention to the progress of vaccines in the future. At present, the focus is on the pro cyclical growth direction benefiting from economic recovery, including photovoltaic, automobile (including new energy vehicles), electronics, military industry, liquor, household appliances, banking, insurance and other industries.

Northeast Securities pointed out that the short-term stock game of A-share market has obvious characteristics of fast rotation of hot spots. In view of the impending election in the United States, the external market is not stable, which restricts the trend of most markets, including A-shares; considering that the Fifth Plenary Session of the Central Committee of the Communist Party of China is approaching, the information of the 14th five year plan is gradually disclosed, and the market funds fluctuate repeatedly in the process of expectation and game. The market is still in a volatile trend in the short term. With the rise of the 20 day moving average, the index is still likely to step back or even fall below the 20 day average, which is a good time to intervene. Therefore, the short-term market is mainly composed of shock and accumulation, not rash advance, reverse thinking, and moderate distribution on bargain hunting; after the U.S. election is settled, the layout of spring market will be launched. We should focus on the main line of economic recovery and the theme of the 14th five year plan, the third quarter report, etc.; we should have a balanced short-term style, and make appropriate arrangements for the financial cycle stocks from the perspective of economic recovery and spring market, and deal with the possibility that the monetary policy and global inflation situation will change due to the substantial growth of economic data next year.

YueKai Securities pointed out that in the near future, the northward capital outflow continued, the index fluctuated rapidly, the index stabilized and rebounded yesterday, the lower moving average formed effective support, the future market needs to pay attention to whether the transaction volume can drive the index to continue to rise, and the allocation should pay attention to the following main line: (1) the direction of the continuous improvement and continuation of the performance of the third quarter report, such as military industry, photovoltaic, new Energy vehicles, consumer electronics, construction machinery, auto parts, electrical equipment; (2) the sectors with high expectations of the 14th five year plan policy include new energy vehicles, digital currency, third generation semiconductor, strategic metal rare earth permanent magnet, photovoltaic wind power, national defense and military industry; (3) hot topics of double 11, the double 11 Shopping Festival will be pre-sale tonight, which is expected to catalyze When the peak season comes, we can pay attention to e-commerce, online Red economy, logistics, consumer goods and other sectors. Extended reading of Trumps bank account in China was discovered by the US media, and Yi Huiman spoke up! Let the market have a clear expectation of regulation. The decentralization market should not be managed. Ma Yun withdraws from taijichan companys senior management position. The company is initiated by Jet Li and Ma Yun. Source: NetEase Finance editor: Yang Qian_ NF4425