Forward looking - Guoan Luneng meets life and death decisive battle

 Forward looking - Guoan Luneng meets life and death decisive battle

The two sides have played 33 matches in the CSL, and Guoan is at a disadvantage with 9 wins, 11 draws and 13 losses. In the last 10 official competitions between the two sides, Guoan has won 1, drawn 6 and lost 4. In the first round, Shandong Luneng was scored 2 goals continuously by Guoan under the condition of 2 goals leading, and the two sides finally drew 2-2.

Guoan coach gennecio has made it clear that the team is ready, but the team is also ready for overtime and penalty kicks. Between the two games, the main focus is on recovery training, he said. In the past few days, we have also studied through video, which places we played well in the last game and which areas need to be improved. Of course, we will definitely be ready for the penalty kick, but the penalty fight is totally different from practicing penalty kick in training

Shandong Luneng:

Lunengs side, with two goals in the first half, encountered a huge controversy and punishment from the referee in the second half. Afterwards, Shandong fans reported Shen Yinhaos masters thesis and the article Research on the causes and Countermeasures of college football referees psychological pressure published in the Journal of sports fashion in 2017. It is reported that Shen Yinhao has left the competition area, so who will be in charge of the competition next is a big point of the game. On the other hand, the team has injuries at present. Zheng Zheng and Jin Jingdao left the game because of injuries in the last game, and Wu Xinghan also suffered injuries. From the current situation, it is difficult to determine whether Jin Jingdao and Wu Xinghan can play.

For the game, Luneng coach Hao Wei said: we prepared for the draw, even for overtime, and practiced penalty kicks. Guoans ability to control the ball is relatively strong, and their forward ability is also very strong, these are what we need to pay attention to, but they also have shortcomings, their defense, and their goalkeeper may be relatively speaking, we want to target

It is expected that the two sides will launch:

Luneng, Shandong Province: 14 Wang Dalei; 5 Zheng Zheng, 10 Moises, 4 Kadar, 6 Wang Tong; 22 Hao Junmin, 25 feleni, 13 Zhang Chi, 23 gedes, 36 Duan Liuyu (U23); 7 Guo Tianyu (U23)