After a long times call, UnionPay intelligent will show its new products in the 2020 Guangya Exhibition

 After a long times call, UnionPay intelligent will show its new products in the 2020 Guangya Exhibition

In this exhibition, union intelligence brought jl-7 series zhaga interface intelligent lock in controller, which was independently developed by parent company Langjun intelligence (Stock Code: 837588) this year. This series is based on zhaga interface optical controller series products - jl-7 series: jl-701azhaga interface intelligent locking controller, jl-711a1zhaga interface intelligent locking controller, jl-721a1zhaga interface intelligent locking controller, jl-712a3zhaga interface intelligent locking controller, jl-722a3zhaga interface intelligent locking controller, jl-711nzhaga interface intelligent latch controller Type controller, jl-710zhaga socket, jl-700zhaga lock type controller socket, etc.

During the exhibition, the new jl-7 series zhaga interface intelligent locking controller attracted a lot of people on the spot, which ignited the new passion of the industry. As a matter of fact, as early as last year, UnionPay had already brought four samples of jl-700zhaga latch controller socket, jl-701azhaga interface intelligent latch controller, jl-713azhaga interface intelligent latch controller and jl-711azhaga interface intelligent latch controller for the first time on the market of Guangya Exhibition. At that time, the industry gathered a high degree of attention and an endless stream of consultants. With the positive feedback from the market, the parent company of union intelligence (Stock Code: 837588) followed the trend and actively developed and launched a number of other products and accessories of the series. The products of this series are more compact, the structure cost and electronic cost are greatly reduced, and the installation position is more flexible. It is no longer limited to the upper part of the lamp. It can be installed at any position of the lamp 360 degrees, and has more application scenarios. Besides outdoor, it can also meet the needs of various indoor home application scenarios. At the same time, its IP grade waterproof performance is not bad. Compared with NEMA interface products which can achieve IP65 or above protection level only when it is installed in the forward direction, jl-7 series zhaga interface intelligent locking controller products can achieve IP66 protection grade in any installation direction. In addition, DC powered zhaga interface, compared with AC powered NEMA interface, can better adapt to different voltage conditions in different countries.

Among them, l-701jzhaga interface intelligent locking controller base, jl-700zhaga interface intelligent locking controller socket, jl-700zhaga interface intelligent locking controller socket protective cap, these three kinds of zhaga interface products won DEKRA quality inspection and certification certificate at the end of last year. The jl-701jzhaga interface intelligent latch controller base has passed the inspection and certification in terms of outline drawing, outer diameter, mechanical stopping, sealing surface and contact degree; the socket of jl-700zhaga interface intelligent latch controller has passed the inspection and certification in the aspects of outline drawing, coordination and contact production, insertion and extraction torque and contact degree, while the socket of jl-700zhaga interface intelligent latch controller has passed the inspection and certification The protective cap has passed the inspection and certification of outline drawing, outer diameter, mechanical stop and sealing surface.

In addition, of course, there are also classic optical control products based on NEMA interface: jl-245cz rotary lock intelligent light controller, jl-246cg rotary lock intelligent light controller, jl-245cn rotary lock intelligent light controller, jl-471cz built-in intelligent light controller, jl-208 short-circuit cap, etc. Among them, Zhilian optical controller can also carry ZigBee and Nb IOT two communication modes, and cooperate with um9000 intelligent road lighting management system independently developed by union intelligence to realize intelligent management and energy saving and consumption reduction of outdoor road lighting. The audience also experienced the operation drill of um9000 intelligent road lighting management system. The system not only includes five powerful functions, such as single lamp intelligence, remote control, report statistics, automatic fault detection and alarm, intelligent work order system, but also has six super advantages, including wireless communication, intelligent control, standard interface, energy conservation and environmental protection, cost saving and development platform More characteristic! The system combines the latest wireless communication, Internet and cloud computing technology to make the urban road lighting project more intelligent, environmental protection and energy-saving. Through the standardized technical interface, the complexity and cost of the whole lighting project are greatly reduced. At present, the system has been applied to many parks and road lighting reconstruction projects in Jiangsu, Zhejiang and Shanghai. In addition, the system also relies on its:

1. The basic problem of lighting on demand and saving electricity is solved;

2. It is the right assistant for the fine management of urban street lamp managers;

3. Adopt standard interface, safe and reliable, easy to maintain;

4. It is an important part of intelligent lighting IOT in the construction of smart city;

For four reasons, it won the Zhiguang Cup new supply chain integration achievement award awarded by Shanghai Pudong intelligent lighting Federation in 2019.

During the exhibition, China light network and other media carried out live broadcast and interview on the exhibition of UnionPay. During the 2020gile conference Forum - entrepreneurs thoughts and actions held at the same time of the exhibition, Mr. Zhu Xianghui, the product director of UnionPay intelligence, was invited to attend the forum of new opportunities 5g + aiot era and delivered a speech on outdoor single lamp lighting system solution based on standard hardware interface. The speech started with plug and play outdoor lighting hardware standard interface, intelligent lighting single lamp controller, intelligent lighting system platform and energy-saving and environmental protection calculation of intelligent lighting. It shared with the audience the common pain points and solutions in the outdoor lighting control management. At the same time, the software and hardware products of union intelligent were briefly introduced.

Zhejiang union Intelligent Technology Co., Ltd. is a high-tech enterprise focusing on outdoor intelligent lighting management system solutions. It is a subsidiary of Shanghai Langjun intelligent (Stock Code: 837588). The companys products and business scope mainly cover road lighting, park lighting, commercial lighting and other fields. The companys R & D team has a lot of experience in ZigBee and Nb IOT technology development, and relying on the parent company Shanghai Langjun intelligent accumulated more than 20 years of market resources and hardware experience in the field of outdoor light control. It is bound to meet the market demand and continue to launch more and more intelligent products and services for outdoor lighting control, so as to make the lighting management more convenient and intelligent while saving energy and environmental protection And humanization, for the upgrading and renovation of outdoor lighting engineering. Source: editor in charge of mass news: Chen Tiqiang_ NB6485