Trumps bank account in China was discovered by US media

 Trumps bank account in China was discovered by US media

The article said it was not clear which Chinese bank the account was located in or the details of the funds.

It is worth mentioning that trump has only opened overseas accounts in China, the UK and Ireland. The latter two accounts are held by companies that operate Trumps local golf course. According to the IRS, they make millions of dollars a year in Britain and Ireland.

In response to the report, trump group lawyer Alan Garten said the group had set up an office in China to investigate the potential of developing Asian hotel business, and then opened an account in a Chinese bank with a U.S. branch to expand its business in China for tax payment in China.

However, the relevant contracts, transactions and other business activities never took shape. After 2015, the office is no longer operational. Golden stressed that the bank account still exists, but has never been used for any other purpose..

With this report, the New York Times continued to hype the popularity of the China issue of the U.S. election, and examined with a magnifying glass the trump groups business in China and its overseas and domestic business contacts with China in the United States. And this is not the first time American media have done so.

In April this year, US politician news network once published an article saying that trump owes Bank of China tens of millions of dollars of loans, which will mature in 2022. The article claims that trump accused Biden of weakness in China during the election, but he was found to have business relations with China, thus questioning Trumps position.

Some U.S. netizens questioned that while the Republican Party attacked Bidens relations with China, the New York Times article on Trumps bank account in China was very interesting and seemed to divert attention.

Others make complaints about Trumps taxes paid in China more than in the US.

At the end of September, the New York Times revealed that trump had exploited the loophole in the tax law and had not paid any income tax for 10 years. In his first two years as president, he only paid $750 in taxes each year. Trump denied it as false news. U.S. media exposed Trumps extended reading of bank account in China, and Yi Hui will be full of voices! Let the market have a clear expectation of regulation. Ma Yun quits taijichan companys senior management post. Li Lianjie and Ma Yun launched ant 2.7 billion won Jiang landmark. The neighborhood next door is sold into second-hand housing sales crown. Source: editor in charge: Chen Hequn_ NB12679

US media expose Trumps bank account in China