More than 10 friends went to the toilet at a womens party. The shopkeeper called the police

 More than 10 friends went to the toilet at a womens party. The shopkeeper called the police

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But after dinner, if everyones gone,

The rest of it would be embarrassing.

Recently, a woman named Xiao Li (not her real name) who lives in Longyang District, Baoshan City, Yunnan Province, was asked by her friends to have a snack at a barbecue shop on Lancheng road. Unexpectedly, when she was out to facilitate her trip, more than 10 friends on the scene all slipped away. When she returned, she was caught by her boss for wanting to eat overlords meal.

At about 4:00 am on October 14, Lancheng police station picked up a barbecue shop owner to report to the police: there are a group of young people in the shop who are not willing to pay the bill now. They are almost finished. Now there is only the last woman left, but she is not willing to pay the bill. Here she is arguing endlessly. Please help me to deal with it.

After receiving the police, the second patrol squadron quickly arrived at the scene to understand the situation. In the barbecue shop, the police met the boss and the last woman Xiao Li. At this time, Xiao Li was still arguing with her boss, saying that the night snack was not arranged by her, and many of them were friends invited by acquaintances. Unexpectedly, these people would leave her alone to pay the bill when she went to the toilet.

According to Xiao Li, a group of friends together that night spent more than 500 yuan, but she only had 200 yuan with her, and the balance on wechat was not enough to pay. You have to pay the bill before you leave. There is no such thing as free food in the world. In the face of the reluctant boss, Xiao Li felt very aggrieved: he was just one of those invited to have a snack together, but he was treated as a wrongdoer in the end.

Ashamed and angry, Xiao Li had to call and send wechat messages to his friends who had dinner together, hoping to get help. As a result, some of his acquaintances turned off their phones, some didnt return their messages, and they were busy for a while and could not get in touch with anyone.

In addition, Xiao Li had to continue to call, while trying to find a way to pay for the bill, can wait left and right, eat a snack with friends have never come, no one to her transfer money, but eat overlord meal is certainly not.

Finally, under the mediation of the police, Xiao Li had to contact another good friend of his own and asked her to rush over all night to send money and settle the account, so that the storm over the night could be calmed down.

Students pay for the party, we go to the toilet, the monitor found a lot of mobile phone news after checking out

Haoyang is a typical social animal who works overtime every day and is often scolded by the leaders for some small mistakes. Even during the national holiday, when the leader called, he had to get out of bed and continue to catch up with the plan, which made him very tired and physically and mentally exhausted. Once, when he was looking at his mobile phone, he found that a lot of unread information appeared in the class group which had not been moved before. It turned out that the monitor sent a party notice in the group, hoping that everyone would attend. After seeing it, the students replied that they were willing to go. So the party was happily scheduled for next week.

Although Haoyang worked a lot, he missed his old classmates, so he went to the party. After going there, he found that many people did not come because of their work, and there were more than 20 people. Since we havent seen each other for a long time, we couldnt help saying a lot of words and drinking a lot of wine. We reviewed the campus time and brotherhood at that time, and the chat was very late. At this time, the waiters came to inform them that they were going to leave work and needed them to settle their accounts. As a result, all of a sudden, everyone was quiet. When they went to the toilet and pretended to be drunk, no one paid the bill.

The reunion cost 9600, and the bosses pretended to be drunk at the same time. The migrant students paid the bill and it was wonderful

Xiaohe went to work in the first tier cities after graduation, where he suffered a lot, and of course gained a lot. He found a company with tens of thousands of salaries. However, because he couldnt stand the struggle and flattery in the workplace, he quit his job and returned home to help his father manage his career. In fact, his father is very rich. Although he is only a farmer, he has more than 500 mu of land, so he can earn hundreds of thousands of yuan a year. Xiaohe didnt like to work as a farmer, but later he found out that it was much better than working hard in the big cities until the early hours of the morning, and he made more money.

Many of his classmates, hearing that he went home to plant land, despised him very much and talked about him all the time. Xiaohe is not very well at heart. After all, he graduated from university. Everyone went to big enterprises and dressed up in a revolutionary way. Only he went home and planted his own land to make himself dirty. Seeing that he was unhappy all day, his father went to guide him and told him that although the planting land looked disrespectful, he could make a lot of money. His salary is several times more than those who work in big enterprises. After listening to the fathers explanation, he was relieved.

After a while, the monitor said in the group that he was going to hold a classmates party. He also decided on the time and place. It was a big hotel in Shanghai. Xiaohe also missed these students very much, so he signed up. On the day of the students party, Xiao he saw that everyone was well dressed up and looked like a business person. Only he dressed casually. In addition, he was exposed to the sun all the year round, and his skin was very rough, which made him look out of place.

During the meal, many bosses are talking on the wine table. Some people also say that the clothes they wear cost hundreds of thousands of yuan. Xiao He laughs and says nothing. After all, he can clearly see that these so-called bosses are making big money. However, they all performed well. They ordered a lot of famous cigarettes and liquor. At last, they paid a total of 9600 yuan.

But at the end of the banquet to pay the bill, these owners are collective drunk. Xiao he couldnt help laughing after seeing it, and finally settled the account. Who knows, those people immediately wake up after seeing the migrant students settle their accounts, and they also exchange greetings with him that they can pay. Xiaohe naturally knew that they were just talking about it. They really played a wonderful play.

Womens blind date with 23 relatives to eat nearly 20000 yuan?! Seeing the bill, the man slipped away

It is understood that before the woman met the man, relatives had been involved in it, saying that the mans family had money. This time, since the man wants to invite him to dinner, he will have a good meal. He can also test whether the other party is a generous person. So, on the same day, the woman took her relatives and friends to accompany her to a blind date. At that time, she sat down at four tables in the hotel.

After a meal, the man wanted to check out, but the waiter told him that the total cost of four tables was 19800 yuan. The man was almost frightened. He ran away from the restaurant without paying for the meal. His mobile phone was also turned off.

After the event, the woman still found the man and asked for the consumption AA of that day. But the man was not happy. It was a blind date. The woman brought so many relatives. Of course, the woman should pay for the meal. At most, they can only pay for two tables in their room, and the remaining two tables will be tied by women. The two tables in the mens room are 4398 yuan in total, while the two tables in the other room are 15402 yuan, which means that women need to pay 15402 yuan.

The woman felt very aggrieved. She not only lost her reputation, but also paid 15402 yuan. So the woman sent a message in the group of relatives and friends, let the smokers and drinkers come out to share the cost. But almost no one is willing to pay. They either say that they dont smoke or drink, or they dont need to pay for the good man to pay. Anyway, they dont want to pay for all kinds of reasons. Finally, several people sent red envelopes in the group, but the message on the red envelope was help you and I can only help you so much similar words, which undoubtedly let the woman get hurt again.

This group of relatives are really pitching people. Its bad enough for such relatives and women to hang out on the stalls after the mens and womens pits. Its estimated that they dont want to associate with them in the future. On a blind date, both parties are basically two strangers, so the impression of meeting for the first time is very important. Its normal to want a test, but no boy can stand it.

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More than ten women use the toilet to escape