Hit Ma Yunchang and grab Huang Zhengs topic

 Hit Ma Yunchang and grab Huang Zhengs topic

On October 19, Jingdong and Xiaoguo jointly launched a Jingdong talk show conference to build momentum for Jingdong 11.11. Li Dan opened a special talk show for Jingdong and jokingly called it season 3.5. Xu Lei, CEO of Jingdong retail group, and Han Rui, vice president of Jingdong group, served as leading laughers. Han Rui made his first talk show self mockery of his shopping experience. He tried his best to break the circle and hit the pain point of social animals.

As a shopping feast of e-commerce, the annual 11.11 has attracted much attention. The fancy promotion means, full reduction scheme and subsidy plan launched by major e-commerce companies have already made consumers aesthetic fatigue to the promotion nodes. The big IP of e-commerce shopping festival urgently needs new ideas to attract the publics attention. Jingdong hopes to use this method to launch the first shot of this years 11.11 war.

It can be imagined that this years 11.11 chaos is even more severe. Alis double 11 theme party is bound to start again; Jingdong wants to occupy the home court with a clear purpose, giving Ali unprecedented IP diversion pressure; the rising star pinduoduo is a strong spoiler, and the price war is not soft, and the new pattern of e-commerce matrix is reshuffling.

In this marketing war of Jingdong, the most brilliant thing is to look at the truth.

Half of the country make complaints about Li Xueqins online shopping, Jingdong, Rock, Yan Yi, Yan, Yue, He Guangzhi, House and so on.

For example, Zhou Qimos blockbuster jokes have revealed many peoples shopping heart. Some people say that 11.11 is a consumerism trap, but I dont know why I am willing to fall into the trap every year, and its a pleasure to jump up and down in this trap. It turns the consumerism trap alive into a consumerism trampoline . Although the things you buy are not necessarily just needed, happiness must be just needed.

He also talked about his double 11 unhappiness, that is, there are hot money everywhere. There are still some firecrackers you bought during the Chinese new year, but there are no 11.11 commodities. They are all popular items. There are too many popular items that people cant choose from.

Jingdong retail CEO Xu Lei laughs at the identity of digger and advocates consumers to consume rationally. The feeling of our internal operation and mechanism and page presentation is that we hope that consumers can choose the products they really like when they choose to shop, rather than let consumers indulge in them and cant extricate themselves from it. We hope that we can make ideal consumption. This is different from other (e-commerce)

Li Xueqin told the story that he was rejected by express delivery. I sent the courier to Tieling, and the courier said the end of the universe was beyond my scope of delivery.

When answering this question, Xu Lei said, we think Tieling must be an international metropolis. In 2017, Jingdong has covered all the districts and counties in the mainland, and in 2019, 90% of the areas will reach 24 hours. Tieling, a big city, must have no problem.

Subsequently, Rock, Yan Yi Yan Yue, He Guangzhi and House make complaints about the difficulty of returning products, reducing prices and making more customer service.

In response, netizens said on social media that although there are advertisements, Im happy to watch them and three and a half seasons are too interesting. My happiness is back.

2u3001 Seize the first shot of breaking the circle, win the hearts of the people and win the world

Jingdong, as the gold master, actually places many own people in this talk show.

These advertisements are expressed in the form of comedy of Jingdong employee talk show, a moment when ones dignity is broken, and a bitter reality expressed in a relaxed and ridiculous way, which makes these topics closely related to social life have a sense of resonance and topicality, and avoid the violation of the festival viewing experience.

Since ancient times, the battle of winning the hearts of the people wins the world. Todays e-commerce situation is the same. Whoever can finally capture the attention of consumers is the final winner.

In the past, in order to boost the big IP of the shopping festival, Ali, pinduoduo and Suning all chose to hold e-commerce parties to create a momentum of bringing goods for themselves through star + traffic. The Kwai tiktok and the short hand video platform will also make the competition more lively. The competition for consumer attention will surely start again.

How can you play better? How to break the circle? It has become a difficult problem for new and old e-commerce companies to overcome.

In addition to choosing more entertaining ways, Jingdong has narrowed the distance with young consumers. This year, it has also called out the slogan of quality live broadcasting. This years double 11, Jingdong will lead more than 300 stars into the live room and more than 500 creative live broadcast of the president. On November 10, Jingdong, which does not hold a party, also organized the 2020 Jingdong live super night, in which more than 30 heavyweight stars and domestic top production teams joined hands to build momentum.

Ali is not willing to be outdone. Alibaba will increase its annual double 11 party to two and add a party on October 31. Ali also said that this year, more stars will be invited to participate in Taobao live broadcast this year. The stars on double 11 will only be higher than 618, and there will be more heavyweight stars in Taobao live broadcast to open the first show with goods..

This annual e-commerce examination is full of fire.

3u3001 The key battle of boosting consumption

In the context of the epidemic this year, e-commerce brands have been more or less affected.

According to the data of the National Bureau of statistics, the national online retail sales in the first quarter were 2.2 trillion yuan, a year-on-year decrease of 0.8%, and clothing goods decreased by 15.1%. It has become an indisputable fact that the growth of several major e-commerce brands has slowed down in the epidemic.

Because of this Kwai Chung, Jingdong, tiktok, etc., or the new business platform, the 11.11 of the two are considered a big annual examination.

Han Rui, vice president of Jingdong group and head of platform business center of Jingdong retail group, said frankly that the epidemic has changed our life a lot. We hope that the double 11 can bring more vivid and interesting contents. At the same time, consumers need to release the accumulated shopping energy for a long time, and e-commerce also need to use this to consume the remaining capacity, so this years 11.11 is of great significance.

To this end, this years double 11 Jingdong launched a series of preferential policies, such as 50% discount for over 200 million products, over 300 million new products, No.1 JINGTIE, and double 10 billion plan, with discounts reaching the highest level in history.

This years tmall double 11 is the most special year. Jiang Fan, President of Taobao tmall, also said that as the worlds largest consumption season after the epidemic, many businesses have stronger expectations and higher expectations for double 11. In preparation for the 11.11 war, tmall has 250000 brands and 5 million merchants participating in the double 11 this year, including more than 2 million offline businesses. The number of products participating in the double 11 discount will reach 14 million, 1.4 times that of last year.

Tiktok and Jingdong are the new Kwais business platforms, and they are regarded as a big test of the year 11.11. It is reported that pinduoduo and Suning will open their big moves in preparation for the double 11.

This year, who can redefine the double 11, the victory or defeat will soon be known.

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