Oh, the US defense chief said, China and Russia have less than 10 allies together

 Oh, the US defense chief said, China and Russia have less than 10 allies together

According to US media reports, espers theme on the day was actually to build momentum for the US military, stressing that its current priority was to strengthen cooperation between the United States and its allies. However, he was obviously not satisfied with talking only about himself, but forced China and Russia, claiming that the strength of the US global alliance is unmatched by competitors such as China or Russia. Unexpectedly, this statement quickly overturned, and many netizens expressed their opposition on social media. Someone corrected the US defense chief: Im afraid the United States has no allies

Esper (information map)

According to the transcript of the speech published on the official website of the Atlantic Council of the United States, esper once again mentioned the so-called Sino Russian threat in his speech. He declared that we are now in an era of (powerful) competition, and our main competitors are China and Russia. Later, esper put forward a series of priorities for the US military, including strengthening cooperation with allies and establishing partnership.

Official website of the Atlantic Council: US Defense Secretary esper said that it is necessary to strengthen cooperation and establish partnership between the United States and its allies

Esper claims that the strength of Americas global allies and partners is long-lasting and powerful, which is unmatched by its competitors. While preaching about the United States, he did not forget to bring China and Russia. In fact, China and Russia together may have less than 10 allies.

After touting the relationship between the United States and its allies, esper also put forward the expectations of the United States for the allies.

We want all allies to spend more on defense, at least 2% of GDP, esper declared. We also expect them to be ready, capable and willing to play a role when problems arise. At the same time, we hope that they will fight side by side with the United States in the face of Chinas bad behavior and Russian aggression.

Some netizens said, its ridiculous. No one believes you. A kind of

Many netizens said that the United States has not many allies left. For example, one netizen wrote, we dont have any allies, mark. Trump pissed off all of them. A kind of

Another netizen also said, we dont want to say that, esper, but the United States is now greatly weakened and no longer trusted by its allies. A kind of

Another netizen asked esper, Why are you so afraid of China? I want to know. A kind of

In fact, it is nothing new for some American politicians to exaggerate the Sino Russian threat in public. Chinas Foreign Ministry spokesman Hua Chunying once said that China is indeed very big and its influence is growing. However, we adhere to the path of peaceful development, believe in the unity of the world, harmony and diversity, and advocate mutual equality and mutual respect. The growth of Chinas power is the growth of peace forces and the growth of international forces of fairness and justice. In fact, the biggest threats and challenges facing the world today are unilateralism and bullying, which even American allies suffer from.

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