Comments: Gem index fell 1.46percent, northward funds fled for 6 consecutive days

 Comments: Gem index fell 1.46percent, northward funds fled for 6 consecutive days

According to CDB securities, there are abundant structural opportunities in the market before the end of October. It is suggested to pay attention to industries with faster growth rate of third quarter report profits and reasonable valuation, such as building decoration, mining, household appliances, mechanical equipment, etc.; pay attention to industries and themes benefiting from the 14th five year plan, such as science and technology, semiconductor, new energy vehicles, clean energy, etc., and from the angle of safety margin and valuation repair We continue to focus on automobiles, auto parts and finance.

CITIC Securities pointed out that GDP in the third quarter increased by 4.9% year-on-year, and the first three quarters increased by 0.7% year-on-year, and the cumulative economic growth rate changed from negative to positive. In the structure of supply and demand, the growth rate of most indicators has changed from negative to positive. At the end of the season, the industrial production is obviously better. The cumulative growth rate of investment turned positive for the first time in this year, and the overall characteristics of Real Estate > Infrastructure > manufacturing investment still continued. Infrastructure investment was weakened, but it is still expected to accelerate recovery under the background of accelerated financial investment. The recovery process of consumption in September accelerated, and it is expected that consumption in October will still have a bright performance. On the basis of sustained economic recovery, the cumulative growth rate of per capita real disposable income of national residents turned positive for the first time this year. The trend of taking advantage of the situation will continue, and GDP growth in the fourth quarter is expected to gradually return to the level before the epidemic.

Everbright Securities issued a paper saying that although the short-term market sentiment has rebounded, but the market is still a shrinking pattern, and the hot spots rotate rapidly, and the continuity of the theme concept is not strong, indicating that the cautious sentiment of funds in the market is still there. It is expected that the short-term market is still dominated by consolidation. In terms of strategy, we should continue to focus on non bank finance, resource cycle products, new energy, medicine, military industry and related topics of the 14th five year plan; we should balance the short-term style; at the same time, from the perspective of economic recovery and spring market, we should make appropriate arrangements for the financial cycle stocks to cope with the possibility that the monetary policy and global inflation situation will change due to the substantial growth of economic data next year.

Galaxy Securities said that with the increase of 5g penetration rate and the release of stock exchange users, it is optimistic about the future sales of iPhone 12 series mobile phones, and the cancellation of random free charging plug and wired headset will also benefit the wireless charging and airpods industry chain. It is suggested to pay attention to Pengding holding, huanxu electronics and Lansi technology, which account for a high proportion of iPhone business; lichen precision and goer shares, the key targets of airpods industry chain; Xinwei communication, Lixun precision and Lingyi intelligent manufacturing, which benefit from wireless charging.