Seeing a compatriot beaten in Chinatown, a Chinese American man showed a pistol to scare away the gangster

 Seeing a compatriot beaten in Chinatown, a Chinese American man showed a pistol to scare away the gangster

African American man (right) follows and attacks Chinese tourists

Oct. 21 (Xinhua) recently, in San Francisco Chinatown, California, a Chinese tourist was attacked by an African American man in front of a shop. Chinese shopkeepers have acted bravely to protect tourists, but African American men still refuse to stop. The owner then pulled up his coat to reveal the pistol, and the African American man was scared away.

The incident occurred at 3:00 p.m. on the 17th, when more than 20 tourists were visiting the Golden Gate Fortune Cookie shop in Chinatown, the world daily quoted ABC News as saying. The African American man started at one of the male tourists.

Seeing the tourists being beaten, the Chinese shopkeeper (white circle) intervened.

Kevin Chen, a Chinese shopkeeper, said the video showed that the African American man followed the male tourist for two blocks and finally made a move outside the store. African American man in black sportswear, he pushed the male tourists. The male tourist asked the man in black, why push him? The man in Black said, because you were staring at me two blocks away.

Chen Kaiwen intervened immediately after seeing the case. I told him to stop and go away, but he didnt listen, so I pulled up my T-shirt. It turns out that Kevin Chen has a pistol at his waist, which is a pistol that can be legally owned and carried. Seeing his gun, the African American man was startled and left immediately.

The Chinese shopkeeper showed his gun on his waist

I just want to send a message to the man in black, please leave, dont continue, dont look for trouble here. Kevin Chen said that he was also afraid of many African American attacks on Chinese people in Chinatown, but he had to step forward to prevent the situation from deteriorating. I have to protect my shop and business. If this happens, it will definitely affect Chinatown and business. Since the outbreak of the new outbreak in March this year, business in Chinatown shops has fallen by 90%.

Neither KEVIN CHEN nor the male tourists called the police, but the police arrived at the scene shortly after the incident, when the man in black had disappeared and the police could not find anyone. Kevin Chen also said that he only wanted Chinatown and San Francisco to be good. He chose to tell the matter through the media, hoping to send a message to the municipal government: the municipal government does not want to cut down the police funds, but needs to reform the police service, hoping that Chinatown can get more help.

Shop assistants said the owner was a hero and stopped the violence, but Kevin Chen said, I just did what I should do to protect my family, bakery and guests. (Liu Qiang)

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