Yang Ming: the team is in urgent need of the replacement of the old and the new will provide sufficient opportunities for the new players

 Yang Ming: the team is in urgent need of the replacement of the old and the new will provide sufficient opportunities for the new players

New players

The performance is very impressive

After winning the runner up relying on the old team last season, Liao basketball team added many new players in the intermission period. The important task of the new season is to alternate the old and the new. This season, the Liaoning basketball team has added Zhang Zhenlin, a 21-year-old former NCAA player from the United States, Wu CHANGZE, the 20-year-old former Liaoning youth main force, and Zhu Rongzhen, the 21-year-old former Shandong center. The three young players are the most urgent need for the Liaoning basketball team.

Zhang Zhenlin took the fourth position in this battle, and soon after the appearance, he received Guo Allens auxiliary attack and completed his first scoring in CBA League. His physical fitness is excellent, he staged many dunks, but also many beautiful blocked Tianjin team players. In this competition, Zhang Zhenlin appeared for 30 minutes, contributing 13 points and 11 rebounds.

Compared with Zhang Zhenlin, Wu CHANGZE is more efficient. Wu CHANGZE, who started the game, put almost all his energy on defense and rebounds at the beginning, and was willing to be a blue collar. It was not until the second half that Wu CHANGZE showed his talent in the offensive end, especially when Tianjin team was crazy for points. He hit three points many times to stabilize the situation for the team. In the whole game, Wu CHANGZE went out for 39 minutes, with 6-for-4 three-point shots, two-point 3-for-2, 16 points and 5 rebounds, becoming the most efficient player in the team.

As the Liao basketball new season with Gao Shiyan and Guo Xu exchange back high center Zhu Rongzhen, although only played 6 minutes, but also got 4 points and 2 rebounds. Although the appearance time is not much, but the young player in the basket showed a certain combat effectiveness, and shared some heavy responsibilities for Han Dejun.

Although there are still some deficiencies in details, the first show of the three new players still shows excellent potential. It is no exaggeration to say that the future seasons performance of Liaoning basketball team is directly related to the height of several new players.

New coach

Rebuilding the team

This competition is the CBA debut of the new Liaoning basketball coach group, with veteran coach Jiang Xingquan as the consultant, Yang Ming as the main coach, Wu naiqun and Lu Wei as the assistant coaches. Yang Ming, who was standing on the sideline to direct the team for the first time in the game, was very involved. He sometimes reminded the team members aloud and sometimes fell into deep thinking. Especially in the use of young players is very bold, Yang Ming in order to give them a lot of playing time, the intention of training new players is very obvious. And the 80 year old coach Jiang Xingquan reminds the players from time to time that after Zhu Rongzhen and other young players leave the field, he explains in person, hoping that the young people will grow up as soon as possible.

Talking about the feeling of coaching as head coach for the first time, Yang Ming said: in the past, I was in charge of myself. Now I want to manage the whole team. I am adapting to this new role as soon as possible. We have a good coaching team. Jiangs guide helps me transition. Lu Wei, who used to play together, supports me very much. So far, everything is relatively smooth, I hope that through the league, we can make progress together

When asked about the difficulties encountered after the transfer to head coach, Yang Ming humorously said: the key is too tired of brain, you see, Im starting to lose my hair now.

Talking about the performance of several new people, such as Zhang Zhenlin, Yang Ming said: they are very talented, rebounding is very positive, I know that everyone cherish the opportunity to play. After all, its the first game, and they need to accumulate and grow. At present, the young players and the team are not integrated enough, and they need to adapt to the playing method. There are some technical details to improve, such as Zhang Zhenlin shooting stability needs to be solved, the degree of emphasis on defense should be increased. As the League moves forward, I believe they will make great progress.

Looking forward to the next game of the new season, Yang Ming said: there are a lot of young players in the team, so we need to replace the old and the new. This requires playing time to guarantee. I will trust them and provide you with sufficient playing opportunities.

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