Taiwan media: there will be 80 days of soul stirring behind the US election

 Taiwan media: there will be 80 days of soul stirring behind the US election

The article entitled 80 days after the US general election in Taiwan was published on October 20 by the China Times news network. The excerpts are as follows:

Recently, the South China Morning Post disclosed that the PLA is stepping up its combat readiness in the southeast coastal areas. Many people believe that these are signs that the mainland is upgrading its combat readiness against Taiwan.

Although it is a fact that tensions in the Taiwan Strait and the South China Sea continue to escalate, it is obviously over interpretation to say that these moves mean that the mainland military unification will wait for an order. The mainlands risk awareness and bottom line thinking of the surrounding security situation are the only factors to strengthen the preparation of the whole army along the southeast coast. This round of deployment should be defensive rather than offensive.

The outside world confused the routine actions and targeted actions in mainland Chinas military security actions, thus resulting in over interpretation and worry.

Therefore, there is no need for the PLAs routine actions to be unlimited, but at the same time, we should not ignore the implications behind a series of targeted actions of the PLA. Recently, the outside world has been keen on discussing October surprise in the Taiwan Strait. However, at least so far, the situation shows that October surprise has not occurred, and the words and deeds of all parties have no intention to deliberately upgrade tension and create a famous teacher.

Even the United States, which is most worried by the outside world, has stepped on the brake. Secretary of state pompeio has indicated many times recently that the United States recognizes that Taiwan is the point of conflict between China and the United States and does not want to go to war with the mainland because of Taiwan. Although American scholars have debated whether the Taiwan policy should be kept vague, it is a consensus of both sides to avoid the United States getting involved in the Taiwan Strait war.

These actions and language are believed to be observed and mastered by Beijing. However, at this time, the mainland still intends to strengthen the combat readiness along the southeast coast and strictly prevent accidents in the Taiwan Strait and the South China Sea, which may be based on two considerations: first, Beijing has concluded from the practical experience of recent military battles in the Taiwan strait that the United States and Taiwan will eventually eat the hard rather than eat the soft. Only strong military support can curb the escalation of us Taiwan relations.

The second is based on the fact that the United States may encounter a more complicated 80 days of terror after the general election. Judging from the current election situation, the United States may fall into a chaotic detention period from the election day on November 3 to the inauguration day on January 20 next year. If Biden wins, trump will never give up, and his actions before he leaves office will be more difficult to predict; if trump is re elected, he will certainly advocate the effectiveness of Anti China card, and will make the so-called friendly Taiwan forces in the United States more excited.

Under the above circumstances, Beijing may think that no matter who wins the general election, the Sino US relations, the situation in the Taiwan Strait and the South China Sea from the election to the inauguration are still full of risks. This is the most important reason why the mainland is in the southeast coast.

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