Zhao Lijian: why does the United States build biological laboratories all over the world?

 Zhao Lijian: why does the United States build biological laboratories all over the world?

Dmitry Medvedev

This is not the first time that the international community has expressed concern about us bio militarization activities in other countries. Zhao Lijian said that China has repeatedly stressed that the relevant activities of the United States are not transparent, unsafe and unreasonable.

Picture / Ye Wang

It is reported that the United States has set up many biological laboratories in 25 countries and regions including the Middle East, Africa, Southeast Asia and the former Soviet Union. The United States has set up 16 biological laboratories in Ukraine alone, some of which have experienced large-scale outbreaks of infectious diseases. According to USA today, hundreds of accidents have occurred in biological laboratories at home and abroad in the United States since 2003. These contacts may lead to direct contacts being infected by lethal viruses. The virus will spread to the community through these individuals, which will lead to the formation of epidemic diseases.

Then, in response to the question, Zhao Lijian sent several questions to the US side: why does the United States build so many biological laboratories all over the world? Why should we build laboratories with the military as the leading force? What is their purpose? How much sensitive biological resources and information has the United States seized from relevant countries? Does the laboratory meet safety standards? Is there a potential leak? Why has the United States exclusively opposed the verification protocol of the BWC for more than a decade? Zhao further said that only the US government can answer these questions, and only the US government can provide the truth.

Zhao Lijian stressed that the United States should face up to the concerns of the international community in an open, transparent and responsible manner, earnestly fulfill its obligations under the Convention on the prohibition of biological weapons, make a comprehensive clarification on the US bio militarization activities outside its territory, and stop exclusive obstruction of the negotiations on the verification protocol.

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