US media: the flight profile of the 6N hypersonic weapon is similar to Dongfeng 17

 US media: the flight profile of the 6N hypersonic weapon is similar to Dongfeng 17

Video capture of h-6n carrying ballistic missile

According to the article, the video from China shows that it appears to be a h-6n missile carrier with large weapons hanging under it. The unique wedge shape of the front section of the missile indicates that the missile may be a hypersonic weapon system. In particular, its shape looks similar to that of the df-17 missile. The weapon uses ballistic missiles to increase the speed of the unpowered df-zf hypersonic boost glider above Mach 5, and then the vehicle continues to maneuver in the atmosphere to reach the target.

Chinas efforts to transform ground launched ballistic missiles into air launched ones are not necessarily new, the report said. The air launched df-21d anti-ship ballistic missile is believed to have developed for some time. Chinas pursuit of air launched hypersonic weapons is also predictable, but this may be the first time we have actually seen it.

Chinas dongfeng-17 missile

The h-6n is specially designed to carry high-speed UAVs and anti-ship ballistic missiles, as well as very large loads such as more traditional cruise missiles. It is the development model of the h-6k bomber, which has completely reconstructed and updated the fuselage design.

It is entirely logical for China to develop an air launched hypersonic weapon using existing ground launched hypersonic weapons. Its most obvious and only known option is the dongfeng-17, which Beijing first demonstrated in a high-profile military parade last year. Although the dongfeng-17 is said to have been in service, the exact status and capability of the weapon are still unknown to the outside world, but China certainly wants the world to consider it a fully functional hypersonic weapon. In any case, it makes sense to use it, or at least a part of it (such as the df-zf glider) for hypersonic boost glide weapons launched in the air.

The US media said that like the United States, China is implementing many hypersonic weapons programs and testing many hypersonic vehicles that can be used in different environments. The development of hypersonic cruise missiles is certainly in progress. Therefore, the missile in the video may be a new configuration with a new hypersonic vehicle, or it may be a more conventional ballistic missile with a maneuverable warhead. In the future, higher quality videos and photos may change this speculation.

Us agm-183a missile

According to the article, the h-6n can launch hypersonic boost gliders hundreds or thousands of miles away from Chinese territory, which will pose an uncertain threat to bases previously beyond the range of these weapons.

Although the United States is developing a series of hypersonic projects, and there are more classified projects, China is not stagnant, the article said. Just like the US Air Forces own first hypersonic weapon, the agm-183arrw launched from bombers, the PLA will be able to put any target within thousands of miles of Chinas coast at risk by using the hypersonic boost glider launched from the currently defenseless, precision guided air.

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