The most difficult woman to serve in Hong Kong, Xibao, cant be better

 The most difficult woman to serve in Hong Kong, Xibao, cant be better

The Douban score was as low as 3.2, and 60% of them played one star.

Yu Yans sister saw the notice and was disgusted.

Since she was brainwashed by Guo Jingming, Guo Caijie has always played with a Guli accent. Whats more, this film is not as good as little times..

The Republic of China is not like the Republic of China, modern is not modern, and Hong Kong and Taiwan are not like Hong Kong and Taiwan.

What the hell is it that says Dan on the license plate?

Bai Fu Mei Xu Conghui also has a name of Xiao Fang. Jia Ming, a brain doctor, has just come out of the White Horse Club. Xibao, a new legal talent, is studying magic at Hogwarts. Xu cunzi, who graduated from Oxford, is full of fake books. There are a generation of wealthy families living in the studio.

Little times is the same as the appearance of the beep, Xibao is not even installed beep.

In the original work, Xu cunzi not only has a wife but also other mistresses. The film is directly changed into a widower. Is this the rhythm of Laoba and his wife?

It is said that when it was shown, the audience burst into laughter.

Like a needle felt, what is this?

Except Xibao dressed like a witch, all the other students are modern. What era is this? Why is a room full of desk lamps in the classroom of Cambridge?

Soil is not native, foreign is not foreign, ancient is not ancient, and today is not today

Xibao is set in 1978, which is far away from todays context.

It doesnt make sense to shoot popular novels 40 years ago.

What if the story is grafted into the modern era? It doesnt make sense.

Before, the first half of my life adapted into a TV series, also encountered the same problem.

The writer rewrote the whole story in order to straighten out the values.

We cant help feeling together --

All of gaudy and showy girls make complaints about Yi Shus clothes, but in fact the value of TV plays is higher than that of Yi Shus original works.

If Xibao is to be adapted into a modern story, the problem is even greater.

In Yishus era, it was still a patriarchal society. There was not much room for professional women to rise, and there was no example to follow.

Even Xibao, a law student in Cambridge, worries about becoming a typist.

Zhan Qingyun has the courage to borrow 1 million yuan to read the book. Why do you Jiang Xibao be a mistress?

For the rich people living in the Internet age, the marginal effect of beauty is decreasing rapidly, and Xibao has no great impact.

Can you imagine Wang Sicong would commit suicide for a girl?

Xibao film has a local, foreign, ancient and modern structure.

Lets take a look at the cast of Xibao.

The former Yishu girls were Zhang Manyu, Zhong Chuhong and Xia Wenxi, all of whom were close to the time when the book was completed.

Curly hair, big eyes, bright and sexy, high spirited, round and smooth, in line with the temperament of old-fashioned beauty.

The 1988 edition of Xibao, starring Li Yanshan, is also like the people of the time.

Suddenly, Bobbi and purple eye shadow were found at that time.

Xibao is a beautiful woman with a big chest and thin waist and a weight of 116 Jin.

He played tennis fast and ruthlessly, killing young master Xu.

I eat like revenge.

Wheat bread, butter, cheese, liquor, wanton wanton, murderous.

Lets have a look at Guo Caijies small body. Can she play tennis or eat butter?

There is also the role of xucunzi.

He was born in the Republic of China. Later, he studied in Oxford University. He was wise and ruthless, and he kept his secret. He became a rich invisible hero by his intelligence and means.

Its hard to find actors who fit the characters temperament.

Zhang Zhens father, Zhang Guozhu, is very elegant, but after all, he is 71 years old, older than Xu cunzi in the original book.

I felt that he was so polite to Guo Caijie that he was embarrassed to play.

Make complaints about the modern society and eliminate the artifact

In 1999, Asia Weekly invited 14 judges from the Chinese speaking region, including former culture minister Wang Meng, to select the top 100 Chinese novels of the 20th century.

Among them, Xibao ranked 91st.

Sister Yuyan takes this ranking to talk about things, not to prove how good Yi Shu has written, but to tell everyone --

What kind of story is Xibao?

The 21-year-old top fisherman and 65-year-old rich man are whoring, loving and killing each other.

The famous saying is --

The best dowry for a girl is a diploma from a famous school. Dont rely on it to eat, otherwise it will be bitter death. Take her to get married, the husbands family dare not bully the educated daughter-in-law.

To be a woman, you have to be like a painting, not a dress. After being tried and tried by a man, no one bought it. If the old one is damaged, it is difficult to sell at 50% discount.

If someone says he loves me, I wont be more happy, unless his love can be discounted. If someone says he hates me, I wont worry. The sun will still rise tomorrow

Of course, there is the most famous sentence

I want a lot of love. If there is no love, then there will be a lot of money. If there is neither, it is good to have health

Where did you rent a studio

This is much more than those little three who love the most in Qiongyaos story.

However, although Qiongyao was scolded for her three outlooks, Yi Shu was still a comfort to many women.

Because Yishus tone is different.

She is the originator of anti chicken soup. In those chaotic times, her sharp attitude is like a dose of chicken blood, which makes struggling women deeply happy.

Just look at the names of the characters.

The names of Yishu girls are either neutral Zhou Chengyu, Zhu Lizi, Tang Qingliu, Lin JieQiu, Xia Mingxin, Fang Taichu, and Lin Wumai

Or the earthy lock, rose, Danwei, Ayu, AVA

At that time, Xiangjiang professional women rose and fought in central.

Female independence card in the middle of the mountain, is to complain about the trouble is particularly much.

Extremely elegant and valuable, Yi Shus taste is a beautiful one. She is a dog and horse. She is a voice and fame and fortune field. She make complaints about the womens hearts. In 80s, she was the spiritual opium of Hong Kong women.

Throughout the 1980s, Tiandi Publishing House published 10 Yishu novels every year. Besides being popular, we can see that the author is extremely diligent.

Xiye pays tribute to Yishu in many lyrics

Thank you Barbie wont be old, Isabelle is not out of print.

Another word is simply called Yishu Shuo.

To this day, there are girls who go to Hong Kong to buy Yishus new works. They take apart the parts that are handed out to their peers and collect them and then upload them to the Internet for fans to read.

Its true love.

Liu Shishi and Ni Ni Ni are going to remake the golden age

Interestingly, sister Yuyan longed for the girl in Yishus story when she was a child.

Later, Yi Shu immigrated to Vancouver and began to write stories about the local Chinese.

Yu Yan, who also lives in Vancouver, reads Yishus new serial in the Star Island Daily every day. She changes from reading old articles to watching live broadcast, but she doesnt feel closer.

She wrote about Canada, which is different from what I saw in Canada. She still wears the legendary filter of Hong Kong flavor.

It can only be said that Yi Shu doesnt know much about the world today.

A very difficult person in life

Yi Shu is actually a very tangled girl.

When you have no money, you want money, when you have money, you want love. When you have love, you hate that person is not Jiaming of Stanton.

When writing Xibao, Yi Shu was 33 years old.

Marriage is not smooth, love is not smooth, career is not smooth, very abhorrent of their own origin, extremely eager for the material world, by fishing for female Xibao to pour their hearts.

For example, this sentence --

After years of poverty, poverty of love, poverty of material, poverty of security, everything, to this day, I suddenly get an outlet. I cant care about the consequences. I must do it again.

The readers respect her as a nun.

However, Yishu in life is not easy to get along with.

Nephew, ex husband, brother, ex boyfriend, all of them are in a bad mood.

Her best friend, Lin Yanni, did not speak well of her and did not associate with her nephew who lived in Vancouver. Even Zheng peipeipei and Zhao Yazhi, whom we all like very much, have been scolded by Yishu.

At that time, I wrote in a column

It is said that recently, the male students of Hong Kong have chosen the most popular female star in Hong Kong, and Zhao Yazhi has been selected by popular expectations. I suddenly felt that I was too lucky to be admitted to HKU College students have lost their precious taste.

As for Zheng peipeipei, Yi Shu was angry that Zheng peipeipei still had contact with Yue Hua after breaking up. He took Zheng peipeipeis letter to Yue Hua from overseas to the newspaper office and made it public, harming others and not benefiting himself.

Yue Hua played the gold master of CAI Shaofen in jewels and passed away two years ago

Yue Hua is a gentle and gentle person. He does not say that Yishu has a bad temper, but only that she is a special girl. When he broke up with Yi Shu, Yue Hua said --

You are too much. Its not important to hurt me, but you are too sharp to hurt people.

Another time, old Yue Hua said in an interview that Yi Shu lost his temper and cut all his suits and ties, and inserted a knife into his dormitory bed.

After breaking up, Yi Shu knelt down and begged him.


Yi Shus brother Ni Kuang also confirmed that her sister was not in a good temper.

Cai haoquan, Yishus ex husband, is very artistic. After his divorce, he called himself his elder brother and his elder brother. However, Yishus temper is not good. Its no wonder that people cant stand her.

Yi Shus nephew Ni Zhen has just had a hard time with his aunt.

Ni Zhen once sent a paper to say that aunt was bad tempered and unhappy.

When he was young, he despised his family as a poor mother. Later, he got married early and gave birth to a child and divorced. His psychological imbalance led to cynicism.

Ni Zhen said that Yi Shu once suspected that he was naughty enough to lose his seal and beat himself up with cane.

It lasted for several hours. The old servant cried and didnt dare to control it. The aunt who came here was beaten several times.

On another occasion, Yi Shu went crazy in the second brothers house and threw all the things in the house to the ground, tearing at his brother who didnt fight back.

I cant believe the savage and violent woman is Yishu.

When he was young, he was very angry and dissatisfied with his birth and appearance.

When he was 17 years old, he pursued the painter Cai haoquan because he was competitive. His family objected to it and ran away to commit suicide.

At the age of 18, she got married and gave birth to a son.

However, Cai haoquan was a poor man of letters in a newspaper office. When he was young, Yi Shu was extremely eager for material things, so he would not hesitate to buy famous brand clothes for a whole months salary.

After marriage, they quarreled for money every day and divorced after three years.

A few years ago, Cai biancun, Yishus son, made a documentary called mothers Day. He wanted to find his mother who had never seen it since he was 11 years old and refused to write back to his mother.

Only then did you know that Yi Shu had not cared for her son for decades. Ni Zhen said that her aunt was afraid that her son would come to ask for money after she became famous. Im afraid it is true.

A talented woman, heartless up is really heartless.

Cai biancun said that her mother came to see herself for the last time, bought herself a robot toy, and took herself to watch the movie 007, which has never appeared since

Looking for his mothers film made a lot of noise, but Yi Shu still refused to come out to speak.

The reporter found Yi Shus brother Ni Kuang.

Ni Kuang, 78, said helplessly that he and his sister had not been in touch for 28 years. The last time I called was when I was 50.

Its amazing.

One diligence makes all

Yi Shu himself is not decent in dealing with family affairs and affairs, including interpersonal relations.

However, there is one thing that Yishu is beyond the reach of all those who like and dislike her.

That is Yishus diligence.

In her own words --

Before the hair on his forehead faded, he fought with his bare hands.


The only problem is that the editors never have to hand in their manuscripts in time.

Her contemporaries are retired and gone, and she is still busy concocting her next novel.

From the age of 17 to the age of 74, an average of five books are written each year.

She is a multiple of the same person.

We readers who are halfway naturalized have been unable to move. She is still writing.

When I first entered the profession, it was easy to be ridiculed by my predecessors --

Im going to make a thousand yuan a month. she can only tell stories, but she cant be a writer. She has a bad reputation. Dont associate with her

Later, Yi Shu satirized her predecessors who excluded her

Some of them are down and out, and some still have a bite to eat. Im a very vindictive person when I see them right now.

Once negative, it becomes today.

Half out of the need to correct their own name, half out of a strong desire to talk.

Yi Shu once said:

Since the 1960s, I have been writing at my desk every day, ignoring the autumn and winter. I have always thought that I have a general qualification. I have no regrets to write today.

Regardless of Yi Shus personality and private life, this long lonely road is really out of her own.

Looking back on Yishus life, he has done a lot of absurd things and treated many people unfairly, so he is not very likable.

However, this diligence is enough to achieve a comfortable life, and let the former adversary never speak ill of her.

The era of Yishu has finally passed, and is no longer the spokesperson of new women. However, people still do not want to be like Qiongyao, who is also a Skinner.

Probably because she once gave us independent education, aesthetic education, let us learn to appreciate another taste of love.

And this down-to-earth, one word does not match the old, amazing diligence.

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