Chen Kun has loved Zhou Xun for 20 years. Why didnt he marry her?

 Chen Kun has loved Zhou Xun for 20 years. Why didnt he marry her?

Since the launch of microblog in 2009, Chen Kun has been declining every year.

He sometimes called her boss Zhou.

Sometimes call her Zhou Xun.

Sometimes I dont say anything, just simply Happy Birthday.

It is tacitly understood that Zhou Xun is always Xiaoxun in Chen Kuns heart.

He loved her for 20 years.

With the most sincere blessing.

The warmest praise.

And, more than the rock hard heart.

When he met her, he was even more melancholy when he met the spirit who fell into the world.

After that, he learned to be happy.

She is no longer lonely.

When the dial of time, return to the millennium.

Chen Kun, 24, is a recent graduate of Nortel.

Zhou Xun, 26, is one of the most popular new generation in the film industry.

A like fog, like rain and like wind, let the two start a sadistic love in the play.

Shes Miss Qian Jin. Hes a poor boy who repairs watches.

The gap in the play also extended to the outside.

Because he was a beginner, Chen Kun had to shoot a play many times before he passed it.

Facing the senior actor partner, Chen Kun feels pressure and inferiority complex.

The crew was also critical of him.

Only Zhou Xun, she will gently walk in front of Chen Kun and teach him how to act.

What direction should the characters emotions be.

How to get into acting.

She said softly, and he listened carefully.

But when he hugs in the play, Chen Kun still shivers.

Zhou Xun never gets angry.

She often deliberately asked him, why do you shake me when you hold me?

Chen Kun lowered his head and showed shyness on his face.

It was the first time they met, but it seemed to be a long-time old friend.

Zhou Xun recognized Chen Kuns sincerity.

Outstanding shape, let Chen Kun and Zhou Xun by many directors.

They played lovers many times in movies and TV series.

Love to death, love with vigour.

Became the most classic screen couple.

In 1993, she fell in love with Dou Peng.

19-year-old girl, choose to love north.

For five years, she loved and was poor.

Dou pengpet her, save money to buy a house for her.

She is also Dou Peng.


In order to help him decorate, he asked the director to arrange some plays for her.

Its a pity that the moths will be empty in the end.

Later, she met Jia Hongsheng.

When she was in love, she ran into Park Shu, who was too compatible with her.

However, these people have not really become her heart.

Huang Rong and Jing brother together, let her once again knife edge lick honey..

The man, who she claimed to satisfy all her fantasies, finally chose to marry Faye Wong.

Her courage in love has become a joke.

Later on, Li Daqi and Xiao Wang Shuo both died of no illness after a vigorous and vigorous life.

Zhou Xun in the emotional ups and downs, Chen Kun all see in the eyes.

Photo source: Douban

Zhou Xun has never been in love with the outside world at any time.

In his heart, Xiao Xun knows what he wants most than anyone else..

In 2005, Zhou Xun also said frankly in an interview:

Love, it is my fatal wound, but I am willing to hurt for it.

As a good friend, Chen Kun responded gently:

You fall into the pit, you have to face it yourself.

Ill be there when you need me

Her fearlessness, her fear of death, Chen Kun will always understand.

As a witness, Chen Kun appeared beside her.

Recalling that scene, he could not help but wet his eyes.

When I gave Xiao Xun to Gao Shengyuan, I was really nervous, but I felt very happy.

A video of Zhou Xun dancing and dancing was also released at the wedding ceremony

Mom, Dad, today is real.

Over the years, the girl who was regarded as a baby finally has more people to love.

In Chen Kuns heart, a true good friend is like a family member.

There is no such thing as avoiding suspicion.

As we all know, Chen Kun has always had a son.

Because I dont know who the mother of the child is, the outside world has regarded Zhou Xun as a suspect.

At one time, the two peoples affair also spread very hot.

Hes my son.

Yes, my son, too.

In the entertainment industry, Chen Kun also has a nickname, called the worlds first fast blow..

Blowing is flattering, and Xun is Zhou Xuns.

In 2011, Zhou Xun was stigmatized by the nude photo incident.

Chen Kun turned the microblog that the media apologized twice.

Every time, it is an appeal to support Zhou Xuns friends to turn around..

Zhou Xun on the magazine cover, Chen Kun will be the first to boast.

Every Rainbow fart is a thunderbolt.

In 2018, Zhou Xuns new play Ruyi Zhuan was launched.

Chen Kun sent several microblogs in succession to help his friends publicize.

It is worth mentioning that at that time, Chen Kuns own starring Tiansheng long song was also popular.

Many fans went to the bottom of Chen Kuns microblog and said:

Please, more publicity and publicity of Tiansheng long song.

Im afraid youre the undercover sent by the drama next door to Tiansheng Changge.

For this reason, we all say, its really advertising for others every day..

Chen Kuns focus is: others? Is Xiaoxun someone else?

Zhou Xun lost the Gold Horse Award in 2018.

Chen Kun immediately tweeted back: you are the best, no doubt.

Then he added in the following comments:

The past is the best, the present is the best, and the future is still the best.

It seems like a pair of Zhou Xun fan younger brother appearance.

In 2014, Zhou Xun participated in the launching ceremony of Chen Kuns public welfare project the power of walking.

Because long time no see, two people also came to the scene a big bear hug.

At the end of the activity, Chen Kun couldnt help saying:

I love Zhou Xun very much, Zhou Xun also loves me very much, although she is about to get married soon!

Photo source: Netease Entertainment

Chen Kuns preference for Zhou Xun has always been so blatant.


He and Xiao Xun,

It has long been closer than lovers, more understanding than relatives..

In fact, Chen Kun is not short of friends in the circle.

However, he blurted out Zhou Xun every time he asked him best friend.

In his heart, Zhou Xun can see his own mirror.

When I think of her, I will be happy.

There is a spiritual resonance between them.

There is no need for verbal communication, you can read each others tacit understanding.

Chen Kun felt very comfortable with his friends.

Zhou Xun is such a comfortable and non aggressive friend.

Chen Kun once said that when he had a problem, his first thought was Zhou Xun.

One day, he drank too much and his mood fell to the bottom.

He called Zhou Xun and called out:

Im sorry youre coming out! Come out now

Zhou Xun didnt ask more questions and came directly.

Chen Kun lay on the table, crying and said, you know, I have no friends in my life!

Zhou Xun listened quietly and gently touched his head.

She wont ask him what happened and why he was so depressed.

Instead, she said nothing.

Until Chen Kun fell asleep.

As soon as it was over, Zhou Xun mentioned the day and said to Chen Kun:

Dont you say you dont have friends?

Chen Kun smiles and returns to her a word of roll.

Zhou Xun knows that,

When a person is in a bad mood,

Its an unconditional, first-time arrival of company and comfort.

So, I always know the little girl

Zhou Xun is actually older than Chen Kun.

In life, Chen Kun has always regarded her as her sister.

But in acting, Chen Kun regards Zhou Xun as a teacher.

At the end of painting skin 2, Zhou Xun suddenly looked at Chen Kun and said:

Kun, youre really good.

It was the first time that Chen Kun was positively affirmed by Zhou Xun. He was deeply moved.

Later, with Zhou Xuns encouragement, Chen Kun gradually grew into a leading role in his own work.

But when they met, she was still sister Xiao Xun, and he was still brother akun.

Once, Zhou Xun looked at the music box on the road, and Chen Kun asked:

You see which one you want. Ill buy it for you.

Of course, Zhou Xun made delicious food, and always worried about leaving a bowl for Chen Kun.

Perhaps, in friendship and love, what we pursue is similar.

Its not how expensive the other party gave you,

Or how many vows have been given to you,

Its about you subconsciously.

A surprise for you on your birthday.

In a word, this kind of feeling is a long stream.

Less selfish possession, less control without bottom line.

Its more of a just want to be nice idea.

Chen Kun is the same with Zhou Xun.

In the outside world, the two have always claimed to be close friends + best friends and Friends of life and death.

Its not a joke.

Once, Zhou Xun and Chen Kun took pictures of ancient clothes.

In the water, Zhou Xun was almost suffocated.

No one on the scene found Zhou Xuns abnormality, only Chen Kun.

When he saw Zhou Xuns expression, he perceived that she was in danger.

In the water, he pushed Zhou Xun onto the water.

Later, whenever he mentioned this matter, Chen Kun would explain that:

I know her well, one of her normal and abnormal states. Even in the water, I can know

They have such a tacit understanding.

As a result, many people will ask, Why are these two people not together?

In fact, I have no definite answer.

Just, I thought --

In everyones life, there are always some people who are reluctant to be lovers.

Just like in Chen Kuns heart, Zhou Xun is so beautiful.

It is the existence of being able to be a relative but not a lover.

Guard this fallen spirit.

Let her happy, no longer lonely.