How to successfully go ashore in national examination and postgraduate entrance examination? Six books to help you prepare for exams efficiently

 How to successfully go ashore in national examination and postgraduate entrance examination? Six books to help you prepare for exams efficiently


How to achieve the goal

Clearly made a plan to prepare for the exam, but always unable to complete? Is your goal really right for you?

The books author, social psychologist Heidi grant horwatson, has been focusing on how to help people achieve their goals. She selected hundreds of psychological studies over the past decades and wrote this classic psychological work in popular language to help you get through all aspects of achieving your goals

Set goals that suit you

Enhance self-control

Enhance motivation and determination

Change your mind

Enhance optimism

Overcome procrastination, push forward the plan


Science Learning

Stanford golden rule of learning

In the tense preparation stage, how to improve learning efficiency to a greater extent? In the face of massive review materials, how to read at a glance and never forget?

Professor Daniel L. Schwartz, Dean of Stanford Institute of education, has selected 26 golden learning rules to solve your learning problems accurately. For example:


Inductive analogy the common principle of discovery implication


Sense of belonging - eliminate anxiety and integrate into the group


Contrast combination - identify key information


Diligence -- the way to cultivate experts

Explain in detail -- make memory more meaningful


Feedback the mirror of self improvement



Get some sleep - consolidate the memory of the day


Leap forward growth

Cross professional test preparation, you need to change your mind

Cross professional postgraduate entrance examination, civil servants, worried about their lack of competitiveness?

The cross-border growth story of people from all over the world in leapfrog growth will open a new door for you.

Barbara Oakley, the author of the book, is a legendary crossover in her own right

She started the popular learning course learning how to learn on the MOOC platform, helping millions of students and adults learn how to learn.

Therefore, interdisciplinary is not your weakness. Instead, it can make you unique!


critical thinking

Global popular thinking training materials

Whether it is in the civil service examination line test, application, or in the postgraduate entrance examination paper, all can not do without the examination of critical thinking.

Critical thinking is a book that teaches us to identify the top 10 fallacies of thinking, and learn to think correctly and reasonably deduce and demonstrate

Resort to personal / generative fallacy: refute a position or argument by criticizing its source. Talk show hosts love it.

Scarecrow fallacy: in order to refute the other partys position, it distorts its position by exaggeration, wrong expression and so on, so that the opponent is at a disadvantage.

Argument derived from anger: as the name suggests, anger replaces reason and judgment. For example, political debate is reduced to scolding.

Bullying: an attempt to prove an idea by intimidating the other person. You can think of examples.

Hasty generalization: too much faith in the conclusions drawn from small samples.

Group thinking: allowing loyalty to a group to interfere with the judgment of problems. For example, the referee whistled to warn our team that there were too many fouls.

Shift your attention: what you answer is not what you asked, and avoid the focus of the question.

Wishful thinking: let your own preferences to judge, refuse to explore the truth. It can also be called the fallacy of escapism.

Appeal to the publics argument: believing that what everyone believes must be true.

After that, because of the reason: mistakenly believe that there is a causal link between successive events.


A simple introduction to logical thinking

To be a qualified civil servant and graduate student, excellent logical thinking ability is essential.

Hegel once said that logic is absolute truth or absolute form of absolute truth. The ignorant is not free, because the opposite is a strange world.


The art of persuasion

You need this book, thank you for argumentation.

The book starts from three aspects of attack, defense and reaching an agreement, and imparts all-round persuasion skills, which is practical and eye-catching!

Jay Heinrichs, the author of the book, offers courses on persuasion for Fortune 500 companies and Ivy League universities. In quartzs ranking of the most taught works in Harvard class, this book has been ranked in the top 10, which shows its influence!

This is the first time that the Chinese version has been introduced into the mainland. If you open it, you will learn the art of persuasion earlier than others.

Excerpts from the catalogue of persuasive Art

Finally, I wish you all the candidates a bright future!