Long distance love, the most taboo of these four points.

 Long distance love, the most taboo of these four points.

But I think its not the distance that really beats the long-distance relationship. What can break them up is the following four points.

There is a new colleague Maomao in the office. Since she fell in love, we have been able to receive her love information from time to time.

To be honest, I dont really think she is in love with the chat records she showed me at the beginning. After all, she is experiencing a long-distance relationship.

During that time, Maomao often came to me and told me that she was more and more disappointed. She felt that the other party didnt like herself enough and complained that she didnt tell her anything. However, the tenderness and meticulous care of the other party made her feel that she was loved, so she felt particularly contradictory.

I remember going back to her and saying, did you try to tell him what you think?

In fact, sometimes, compared with saying affect feelings, hiding in the heart secretly disappointed, I think it is more sad and hurt feelings.

Because of the distance problem, many things, you do not say, the other party may not be aware of.

Its just like Maomao told me later that her long-distance boyfriend was not unwilling to share her worries with her, but because she was afraid that she would think too much. If she wanted to listen, she would share more in the future.

So you see, for long-distance love, sincere communication and communication can really reduce a lot of unnecessary misunderstanding and contradictions.

Have you found that many long-distance lovers are still very sweet when they meet, but once they arrive at another place, they start to quarrel frequently.

I also received a message from a male reader backstage:

After four years of long-distance love, its finally over. I feel very tired. I feel exhausted every days work. I think I can get some warmth from her, but I always get doubts and distrust from my girlfriend.

He said that she didnt seem to understand why I was very busy every day, and she didnt believe that my work was really busy. More explanation was like concealing that we two quarreled every day. She still blamed me for not loving her enough. In fact, she didnt love me that much either

So you see, sometimes its not love, distance or quarrel that beats their feelings. Its that they cant understand and trust each other.

I always believe that trust is the cornerstone of all feelings, and that feelings without trust are like bubbles.

So, when you choose to be with TA, please give this relationship enough trust, frank communication, equal love.

I still remember a netizen once asked: long distance love, my boyfriend has his own hobbies, and he is not willing to accompany me to do what I like. Does he not love me?

I found an answer at the bottom that I particularly like: each person has his own personality, and each has his own favorite. You can not like it, but you must respect each other.

Yes, everyone is born different, of course, their preferences are not the same, but I think girls in love easily have a wrong thinking, that is, if you dont accompany me, you just dont love me..

For example, I also have a friend who likes to go outside to take pictures of scenery and change his mood in his spare time. However, his girlfriend thinks that when he is free, he should spend more time chatting and video with her, and taking scenery outside is a waste of time.

Two people also because of this matter, quarreled many, many times, girls feel that boys do not love enough, so they do not want to spend time with her, let him choose between her and hobbies, and the boys feel very aggrieved, because they dont want to abandon their hobbies, they are in a dilemma.

In fact, in my opinion, a good relationship should make the other party feel the icing on the cake. You can share and exchange your hobbies with her while you are out shooting scenery, instead of depriving each other of their love in the name of love.

Respect the other partys preferences, dont always let the other party choose between you and the things he likes. I believe this kind of you will make him like it more.

Schopenhauer once said: you should never easily say that I love you. The three words I love you are first of all I. A person without a heavy self is not worthy of talking about love.

Have you found that, in fact, in our life, we will more or less meet a lot of people who are crazy about love.

They put all their thoughts and all their time on their other half, always staring at the other halfs life trend, in order to prove that they are loved.

Just like long-distance lovers, some even ask their partners to report their whereabouts, log in to each others social software, check their chat records, and ask them to give up opportunities to communicate with other heterosexuals.

It seems that only in this way can they feel that they are loved and valued enough.

But often lose self love, this relationship is very difficult to balance, and unequal love, will only let two people love very hard and tired.

In my opinion, the best preservation in the world is not the contact and information back every second, but the continuous progress of two people to make themselves a better and more worthy person to love.

So I want to say, my dear, sooner or later, you have to understand: if you love another person, you dont have to go around him all day.

Everyone has their own space, and your life is not only for each other. Its better to take the time to test love and improve yourself, so that you can become better and more worthy of being loved by the world.

Click watching. Also ask you to believe, love across the mountains and seas, mountains and seas can be flat, come on! Through long-distance love, I believe you will harvest a lifetime of happiness.