Commander of American Airlines: us new action in South China Sea benefits all countries in the region

 Commander of American Airlines: us new action in South China Sea benefits all countries in the region

According to a press release, in addition to the destroyer John McCain, the Japanese Navys misty rain destroyer and the Australian Navys arenta frigate participated in the exercise. According to the press release, the exercise is the fifth joint operation between Australia, Japan and the United States in the Seventh Fleet area of operations this year.

The press release also claimed that throughout the exercise, participants jointly trained and conducted tripartite operations aimed at enhancing the collective capacity of the allies to maintain maritime security and to be ready to respond to any regional emergency.

The commander of the destroyer, Mr. eastdy, went on to claim that by working with close allies in the South China Sea in this way, transparency, the rule of law, freedom of navigation and overflight, and supporting all principles of security and prosperity in India and the Pacific have benefited all countries in the region.

Recently, US warships have carried out frequent activities in the South China Sea. According to the news released by the US Pacific Fleet, the destroyer McCann has been operating in the South China Sea since October 7, and during this period, it has also organized heavy machine gun weapon operation training for its crew. The U.S. Pacific Fleet Command announced on the 13th that the John McCain and the Japanese quasi carrier fleet will carry out joint exercises in the South Sea on the 12th. In addition, the U.S. Navys Reagan aircraft carrier also recently sailed into the South China Sea. On October 7, a mass casualty exercise was carried out in the South China Sea. On October 12, the Reagan aircraft carrier, which had already sailed out of the South China Sea and entered the Indian Ocean, was exposed again, and suddenly turned back to the South China Sea with a rather strange track.

Previously, Wu Qian, director of the information bureau of the Ministry of national defense and spokesman of the Ministry of national defense of China, stressed that we maintain close attention and high vigilance to the movements of the US and Australian military forces. For some time, some foreign countries, such as the United States and Australia, have frequently carried out military activities in the South China Sea and strengthened their military presence. This practice is not conducive to the security and stability of the South China Sea. We are firmly opposed to this. Facts have repeatedly proved that the United States is the biggest driver of militarization in the South China Sea and a troublemaker for regional peace and stability. The Chinese peoples Liberation Army has always maintained a high level of vigilance, resolutely defended national sovereignty, security and development interests, and resolutely safeguarded regional peace, stability and prosperity.

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Drone bombing of islands and reefs in the South China Sea? Does the United States really want to use China to make October surprise?

Ready to take the price?

The format doesnt seem very good for trump.

Theres no expectation for Biden, who often forgets his words when hes old, as long as he doesnt get stun by trump on TV.

That is to say, for trump, as long as it is a big win or a small defeat, for Biden, it is a small victory as long as it is not a big defeat.

As a result, Bidens state was expected to be better. On the contrary, trump did not play his excellent eloquence and frequently interrupted Biden and the hosts speech. Finally, the host had to say, you are not arguing with me.

All in all, it was a chaotic TV debate.

Does it look like a fight among pupils

As a result, novel coronavirus pneumonia was not happy for two days. Biden made another big news in October 2nd and confirmed in social media that he had a new crown pneumonia.

Unfortunately, Biden, 78, quickly took the test. Fortunately, the result was negative. Otherwise, if the debate did not lose to trump, his body would not resist the other party.

But the timing of Trumps confirmation is so sensitive and coincidental that it is difficult not to doubt whether there is any secret.

If trump really gets a new crown and recovers successfully, he can become the capital of his boasting and defend his own disadvantage of epidemic prevention. You know, after British Prime Minister Johnson won the new crown, the support rate increased significantly.

If trump is seriously ill or even in danger of life, Im afraid he will really make a new history.

For example, expanding the conflict with China?


Bombing islands and reefs in the South China Sea?

Recently, the U.S. Air Force rarely used the MQ-9 death UAV (also known as the Reaper) to carry out a special drill in the East Pacific with the US Navy, Marine Corps and other forces.

The exercise, called agile death, began on September 3 and will end on September 29, according to the air forces website on September 24. This is the first time that the U.S. Air Force has carried out UAV Tactical Training Activities in the Pacific Ocean.

If its just a drill, theres nothing to say. What really catches the eye is the shoulder strap of this army.

Above the new epaulet is an MQ-9 Death God UAV, with a skull under its wing and a Hellfire missile on the pylon. The background is a red map of China, including Taiwan.

New shoulder badge pattern of MQ-9 Army

Im afraid there is no need to say more about the imaginary enemy of the exercise. The operational focus of MQ-9 forces has shifted from anti-terrorism in the Middle East to maritime operations in the Asia Pacific region.

On September 28, Chinas Ministry of foreign affairs responded, it is within Chinas sovereignty to deploy necessary land defense facilities on relevant islands and reefs in Nansha, which has nothing to do with militarization . The frequent use of militarization by the United States is actually an excuse to strengthen its military deployment and activities in the South China Sea and safeguard its maritime hegemony. The United States is the biggest driver of the militarization in the South China Sea

The Global Times published an editorial on September 29, mentioning a more interesting news: recently, there are also news that the US military will send MQ-9 UAVs to launch shocking and nosebleed attacks on three islands and reefs in Nansha, bombing runways and hangars.

As an upgraded version of MQ-1 predator, MQ-9 UAV is still one of the most advanced UAVs in the world.

MQ-9 has a total length of 11 meters and a wingspan of 20 meters. It can carry 1.8 tons of fuel, with an operational radius of 1852 kilometers. Without weapons, it can fly as far as 6000 kilometers and operate at a height of 7500 meters. There are six pylons, which can hold ammunition from tens to hundreds of kilograms. At most, four Hellfire missiles and two 500 pound laser guided bombs can be hung.

This configuration is very suitable for fixed-point clearing and beheading operations.

The first big news in 2020, Irans No.2 figure, Sulaimani, was killed at the Bagdad airport, which was the masterpiece of MQ-9.

The wreckage of a car blown up outside the airport in Baghdad

But advanced UAV is not equal to advanced aircraft. It is obviously impossible to replace fighter and bomber with MQ-9.

At the same time, in the face of the ground defense system, UAVs are quite fragile. If the United States wants to bomb Chinas islands and reefs by UAVs, it is not enough. Im afraid it will only be nosebleed if it reaches the limit.

But that doesnt mean we can rest assured.

On September 28, foreign ministry spokesman Hua Chunying said on social media that in the past six months, 3000 US planes and 60 warships have entered the South China Sea, which is the militarization of the South China Sea.

The US aircraft carrier has conducted many exercises in the South China Sea in 2020, and reconnaissance aircraft activities are even more common.

On September 26, the South China Sea strategic situation awareness platform sent an ep-3e and p-8a reconnaissance aircraft to the South China Sea on September 26. Among them, the ep-3e reconnaissance plane was only 47.81 nautical miles away from the coast of Guangdong Province, China

The participation of the MQ-9 UAV in the exercise is not an isolated action, but the latest action of the United States in the South China Sea.

As the US general election unfolds, such provocations will not be reduced, but are likely to escalate further.


The US general election gave birth to a unique phenomenon - October surprise.

Since the general election is held in November, there will always be a variety of explosive events in October before the election. Of course, these things dont always happen exactly in October, but the nature is the same. In order to win the presidency, both sides will deliberately plan various events to attack their opponents or increase their political capital.

One of the most commonly used means is to throw dirty water on opponents and dig up their dark history.

In the competition between Hillary Clinton and trump in 2016, just before the official election, on October 28, 2016, the FBI suddenly announced to restart the investigation of Hillary Clintons mail gate to investigate her use of private e-mail server for official communication.

In October of that year, Wikileaks controlled by Assange also released a large number of private e-mails from portista, head of Hillarys campaign.

The restart of the investigation directly in the back of Hillary Clintons heart, a solid stab.

Of course, trump has not been spared.

Before the election, the Washington Post suddenly exposed a video of 2005, when trump was on a bus chatting with the host of forward Hollywood..

In the video, trump describes to the presenter that he can take action on women, Im a celebrity, and theyll allow me to.. At the same time, trump explicitly described such moves as touching womens private parts, I can do whatever I want..

Although the video caused a lot of noise, it is clear that it did not do much harm to trump.

The Democratic Party is clearly not clear that this kind of thing may be fatal to other candidates, but Trumps supporters do not want to elect a moral saint, but candidates who represent their own interests. They like trump more than a hypocrite like Hillary Clinton.

For trump, playboy is more than a magazine

In 2000, just five days before the election, George W. Bush was suddenly exposed. In 1976, he was arrested for drunk driving, which is also a traditional program of October surprise.

My friends, the election in 2000, even the black history of 1976, has been dug out, which is too cruel.

Mark Twain has long satirized this kind of thing in running for governor..

Because he was running for governor, Mark Twain suffered a vicious attack that a face man should not bear, and finally bowed down and withdrew from the election: your faithful friend Mark Twain, who used to be a decent man, is now a perjury, a thief, a corpse thief, a drunken maniac, a cheat and a blackmail expert.

For such reports, trump still uses his own idiom: fake news!

Trump, on the other hand, will not be beaten.

Do you agree at home and fight hard abroad?

Today, the worlds death toll from the new outbreak has exceeded the 1 million mark. The UN Secretary General said, our world has reached a painful milestone

If this situation had been placed in any other country, Im afraid it would have been a disaster.

In fact, the American people are also very angry, but they came to the street in groups to protest against the death of hundreds of thousands of new patients, but a black man was killed by the police on his knees in the street. Angry citizens smashed shops in the daytime and expressed their strong dissatisfaction with social injustice through 0 yuan purchase.

The California fire that started in September turned the entire west coast of the United States into the doomsday world in the movie.

While inspecting the situation, trump dismissed the claim that climate change is causing more fires: the weather will be cool soon, you can wait and see.

I hope science will agree with you, he said Trump chuckled. Well, I dont think science understands that.

Trump, who does not care about the mess at home, is trying to accumulate political resources for himself internationally, including his tough attitude towards China.

On August 13, trump announced on twitter, todays great breakthrough! Our two good friends, Israel and the United Arab Emirates, have reached a historic peace agreement

For trump, this is, of course, a huge victory for his foreign policy. He complacently told reporters, I originally wanted to call for a trump agreement, but Im afraid your reporters will not understand.

Trump continued his efforts. On September 4, under his presidency, Serbia and Kosovo signed an agreement on economic normalization. He said, after years of violence and tragedy and years of failed negotiations, my government has proposed new ways to bridge the gap.

In terms of his (trump) achievements, I think trump is doing more than most other peace prize nominees in trying to build inter State Peace, the nominee said the day before

With the arrival of October, trump also needs a October surprise with enough weight and loud voice.

Henry Kissinger declared peace is at hand a few days before Nixons reelection

This greatly inspired the American people suffering from the Vietnam War, and directly let Nixons poll exceed 60%. Soon after Nixons re-election, he launched the largest bombing of Vietnam on Christmas day.

During the competition between Reagan and Carter in 1980, Reagan severely condemned Irans taking American hostages. The Iranian side sent a message in October that Carter will not release the hostages during his stay in the White House.

Minutes after Reagans inaugural address, Iran released 52 American hostages.

As for the connection, it depends on everyones imagination. Anyway, Congress has not found any concrete evidence to prove the connection between the two.

For trump, conflict with China in the South China Sea is also an option on the table, which also caters to the US anxiety about Chinas development. On August 24, US Defense Secretary esper published a signed article, the Pentagon is ready to fight against China..

The card is big enough, loud enough, and dangerous.

Nixon won the general election in 1972, using public disgust for the Vietnam War, but in 1964, they were shouting to clean up Vietnam.

In August 1964, the US Navy invaded the territorial waters of the Democratic Republic of Vietnam and exchanged fire with the Vietnamese Navy. Instead, it claimed that it had been provoked and attacked.

After the Beibu Gulf incident (also known as the Tokyo Bay incident), Congress and the public were filled with high patriotic clamour and revenge. According to Harris opinion poll, more than 85% of the respondents agreed with the retaliatory bombing of North Vietnam, while the respondents who supported Johnsons whole Vietnam strategy increased from 40% to 72% after the Tokyo Bay incident.

Even President Johnson could not go against this trend, and could only continue to be tough with Vietnam. Finally, the Congress passed the Tokyo Bay resolution and the Vietnam War broke out in an all-round way.

If China has the final say that Trump and the United States really want to win the election by provocation, then the level of conflict is not a nosebleed level. I am afraid that no one will have the final say.

For anyone with a normal mind, Im afraid it wont be selected.

The question before us is whether trump is a more normal president than Johnson? Is the United States a normal country now?

There is another factor that no one can control for the unexpected. With the increase of conflicts, the possibility of accidents has also increased sharply.

On September 30, 2018, the U.S. Decatur nearly collided with a Chinese Lanzhou warship within 12 nautical miles of Nanxun reef, with the nearest distance of 41 meters.

The U.S. Decatur (left) and the Lanzhou warship of PLA Navy

From a rational point of view, no one wants to believe that the United States has been crazy enough to bomb Chinas islands and reefs in the South China Sea, but the provocation and intervention of the United States in the South China Sea will certainly become more and more serious.

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