If you quarrel with your girlfriend, you must do it on the same day

 If you quarrel with your girlfriend, you must do it on the same day

In the middle, a couple in the front row quarreled.

The boy got up angrily and left the cinema with a big stride, leaving the girl to wipe her tears in situ.

I looked down at the time. It was eleven oclock in the evening.

I thought they might not make up until the next day.

I suddenly feel that this scene is sweeter than many love movies.

Because between emotion and reason, he didnt let his girlfriend cry until tomorrow.

I have heard a very gentle saying:

I will not let you spend the night with emotion;

Your so-called self-regulation is slowly away from me. I dont want you to be like this.

Many people like to calm down after a fight.

Little do not know, cant wait for good night, cant sleep long night, will damage infinite amplification.

Do not love is three cold, seven cold.

Love is three tender, seven warm;

I am willing to put down face and airs, and reconcile with you;

Also reluctant to leave you a person to think, sleepless.

There is a period about the love between HARVIN and Li Yong in the book.

Li Yong and HARVIN have made a rule that conflicts do not stay overnight;

No matter how late, no matter how big, will always say, until clear and then rest.

Anyone who has ever been in love must feel the same way

There is no such thing as tomorrow.

Todays contradictions are not solved, and I cant sleep at night;

From this quarrel, I think of many previous quarrels. The more I think, the more angry I am, the more I feel aggrieved.

The result of self-regulation is that half of the pillows are wet and the heart is cold.

My friend and my long-distance boyfriend have been quarrelling.

Two people argued over the phone for more than an hour. She angrily hung up the phone and blackmailed his wechat.

At home in the middle of the night, he suddenly appeared at her door.

After driving the night train for more than three hours, his eyes were red and he held her tightly

Youre mad at me. I cant wait for the next day.

In an instant, she was relieved, but she cried more fiercely

Ill be worried if you drive in the middle of the night.

Later, after a long time, she thought about it again and again, but still felt very warm in her heart.

Because the man was still thinking about her feelings in his anger;

At the cost of hundreds of kilometers, we are eager to solve the problem.

Its no surprise that you will be spoiled when you are sweet;

Whats rare is that the other party is emotional and willing to hug you.

To describe the depth of this feeling, I think it must be love to the bone.

There is a classic saying in the movie one sentence top ten thousand sentences:

When they are in love, they have endless words. After marriage, they have endless quarrels.

Even my parents are the same.

My mothers temper was on fire, and my father was rather stuffy;

When two people quarrel, my mother always talks and my father doesnt talk.

But no matter how angry my mother was, my father never let her stay alone

She, ah, its better to be angry than to be bored in the heart.

Later, I came to understand that my father was not indulgent to my mother;

Is it meaningful to quarrel endlessly, to fight for right and wrong?

One person has figured it out, two people are far away, is it worth it?

Zhang Zhilin, a model husband, once said that he had conflicts with Yuan Yongyi every time;

He will first ask himself, what is the result he wants? Break up? Divorce?

If not, dont blame.

For couples who have bad emotions, my suggestions are as follows:

Try to set boundaries for the quarrel.

If one of them is crying, the two will immediately stop fighting and embrace.

With a small thing, always remind yourself and each other:

Its not that I dont love you.

Even with you, there are 100 kinds of contradictions to deal with, I have never thought of changing people;

Thats what we love.

I observe those who are easy to get angry, and those who are always silent will never look back once they leave. How much is face and posture worth, compared with losing that important person? Dont let yourself regret for a lifetime.

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