Guoan Manager: will prepare for penalty shoot out, I dont want to say that the team still needs to be improved

 Guoan Manager: will prepare for penalty shoot out, I dont want to say that the team still needs to be improved

Speaking of the game, Guoan coach Bruno said: the training between the two games is mainly restorative. We mainly analyzed the gains and losses of the next game through video. Today, we will have the last training before the game.

Biera, who attended the press conference together, said: for us, the importance of tomorrows game is self-evident. We have a lot of sparks in our match with Shandong team every time. If the team wants to win the championship, this game must be won. There is no other choice for tomorrows game, that is to fight for the best and then watch the next game.

Q: the coach of Luneng Taishan team said that the back court of the national security team is weaker than the previous one. How will the manager deploy the game in the back line of defense?

Bruno: I believe we all saw what we played in the last game. Our team did a good job in the balance of attack and defense. Our front court players are very good and created a lot of scoring opportunities in the game. The players in the back field also performed well and didnt give the mobile phone meeting on the whole. Its a pity, of course, because of our own small mistakes, our opponents scored two goals. But on the whole, I think the team did a good job in the balance of attack and defense in the last game, and hope to continue this performance tomorrow.

Bruno: what is the injury situation of the team now? Are Augusto and Zhang Xizhe expected to start? How is Hou Yongyong injured?

Q: we all know that at the end of the last game, Zhang Xizhe and Augusto both played for a period of time. After that game, they have been training with the team. Every one of our players is ready to start and I will decide who will start according to the state of everyone. Unfortunately, Hou Yongyong still has some problems with his knee and needs to wait for the results of the examination.

Q: what do you think the team needs to improve in order to advance?

Bruno: Im sorry, this question was asked by Shandong TV station. I dont want to answer it. Because once you answer, maybe the opponent will come up with a way to deal with us. We analyzed the last game through video before, and I think the team still needs to do the details and break through itself. Im sorry I cant answer this question in detail.

Q: in the last two games with Luneng, Guoan has been able to level the score even after falling behind. Does this make the team show more confidence in difficult situations?

Bruno: this kind of fierce and cruel competition, starting from behind, is a great test for the team. If you can level the score or even win the game, it can really give the players great confidence. The last game proved three points. First, the players are capable, we played a very high quality game. Second, everyones mentality is very good, always did not give up when lagging behind, created a lot of scoring opportunities. In the end, it shows that we are a very united group, no matter who plays on the field, they are contributing to the team. Tomorrow, no matter who is on the court, we will play this game with a complete team, not just the 11 players on the field.

Q: is the team ready for the possibility of extra time and penalty kicks?

Bruno: were going to be ready to take a penalty, but a penalty fight is totally different from practicing penalty kicks in training. Because in the game, players have physical consumption, mental changes and on-the-spot pressure, these factors will affect the quality of penalty kicks. In my experience, some players are very stable in penalty kicks in training, but they can also fly in the game. Some players play penalty kicks very relaxed in training and cant score, but they can kick it into the game. So its going to take the players on the field to overcome it, and of course well be prepared.

Q: its up to a game to decide whether to advance or not. As a player, how do you deal with it?

Vieira: its a good question. In fact, for me and my teammates, tomorrows game is a good stage to show myself. In the last game, we were 2-0 down, we showed a strong competitive edge to level the score. This is actually a manifestation of team spirit. So I have great expectations for tomorrows game and this season, but the most important thing is to win tomorrows game.

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