After a sleepless night, the trillions of plate outlets have come, and 9 blue chip stocks have been ambushed by foreign investors

 After a sleepless night, the trillions of plate outlets have come, and 9 blue chip stocks have been ambushed by foreign investors

It is rare for Ziguang to drop slightly. The company is a leading domestic enterprise in intelligent security chips and memory chips, with a market value of nearly 7.7 billion yuan in the early market. In fact, dragged down by technology stocks, Ziguang Guoweis opening performance was very low today, and went down all the way. At about 10:00, there was a fund of more than 20 million hitting the limit. By the end of the day, there were still 18000 hand closed boards on the limit. Therefore, the purple light country micro Chong on the stock bar hot search.

As for the reasons for the limit, there are mainly the following views in the market: first, the third quarter report performance was lower than expected, but the growth rate of the third quarter report not only reached a record high in the same period of history, but also met the expectations. The argument that this is not as good as expected is also untenable; the other is that it is good to cash in and deliver capital.

Biological vaccine, network red economy industry chain rare rise in the morning

Although the overall performance of the overall market is sluggish, the performance of the two major industrial chains, which have been stagnant for a long time in the early trading today, is extremely bright. One is the vaccine industry chain, including biological vaccines and biological products; the other is the Internet red economy industry chain.

Specifically, the bio vaccine industry chain stocks such as Bohui innovation, kangxinuo-u and saisheng Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. soared one after another. According to the companys prospectus, the company has promoted a series of innovative vaccine research and development, R & D pipeline novel coronavirus (COVID-19) and other clinical vaccine varieties are needed to prevent meningitis, Ebola virus disease, pneumonia, tuberculosis and new coronavirus (COVID-19). Net red economic sector, inseg group has 34 thousand strong hands in early trading today, the company has been suspended for 2 consecutive days, and shares such as Sheng Schindler, Wanlima, and Asia International have also been surging.

In fact, the logic behind the rise of the above two major plates also has traces to follow. Tian Baoguo, deputy director of the Department of social development and science and technology of the Ministry of science and technology, said at a press conference held by the State Council on the joint prevention and control mechanism on 20 November that Chinas vaccine research and development work is generally in a leading position. There are vaccines entering the clinical stage in each technical route, among which four vaccines have entered the phase III clinical stage, including inactivated vaccine and adenovirus vector vaccine. Up to now, about 60000 subjects have been vaccinated, and no serious adverse reactions have been reported.

In addition, vaccine pricing is within the acceptable range of the public, and China biology has made preparations for large-scale production of new coronal vaccine. It is estimated that by the end of this year, the annual production capacity of Chinas new crown vaccine will reach 610 million doses, and the annual production capacity of new crown vaccine in China will be effectively expanded on this basis next year.

The most direct reason for the sharp rise in the online Red economy may be that the double 11 war has already begun this year. Although there are more than 20 days to go before the double 11, the pre-sale has been officially opened since 21. The e-commerce platform mainly composed of tmall has made a great breakthrough in the pre-sale volume of live delivery with goods compared with previous years. The Kwai sing group benefited from the double eleven + net red economy. The company mainly provided integrated marketing communication professional services to its customers, and signed the annual framework agreement with the fast hand.

The sleepless night of Li Jiaqi and Weiya

Last night, almost a quarter of the countrys small partners in the sleepless state, because the double 11 will start again. As of 1:30 a.m. on the 21st, the number of viewers in Li Jiaqis live broadcasting room was fixed at 160 million, while that of Weiyas anchor was at 130 million. In addition, many stars also participated in the live broadcast, such as Sydney, Liu Tao and Wang Feng. And Li Jiaqi live, Weiya live also rushed to Sina entertainment hot search list top 10.

On Sina Weibo, many netizens directly said that after watching Li Jiaqi live for 6 hours, I accidentally wandered into Weiyas live broadcasting room. I regret knowing these two people most in my life. Some netizens directly called for bankruptcy.

According to the rough statistics of securities times and data treasure, the price of a set of Shiseido Yuewei suit in Li Jiaqis live studio is 1240 yuan, 75000 sets, almost seconds. The sales volume of this product alone is close to 100 million yuan. In addition to other products, the total pre-sale rate of Li Jiaqi and Weiya on the first day of November 11 exceeded 10 billion.

Indoorswoman indoorsman novel coronavirus pneumonia is very popular in recent years, especially by the influence of new crown pneumonia. As the most important part of house culture, live broadcast economy may promote the future live broadcasting industry to derive different economic ecosystems is becoming the consensus of the industry. According to the statistics of Crowe Rui, with the support of e-commerce platform and long-term and short-term video platforms, the number of domestic MCN institutions will exceed 20000 in 2019. AI media consulting predicts that the number of users of Chinas online live broadcasting will reach 524 million this year, and the market size will exceed 900 billion yuan.

Nine blue chip stocks won Beishang capital position increase

According to the historical data, before the double 11 in recent years, the network red economic plate will usher in the strongest wind. Data bank statistics show that the latest closing market value of 94 online Red economic concept stocks in the A-share market totaled 1.06 trillion, and the market value of mango super media exceeded 100 billion. Since 2017, the company began to lay out network live broadcasting. At present, the number of SKUs has exceeded 20000, and the proportion of online payment has reached 95%. The unit price and ARPU value of users have continued to increase. The value of 8 stock markets, including perfect world, Antarctic e-commerce and tianxiaxiu, all exceeded 30 billion.

Of course, many companies are affected by the epidemic and their performance has declined. Wanlima, Saturday, and provincial Guangzhou Groups performance in the first three quarters were in a state of loss. Some stocks performed well. Statistics show that the performance of the first three quarters increased year-on-year, and there were only 9 Internet red economy concept stocks that have been invested by northbound capital since October. It is not difficult to find that many of these companies belong to traditional industries. The distribution of online Red economy has become a trend, and the impact on performance is also obvious.

Kunlun wanwei, 263 and beingmei have doubled their performance. Beingmei is one of the well-known infant milk powder enterprises in China. At the beginning of the year, the company said on the interactive platform that it would invest in the establishment of MCN joint venture company and actively embrace the specific measures of online Red economy. After the establishment of MCN company, beingmei will not only use webcast to sell products, but also conduct in-depth cooperation with relevant head online celebrities.

Since October (compared with the end of September), aojiahua, biyinlefen and Kunlun wanwei have taken the lead in the increase of capital positions. Among them, aojiahua has gained 2.11 percentage points of additional positions. The company focuses on the development of massage appliances. The companys brand Ogawa has launched online celebrity live broadcast on the basis of traditional promotion such as star endorsement, film and television planting, combined with Chinas younger consumption trend Light communication. Biyinlefen gained 1.49% of the total, mainly engaged in golf apparel. This year, the company also launched new retail marketing methods such as online live broadcast and small red book grass planting. (Zhang JUANJUAN, databao)

Source: Securities Times editor in charge: Yang Bin_ NF4368