Trumps pressure to investigate Bidens and his son: results must come before the election

 Trumps pressure to investigate Bidens and his son: results must come before the election

In response to the negative news about Democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden and his son hunt Biden related to Ukraine, trump said in an interview with Fox and friends on the 20th that the attorney general must act quickly.. He needs to investigate some people, its serious corruption and has to know [the results] before the election, he said

Trump has been accusing Biden of corruption without conclusive evidence for several months, the Associated Press reported on the 20th. This is the first time that trump explicitly asked Barr to investigate the Bidens and his son, and even pressed Barr on the grounds of the upcoming US election, accusing him of not delaying action..

In response, Julian Zelizer, a professor of political history at Princeton University, said that Trumps pressure on Barr had entered an unknown area of presidential politics. Zelizer said: in the final stage of the election, we saw the complete politicization of the judicial system.

The Associated Press reported that trump was trying to use all available power to gain advantage and had expressed anger at the Department of justices rejection of some of his demands. It is reported that trump had hinted at a rally in Arizona on the 19th that Biden would have been jailed if Barr was not a very good man.

At present, the U.S. Department of justice has not responded to trumps request for comment to investigate the Bidens. With the election approaching, Barr kept a low profile and rarely appeared in front of the media in order to avoid directly facing media questions about Trumps request for the Department of justice to participate more in the election, the Associated Press reported.

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visit a prostitute? Trump assistant: master a 12 minute pornographic video of Bidens son

With few days to go before the November election, this October is doomed to be less peaceful.

No, it has not been a few days since Trumps new crown has been infected, and a series of Sao operations have been discharged in a few days. Now, a report in the New York post directly paralyzed twitter to blast.

The picture is from nypost and the copyright belongs to the original author

Bidens son is exposed as mail gate

On October 14, local time, the New York Post revealed a big news: the Democratic candidate Biden may be involved in the scandal of his son, hunt Biden, and the mail gate incident may be repeated!

This is what the New York Post News says,

Bidens son, hunt Biden, joined the board of directors of burisma, a Ukrainian gas company, in 2014, earning as much as $50000 a month.

Pozharskyi (left) hunt Biden (right). The picture is from nypost. The copyright belongs to the original author

It was nothing, but unfortunately, not only did Hunter Biden not have relevant experience before, but also Biden himself, as vice president at that time, was also in charge of Ukraines regional affairs in the same year.

Its hard to say whether there is any connection between the two, but the New York Post has posted several emails.

One was an email sent to hunt Biden by vadym pozharskyi, a burisma executive, in April 2015. The former thanks Hunter Biden for arranging a meeting with his father, which read:

Dear hunter, thank you for inviting me to Washington and for giving me an opportunity to meet your father. Its a great honor.

Another letter, vadym pozharskyi, asked Hunter Biden to consider how to use his influence to help the company.

The authenticity of the contents of the e-mails is uncertain, but contrary to Bidens statement that he had nothing to do with his sons work in burisma.

The image is from Boston Globe and the copyright belongs to the original author

It is interesting that the people who broke the news to the New York post were Trumps right-hand man, former New York mayor RudyGiuliani.

He claims to have more than 11000 personal emails from Hunter Biden, as well as more than 25000 photos, including an indecent picture of him taking drugs and a 12 minute pornographic video.

He currently provides not only a complete screenshot of the mail and a partial screenshot of other emails to the New York Post, but also a number of Hunter Bidens personal photos and private messages and emails from his family.

Where did this come from?

The New York Post said it came from a computer repair shop owner

The owner claimed that in April last year, a MacBook Pro was sent to the store for repair because of water problems. Despite repeated contacts, the customer who repaired the computer never came to pay for the repair and did not take his computer away.

Although the computer has a beau Biden foundation sticker on it, the owner is not sure that Hunter Biden is the owner of the computer.

Later, the owner copied the contents and gave the computer to FBI and RobertCostello, lawyer of Trumps assistant RudyGiuliani.

Finally, the New York Post also posted a number of photos of the Bidens from the computer, labeled photos on hunter Bidens hard disk..

Facebook blocked, twitter down

The highest popularity was probably trump. Although the authenticity of the matter was doubtful, he had repeatedly tweeted Biden and scolded several feet.

The image is from twitter and the copyright belongs to the original author

On the contrary, Bidens team, which was on the disadvantaged side, canceled the campaign and refused media interviews.

However, what makes people surprised is that when this event is fermenting and causing a large-scale heated discussion, twitter and Facebook actually started to delete posts and limit the flow!

The relevant news is gone, and the new one is not allowed to be sent.

Is Biden manipulating the social platform for his own election?

In this regard, twitter and Facebook explained that they did limit the flow of relevant content, but the main reason was that they could not determine the source of the email and there were many private phone messages in the email. For the purpose of protecting information and avoiding the spread of false information, they made such a decision.

But thats not over. Trump continued to cry out for the 230 abolition and when netizens were still discussing various kinds of things.

The next day, twitter was down, and a message with a false message showed that Twitter was investigating violations of the application interface.

At the same time, tens of thousands of netizens from many countries have also found that they cant post any more, which is really a bit strange!

But soon, twitter officials explained the problem, saying it was caused by an unintended change to its internal system.

The picture is from twitter and the copyright belongs to the original author

But we immediately linked up the previous days tweet restrictions and deleted posts. This unintentional change is not because of yesterdays incident!

Of course, trump did not give up the chance.

The image is from twitter and copyright belongs to the original author

Just... I feel that with the general election going into a white hot stage, the two parties should not be finished.

President trump is very handsome. I vote for Biden. trump is half embarrassed when he laughs

President trump is very handsome. I vote for Biden.

U.S. President trump held a campaign in Miami, Florida on the 15th, local time. During the activity, a middle-aged woman praised trump you have a good smile and you smile very handsome. Trump, who was praised for his work, beamed and responded thank you..

The scene also became the focus of attention through NBC live footage, and sparked heated discussion on social media.

But this seemingly warm scene is not as happy as it seems, because although this woman is a registered Republican voter, she voted for Hillary four years ago and plans to vote for Biden this year.

The woman, Paulette Dale, is a retired teacher, according to the Miami new times. I hope trump will smile more and speak less, she said in an interview on the 16th, adding that although she is satisfied with President Trumps response to her, she will still vote for Biden.

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On the evening of the 15th, an American woman praised trump as very handsome with a smile, and asked him to say thank you with a smile on his face. However, this... (source: ~)

Trump is very aggressive and doesnt believe in science, which is something Im very worried about, Dale said. In his own words, he knows more than military experts, more than public health experts, more than anyone else. Im sure Joe Biden will listen to the experts.

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