Apples new patent exposure! MagSafe technology for vehicle charging is being studied

 Apples new patent exposure! MagSafe technology for vehicle charging is being studied

This system mainly includes a charging station with a charging plug which can be inserted into the socket on the vehicle. The plug is connected to a slide bar, which can move the plug vertically and horizontally to allow the driver to attempt to easily charge the vehicle in case of unsatisfactory parking position or vehicle height difference.

In terms of operation, the charging socket on the vehicle will have a cover. When it is close to the charging station, it can be opened by moving upward. The driver or autonomous vehicle system must attempt to position the vehicle as close to the intended end point as possible to maximize the opportunity to connect to the charging station.

Parking doesnt have to be perfect, it just needs to be within the range of charging plug connection. In order to increase the protection of the fragile charging plug, the protective plate is set above the components to deal with any serious collision. It will also help guide the plug to slide down and connect to the socket by pressing the flip of the vehicle.

To further increase the opportunity for a suitable connection, the area around the socket can also act as a funnel to guide the plug into the socket. Apple also recommends using magnets to hold the coupling. Finally, the charging plug itself will be able to pivot vertically and horizontally, changing the angle to ensure a perfect connection.

The inventor of this patent is Matthew torlockuff08 MatthewM.Torok uff09, foster Collinsuff08 FosterD.Collins uff09And William priceuff08 WilliamM.Price uff09, they submitted their application on May 18, 2020.

Electric vehicle charging has appeared several times in Apples patents. In July 2019, apple suggested in the patent application of the wireless charging alignment system that the automatic driving system can use the embedded parking space transmitter to stop the car in the ideal location of wireless charging.

In the same year, apple proposed a charging system, which consists of a small robotic device that can move on the floor under the vehicle. The device will lift the charging element close to the receiver and charge it wirelessly. (small)

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