Jay Chou speaks for Hailan house! Chairman Zeng spent 1.6 billion to build a horse farm and 8.2 billion inventory to be sold

 Jay Chou speaks for Hailan house! Chairman Zeng spent 1.6 billion to build a horse farm and 8.2 billion inventory to be sold

Source: screenshot of microblog

Source: screenshot of microblog

Many netizens said, Jay Chou spoke for me, I want to buy it, buy Zhou Jieluns same fund for my husband, trouble give me a family of Sea hills to those I love..

Last years increase in income did not increase profits

What is your first impression of Hailan house? Is it a mens closet that only goes shopping twice a year? In the latest copy, Hailan house has defined itself as a national brand holding hands with national idols.

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Coincidentally, Hailan home stock has also rebounded recently. Some netizens jokingly said, this is the power of the top stream.

In fact, from Yin Xiaotian to Lin Xinhua and then to Jay Chou, Hailan home is expressing its determination to further expand its brand influence through its iterative spokesperson. Of course, this determination comes at the cost of sales.

Wind data shows that the annual sales cost of Hailan home has increased from 186 million yuan in 2012 to 2467 million yuan in 2019. Over the same period, the revenue of Hailan home increased from 1.368 billion yuan to 21.970 billion yuan. However, from 2017 to 2019, the growth rate of sales expenses is higher than that of revenue in the same period, which may indicate that advertising has been gradually unable to carry goods.

Can Hailans home, trapped by epidemic situation, be saved by top stream Jay Chou? This still depends on the future real gold and silver (sales volume) to verify.

In the face of inventory doubts, the chairman has been furious on the spot

High inventory is the most criticized by the capital market.

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Although inventory is the pain of clothing industry, the inventory level of Hailan home is obviously high in the industry. The high inventory problem of Hailan house may be related to its asset light operation mode. According to the data, Hailan home adopts the management mode of quasi direct marketing for franchise stores. The franchisee owns the ownership of the franchise store and entrusts the internal management of the store to the company, but does not bear the risk of unsalable inventory.

Novel coronavirus pneumonia and the warm winter in two consecutive years have raised the companys stock, but thanks to the full channel marketing, the inventory problem has been controlled and solved for two years, Guoxin Securities said.

It is worth mentioning that at the shareholders meeting of Hailan house in 2019, some shareholders once questioned the inventory and business model, and Zhou Jianping, chairman of the board of directors, if you have enough level, you will become the chairman of the board, if the revenue scale does not exceed Hailan home, you are not entitled to question Hailan and no one is allowed to question Hailans inventory problem.

Up to now, Hailan home still has a leading position in male consumer groups. According to the Chinese mens wear market report released by Euromonitor International, Hailan home has been ranked first in the mens wear industry for six consecutive years with a market share of 4.7% in 2019. Kaiyuan Securities believes that the new brand layout of Hailan home is effective, and the recommendation of online digital marketing strategy is expected to increase the companys future performance.

Spend 1.6 billion to build Equestrian Club

The most famous lace of Hailans home is nothing more than the amusing story of Zhou Jianpings horse raising.

In 2010, Hailan Group invested 1.6 billion yuan to build Jiangsu Hailan International Equestrian Club, covering an area of 400 mu.

Nanfang Daily reported in 2013 that the club has the largest scale, the best facilities and the highest grade in China. Most of the horses are imported from Germany, Spain, the Netherlands and other places. All of them work for the royal family, and each horse is worth 1 million to 3 million yuan. It is reported that Zhou Jianping has nearly 400 Tibetan horses, covering more than 60 countries in the world.

Source: Hailan home microblog

In this regard, Zhou Jianping once said publicly, some people say that I am not engaged in the business of running an international equestrian club. It has nothing to do with Hailans industry. But I think that to make clothing is to be a brand, and we must integrate a lot of culture. Strengthening horse culture is an important measure for the strategic transformation of the group.

We use equestrian as a platform to make friends with the world. International exchange, mainly with friends in business, business communication in business Zhou Jianping said frankly.

Source: Yang Qian, editor in charge of China Securities Journal_ NF4425