The company asks parents to help start a second business

 The company asks parents to help start a second business

Seven months later, parents of Yousheng educations Beijing Campus came, but they suddenly closed the school.

Behind the parents loss of trust in Yousheng education, Beijing Yousheng brilliant Education Technology Co., Ltd. changed its legal representative on October 14. Chen Hao, the founder of the company, withdrew and Tang FangQiong took over. In addition, qixinbao shows that since this year, Chen Hao has registered a series of related companies of another brand niushilai.

Is the companys capital chain really broken? How to solve the parents demand for refund? On October 19, the companys Beijing headquarters no longer see office staff, leaving only a pile of messy furniture. Can the winning education give the answer?

Photo source: by reporter song Kejia

Tang Ling (not her real name) doesnt know how many times she has come to SOHO on Guanghua Road to find Yousheng education refund.

In December last year, Tang Ling paid more than 30000 yuan in advance for her kindergarten children to sign up for the comprehensive literacy course which started in September this year. This is to see the teachers teaching ability and pay in advance, but did not expect to start her hard refund trip. The school started in September, but it didnt open, so I kept asking whether it could be opened. Until the end of August, when it was nearly September, I told me that the registered campus could not resume classes and asked me to go to another campus, but that campus was too far away. The child was so small that I didnt agree, so I began to negotiate a refund.

In order to refund the money, Tang Ling communicated with Yousheng education many times and went to the Beijing headquarters of Yousheng education for consultation. To be honest, Im so tired that I sit here all day without eating or drinking or going to the bathroom. After many times of recovery, Tang Ling has only received a refund of more than 10000 yuan. (once) I waited here all day. At about 6:00 p.m., he came from their new company, Niu Shi, and called me the money, which was more than that time. Tang Ling said.

Different from Tang Ling, many parents who came to the scene on the 19th were not aware of the current situation of superior education.

Many parents were suddenly informed that the school was shut down, the teacher was dismissed, the connection to the class can not be on, before realizing the success of education. The children were on line for class on Saturday, and suddenly they told us that they couldnt take classes. Later, the class teacher sent us the information about the school shutdown, and asked us to come to the headquarters today. Someone received us to refund the fee. But we came early and nobody was there. A parent who paid nearly 40000 yuan of tuition fees told the daily economic news reporter.

In another office of Yousheng Education headquarters, the desks and chairs in the office are disorderly placed, the door is closed, and the office is empty

Photo source: by reporter song Kejia

According to the official website of Yousheng education, Yousheng Education Personality science is mainly for primary and high school students aged from 6 to 18 years old. Parents say that this is mainly one-on-one teaching, and the charge for one class is about 300 yuan. Many parents paid tens of thousands of yuan at a time, the more money we pay, the greater the discount. We still recognize the teaching effect of teachers. We also think that there is no problem with such a big brand, so we invested so much money. Some parents told reporters.

There are also dissatisfaction with some teachers in excelsior educations Beijing campus. Like their parents, they have had an emergency. Li Hua (not his real name), who just joined in July, told reporters that since his entry into the job, only July has been paid his salary, and other months have been overdue. He originally said that the salary would be paid together on October 15, but the news that the school was closed finally came.

At the scene on the 19th, some employees of Yousheng education were registering the situation of wage arrears. The reporter saw that on the statistical table of several pages of wage arrears information printed out, many employees were in arrears for half a years wages, and some of them were as much as 60000 yuan.

Li Hua said that he was crazy in arranging classes for a period of time after his entry into the job. The most common day was 14 class hours, from 7:30 to 10:00 p.m. if parents were charged 300 yuan for a class hour, the teacher might only be given 60-70 yuan, and some classes could not be so much.

At present, Li Hua and his colleagues intend to solve the problem by arbitration. Talking about the future, Li Hua said that they still look for a job first, and then protect their rights.

Solving the problem of capital chain fracture: let parents help second venture

As a matter of fact, as early as February this year, there was a case of wage arrears in superior education. Wang Yang (pseudonym), a part-time teacher in Tianjin campus of Yousheng education, told reporters at that time that his salary at the beginning of the year was in arrears. However, after more than a month, Wang Yang is still claiming wages through arbitration and other legal means. Wang Yang told reporters that his former campus was a franchisee of excelsior education, and the franchisee has been independent.

However, after seven months, Huang Siyu, the representative of excelsior education, made it clear at the scene in Beijing that the capital chain was broken and no more money could be provided to solve the problems of the companys arrears of wages and parents request for refund. This time, in the face of the closure of Beijings directly operated campuses, the solution to the crisis put forward by Yousheng education is secondary entrepreneurship. Huang Siyu said that at present, she is mainly responsible for the comprehensive literacy division. In the process of communication, she told the parents who asked for a refund that if we let the left behind teachers continue to teach for the children here, we need parents to give these teachers an extra part of the class fee, including the management cost, but it may be very low, maybe 80 to 150 yuan per hour. In addition, Huang Siyu said that superior education could set up a parent committee to let parents monitor the money and ensure that it was given to teachers.

Parents do not accept the second venture solution, and ask superior education Huang Siyu (left) to contact the company for other solutions

Photo source: by reporter song Kejia

But in the face of the Beijing headquarters of superior education, which was empty on the morning of the 19th, parents did not buy the solution. The reporter asked SOHO property of Guanghua Road about the moving time of Yousheng education. The property side said: there were people working last month, but not this month. When asked whether Yousheng Education officially withdrew the lease, the property said: his family (Yousheng Education) is directly rented from the small owners, which has nothing to do with our property. They didnt formally withdraw the rent, but they switched to the online, and now there is no one on the scene.

Superior education on the way to capital: is epidemic situation the culprit?

During the epidemic period, when our costs did not decrease, our income dropped sharply, so after we persisted for nine months, the capital chain was completely cut off. We could not afford more money to pay teachers and solve the problem of refund to our parents, the representative of superior education said

Chen Hao, founder of Yousheng education, said in a video link with parents representatives from various campuses at the scene that, due to the impact of the epidemic, the revenue of Beijing Yousheng education is only one fourth of that in the past. He claimed that the company had carried too many special situations during the epidemic. We have a lot of franchisees, and the franchisees will throw away the pot. After that, we are afraid that the brand will collapse and the employees will not have food. As of today, we have received as many as 80 campuses directly. We do not have so much capital, but we have to solve so many employees, which is why this situation is created. Chen Hao said in the video link that he hoped his parents would give him some time, and said that Yousheng education would not run away, and Chen Hao would not run away.

However, many parents said that the pot is not in the epidemic situation, and that I have paid more than 20000 yuan during the epidemic period. Some parents said. A parent who paid in September last year also said that he had paid 80000 yuan in advance, but only more than 10000 yuan of class hours were consumed. Where is our money? Parents are puzzled.

Superior education is divided into direct operation and franchise operation, which brings many disputes to superior education. Maybe the mode itself has its weakness in education. In terms of human management, the franchise mode like Yousheng, in fact, is not completely one-sided. Maybe the franchise stores think that I dont want to carry this matter, and I dont pay the franchise fee. I quit. It doesnt matter if you bring down a store like this, but the reputation of the whole industry will be damaged. The industry insiders who are close to winning education have pointed out to the reporter of the daily economic news (micro signal: nbdnews) that the founders should think about how to solve the internal conflict of interest or motivation in the business model of joining in the teaching and training industry.

It is worth noting that, in spite of the continuous disturbances such as wage arrears, layoffs, campus closures and suspected road running, since the end of last year, Chen Hao, founder of Yousheng education, has registered a number of new companies, including Tianjin niushilai Education Technology Co., Ltd., Tianjin Hisense Technology Co., Ltd., Taizhou youshengniushilai Culture Communication Co., Ltd., and Tianjin Youwen Information Technology Co., Ltd The registered capital of some new companies ranges from 1 million yuan to 30 million yuan respectively, and their operation status is normal.

The reporter searched a website named Niu Shilai. The page showed that Niu came to teach live online. However, the company name at the bottom of the home page of the website was Beijing niushilai Technology Co., Ltd. the reporter did not find any information about the company in the national enterprise credit inquiry system.

In addition, since May this year, winning education has been rumored to be on the market. The listed company * ST Jinzhou (000587, SZ) announced on May 26, 2020 that it plans to acquire 100% equity of Beijing youshengtengfei Information Technology Co., Ltd., the main operating body of Yousheng education, with consideration no more than 500 million yuan. According to the announcement, the after tax net profit of youshengtengfei from 2017 to 2019 is 38.6412 million yuan, 59.19 92 million yuan and 53.3952 million yuan respectively. The net assets of the same period were - 106 million yuan, - 47.03 million yuan and 6.37 million yuan respectively.

At the same time, the announcement also disclosed the performance commitment to gambling and the commitment of winning and taking off. The net profits from 2020 to 2024 will be 20 million yuan, 70 million yuan, 100 million yuan, 140 million yuan and 170 million yuan respectively, with a total net profit of about 500 million yuan. It is worth noting that the announcement shows that on the basis of full consideration of the new epidemic situation and the impact of macro policies, the committed performance in 2020 will drop to 20 million yuan.

On October 20, the reporter called * ST Jinzhou to inquire about the current progress of the acquisition of Yousheng Tengfei. According to * ST Jinzhou, the news about Yousheng education was noted, but the relevant information was subject to the announcement on Source: Daily Economic News Author: Song Kejia, editor in charge: Wang Xiaowu_ NF

On October 20, the reporter called * ST Jinzhou to inquire about the current progress of the acquisition of Yousheng Tengfei. According to * ST Jinzhou, the news about Yousheng education was noted, but the relevant information was subject to the announcement on