In the next two weeks, there will be no words and deep feelings. The old love will return and move on

 In the next two weeks, there will be no words and deep feelings. The old love will return and move on

All of Libras inner firmness comes from the belief that they have made the right choice. Libra is not a person who likes to discuss right and wrong. They pursue the life state of future without listening to the things outside the window. However, this does not mean that Libra is a person who cant tell right from wrong. They still hope that everything can develop according to the original logic and order. They want everything to be on a regular basis for the next two weeks, with no words left, Libras affections still there, old love returning, touching hearts, and continuing the front line.


Virgo is never a perfidious person. They always keep their promise and pay special attention to the agreement. Virgo always has a principle, they never allow others to trample on their bottom line. In the process of getting along with others, Virgo habitually uses his own standard to ask others, so many people feel that Virgo is inhuman. Although Virgo also has its own small sloppy, small habits, but they are very difficult to allow others in his scope to cause trouble. Virgo may not ask others to transform each other, but simply hope that their relationship can be harmonious enough.

Especially in love, Virgo always places all his hopes on the lover, hoping that the lover can deal with the relationship between two people according to their inner thoughts. This kind of love seems very intimate, but there are hidden crises everywhere, because everyones patience is limited. When two people separate, Virgo will realize that what they really want is the other person. In the next two weeks, the flowers fall silent and the affection is still there. Virgos old love will return and move on.


Pisces is a person who is afraid of being alone. They cant stand the long time of being alone. Especially when they are injured, Pisces hopes to meet a warm person to comfort themselves. Pisces regard love as the most important pillar in life. They hope their love can be as beautiful as fairy tales, but love is hard to avoid setbacks. In the next two weeks, the flowers will fall silent and the deep feelings will still be there. The old love will return to move Pisces heart and continue the front line.