Xi Jinpings 2020 / September: full schedule of internal affairs and diplomacy

 Xi Jinpings 2020 / September: full schedule of internal affairs and diplomacy

Village branch secretaries, rural teachers, poverty alleviation cadres, migrant workers, Grain Growers, truck drivers, express boys, restaurant owners, legal workers Thirty grassroots representatives gathered in the hall, and 10 representatives spoke successively. Xi Jinping communicated with every speaker.

At the forum, Xi Jinping asked the parties concerned to seriously study and fully absorb these views and suggestions. Faced with the difficulties of blocking the grassroots, Xi Jinping attached great importance to the study and made efforts to solve them. He stressed that we should keep our eyes down and unify the top-level design with the people.

The Fifth Plenary Session of the 19th CPC Central Committee will be held in October to focus on the 14th five year plan for national economic and social development and the long-term goal for 2035.

On the eve of the conference, Xi Jinping answered the importance of asking for the people with practice.

Not long ago, the 14th five year plan was prepared through the Internet to seek advice and suggestions from the whole society, which was the first time in the five-year planning history of China. The social response of the event was warm, and more than 1.18 million Internet users suggestions were received in total.

Xi Jinping made important instructions on the online opinion solicitation activities. He stressed that the opinions and suggestions put forward by the broad masses of the people are extensive and specific, and fully express their new expectations for a better life. The peoples yearning for a better life is our goal, and the peoples confidence and support are the strength of our countrys progress.

How to meet new challenges

In September, Xi Jinping attended the two flower basket ceremony to commemorate the victory of the Chinese peoples war of resistance against Japan and the worlds anti fascist war, 75th anniversary to the martyrs of the Anti Japanese War, the flower basket ceremony, the martyrs memorial day, and the dedication of the flower basket ceremony to the peoples heroes.

Two flower basket ceremony, one at the beginning of the month and the other at the end of the month, is of great significance. This is a deep remembrance in the name of the country and a supreme tribute to the revolutionary heroes.

Chinese Chinese peoples hardships and dangers were great importance. In September 3rd, Xi Jinping stressed the great spirit of the war of resistance against Japan in the 75th Anniversary Symposium Commemorating the Chinese peoples war of resistance against Japan and the worlds anti fascist war.

Novel coronavirus pneumonia surge high and sweep forward the novel coronavirus pneumonia since. The Central Committee of the Communist Party, which is centered around Comrade Xi Jinping, has been united in leading the people of all nationalities in the country to carry out the grand war of resistance against the epidemic, the general war and the blocking war, and achieved major strategic achievements in fighting the new crown pneumonia epidemic situation. In September 8th, novel coronavirus pneumonia was recognized by Xi Jinping in the national commendation conference to fight against the new crown pneumonia. He pointed out that the great anti epidemic spirit, which is the inheritance and development of patriotism, collectivism and socialist spirit, is a vivid interpretation of the Chinese spirit and enriches the connotation of the national spirit and the spirit of the times.

In a special year, when the 14th five year plan is about to start and the new journey of the second century is about to start, China is facing new situations, new tasks and new challenges. At the critical moment, Xi Jinping emphasized the precious spiritual wealth of the Chinese nation many times:

On September 4, a congratulatory letter to the Sixth General Assembly of China Yanan Spirit Research Association -- Yanan is the holy land of Chinese revolution, and the Yanan spirit cultivated by the older generation of revolutionaries and Communists during the Yanan period is the precious spiritual wealth of our party;


What position does China adhere to in the face of a changing world

Novel coronavirus pneumonia epidemic situation and global change in the past hundred years have not been changed, but the theme of peace and development has not changed. The expectations of people of all countries for peaceful development, cooperation and win-win situation are stronger.

In September, Xi Jinping attended the 75th anniversary important Commemorative Summit of the UN, the seventy-fifth general debate of the general assembly and the biodiversity summit, and made a clear judgement on the trend of the times. Once again, he declared the firm stand of Chinas adhering to the road of multilateralism and aroused widespread resonance.

As the first country to sign the UN Charter, China is a firm supporter of multilateralism. There are many and large world problems and global challenges are rising day by day, which should and can only be solved through dialogue and cooperation. In September 21st, at the 75th Anniversary Commemorative Summit of the United Nations, Xi Jinping once again appealed for international affairs to be discussed.

It is also Chinas deep thinking on seeking common ground while reserving differences and mutually beneficial cooperation. In the UNs cloud gathering and the telephone diplomacy in September, Xi Jinping has repeatedly stressed the importance of establishing a sense of community of fate and establishing the concept of big family and win-win cooperation.

We should transcend the boundaries of the state, nation, culture and ideology, stand at the height of all mankind, promote the construction of a community of shared destiny for mankind, and jointly build the earth homeland on which we depend for survival. In September 23rd, Xi Jinping met with UN Secretary General Guterres by video.

5 years ago, President Xi Jinping put forward the general path of five in one in the general debate on the seventieth session of the UN General Assembly, and 3 years ago, Xi Jinping further put forward the overall layout of the five world in his speech at the headquarters of the UN in Geneva. At this years General Assembly conference, Xi Jinping combined with the reflection of the international community on the epidemic situation, and put forward the important four points of inspiration.

At the critical moment of the superposition of the hundred years and the epidemic, Xi Jinping stressed at the 75th Anniversary Commemorative Summit of the UN, the world is standing on a new historical starting point. Let us renew our firm commitment to multilateralism, promote the construction of a community with a shared future for mankind, and achieve greater unity and progress under the flag of the United Nations!