A world-class apple variety released successfully!

 A world-class apple variety released successfully!

At 8:00 a.m., Qian Yonghua, vice president of Northwest A & F University, delivered a speech at the launching ceremony of Baishui Apple experimental demonstration station of Northwest A & F University. He said that Shaanxi apple varieties are diverse, good quality, good reputation, can not do without the support of all people. He said, I hope that through this activity, we can go more, see more and learn more, and make concerted efforts to promote ruixianghong varieties, go out of Baishui and Shaanxi.

Then, Qian Yonghua, vice president of northwest agricultural and Forestry University of science and technology, Ji Feng, director of Rural Department of Shaanxi Provincial Department of science and technology, Zhou Zhixiao, deputy director of Shaanxi fruit industry center, Baijin you, executive vice president of Shaanxi fruit industry association, Su Xinhui of Weinan fruit industry development center, Liu Zhen, director of mumeituli enterprise group, and other leading guests ceremoniously unveiled ruixianghong.

Leaders show off their glory

During the observation and appreciation of Apple experimental station, we compared and tasted Ruixiang red and Fuji from the experimental station. We praised the unique flavor of Ruixiang red fruit with crisp flesh, rich flavor, high fruit shape and gorgeous color.

At the same time, the friends who attended the meeting also received ruixianghong and Fuji apple cultivated by the experimental station carefully prepared by the conference affairs group.

During this period, Professor Zhao Zhengyang also took you to visit the dominant fruit trees, such as Ms. pink, Fuji, Ruiyang, Ruixue, etc., and explained the orchard management of various fruit trees, the main types of apple diseases, etc.

Professor Zhao

At 10:00 a.m., ruixianghong press conference was held in the multifunctional hall of Baishui County Peoples government.

Meeting site

At the meeting, Lei Jiangsheng, Secretary of Baishui County CPC Committee, delivered a welcome speech to the meeting. Lei said the successful cultivation of Ruixiang red apple is of great significance to the development of Baishui apple industry. At the same time, all the guests, leaders, experts, teachers and fruit growers are welcome and thank you.

Subsequently, Ji Feng, director of the Rural Department of Shaanxi Provincial Science and Technology Department, addressed the meeting. Director Ji said that Shaanxi apple plays an important role in Chinas apple industry, and the prosperity of the industry has brought huge benefits to fruit farmers. The successful cultivation of ruixianghong, an apple variety with great market potential and advantages, is the result of the joint efforts of a number of senior expert teams. Here, he paid high respect to the team of Mr. Zhao Zhengyang.

At the meeting, Professor Zhao Zhengyang shared and exchanged the variety characteristics, cultivation technology and research process of ruixianghong. Professor Zhao introduced the cultivation process and characteristics and advantages of ruixianghong in detail. I hope that in the future ruixianghong will not only go out of Shaanxi, but also spread all over China, he said


Xiao Baoxiang, Li Bingzhi, Cao Ru and Zhang zongkun spoke as expert representatives. They explained the management technology of ruixianghong and its advantages compared with other apple varieties. They emphasized the advantages of ruixianghong in storage tolerance, high yield, high quality rate of fruit and no bagging.

Pan Yong, Mo Qin and Li quanhao, representatives of fruit merchants, analyzed the reasons why ruixianghong could be based on the market and attract consumers from the perspective of consumers. The cultivation of ruixianghong brings hope for the development of apple industry and believes that ruixianghong can replace Fuji to bring more benefits to fruit farmers.

At the end of the meeting, everyone took ruixianghong for a group photo with Professor Zhao to pay tribute to Professor Zhao himself and his team, as well as praise Shaanxi and Chinas good apples. Source: editor in charge of mass news: Chen Tiqiang_ NB6485

At the end of the meeting, everyone took ruixianghong for a group photo with Professor Zhao to pay tribute to Professor Zhao himself and his team, as well as praise Shaanxi and Chinas good apples.