Love in one day! Eating meat and soup can also reduce fat health? This kitchen is a treasure

 Love in one day! Eating meat and soup can also reduce fat health? This kitchen is a treasure

Now, when I come home from work every day, I love to stay in the kitchen and study all kinds of delicious food and soup. Not only can my family follow me to eat more healthily, but also I can save a lot of money!

Heartbeat babies, here is a super complete grass notes, please take good oh.

First of all, of course, this low-fat electric pressure cooker is the first fat removal technology!

Our Chinese food culture is extensive and profound, and the Chinese thick soup cooked can be said to be a delicious one. And 99% of people dont know that the fat in the soup is excessive. If the oil is not targeted, nutrient soup, which represents health, may affect health, causing gout, obesity, hyperlipidemia and a series of health problems. Especially in todays three high patients with accelerated increase and showing a trend of younger age, disease from the mouth, to health, more from eating. From the beginning of eating, we should attach great importance to the small matter of drinking soup.

Mideas low-fat electric pressure cooker is equipped with a fat removing kettle with 66 small holes, which can effectively remove 92.3% of the fat in the soup and greatly reduce the greasiness. Cumulative use of 1 month, you can drink about a barrel of oil. In addition, the excluded lipids will be isolated in the fat removing kettle, and the lipid removing effect can be clearly seen with the naked eye.

2. My own soup is also very delicious! I no longer rely on takeout

Can eat or not do. The food for a bowl of soup tangled, not only afraid of drinking will fat, but also a natural fear of cooking, afraid of not careful will roll over.. So, I always use a takeaway to kill my stomach, thinking of filling my stomach first.

Mideas low-fat electric pressure cooker is a good solution to this problem. It is heated by 300w-1500w constant uniform fire to simulate the ancient cooking method. It boils nutrition with high heat, and tastes delicious with small fire. The soup is repeatedly extruded 44 times from 66 small holes on the fat removing kettle, which effectively disperses the solid substances in the soup, further releases the nutrition of food materials, and generates more aroma substances, which improves the aroma substances in the soup by 13.2%.

With this artifact, you can easily cook a bowl of fragrant soup, and you dont have to rely on takeout to save it.

3. Cooking, stewing, stewing, all kinds of functions are complete, you can make a table of dishes in a pot with it

You cant just cook soup, but can you play in other aspects? Of course, the answer is yes!

Especially love to eat, love to cook friends all know, usually in order to make a table delicious, can buy all kinds of electrical appliances. This trip, not to mention burning money, the original small kitchen can be full, not only need time to clean up, cleaning is also a big problem.

Now with this low-fat electric pressure cooker, you can make a table of dishes in one pot. It has many functions such as steaming, boiling and stewing. At the same time, it has four health cooking solutions: coarse grain rice, coarse grain porridge, nutritional steaming and anhydrous baking. One click open, convenient control, all cooking scenes can be handled in one pot, which perfectly meets the pain point of small living area and limited kitchen space of urban people. With only one product, all cooking scene needs can be met.

4. Baidaoyun recipe is one-time broadcast, which is specially used for the treatment of selection difficulties and hand disabled party

For many patients with choice difficulties, what to eat today is the biggest problem they face in a day. And deciding what to eat and whether to do it is another problem. Midea low-fat electric pressure cooker and Midea Meiju app are connected intelligently. The app has built-in massive video recipe tutorials and disassembled cooking program guidance for famous chefs. From then on, the variety of food is not the same every day. Do you tremble, Eaters!

During operation, you can click eat what you see in Meiju app to take photos to identify ingredients and obtain nutrition information and recipe recommendation. Meiju app also provides different delicious collections. You can browse quickly according to your own needs, add recipes to the vegetable basket function, and automatically merge ingredients for easy purchase. Teaching, APP step-by-step cooking teaching, preset chef cooking program, teach you step-by-step cooking. When your hands are full of oil or in a hurry, you can control the cooking in a sentence, and the built-in voice system Xiaomei will broadcast the news for you through voice, without looking at the mobile phone.

With it, a bowl of soup and several good Kwai dishes are really quick and delicious. All the family friends who have been busy for a whole day have been cured. Want to start as soon as possible, oh, has always been cool!