The hitter is an agent!

 The hitter is an agent!

Wu zhaoxies visit to the Legislative Yuan on the 20th

Taiwans China Times said on the 20th that Taiwan and Fiji have never had diplomatic relations, relying on agricultural technology teams and economic and trade friendship. The mainland and Fiji have established diplomatic relations since November 1975. Last year, at the request of Fiji, the business delegation of the Republic of China in Fiji was renamed Taipei business office in Fiji. It is understood that there are three people in the office, representing only two under Li Qianyi. Many of the daily activities organized are related to agriculture and rural areas. For example, the Taiwan technical group in Fiji held the basic Workshop on vegetable and fruit planting at the end of July this year. In September, he visited a village in Fiji and donated money to help purchase toilet equipment and building materials for the construction of the activity center. As for the double ten Festival reception, it is held every year.

Located in the South Pacific with a population of more than 800000, Fiji is a more developed island country in the Pacific Ocean and has stable relations with Beijing for decades, Hong Kongs Star Island daily said on the 20th. After Tsai ing ing Wen took office, cross-strait relations deteriorated. Last year alone, Solomon Islands, Kiribati and other countries in the South Pacific broke off diplomatic relations with Taiwan and established diplomatic relations with Beijing instead. On October 2, a few days before the cross-strait personnel conflict, Chinese ambassador to Fiji Qian Bo held a reception at his official residence for the 71st anniversary of the founding of the peoples Republic of China. The president, Prime Minister and speaker of the parliament of Fiji were all invited to attend. The Prime Minister of Fiji expressed his gratitude to the Chinese government for providing assistance to the Philippine side in fighting the epidemic, stressing that the Fijian side is willing to consolidate its traditional friendship with China. During the dinner, young diplomats of the embassy dressed in traditional Fijian costumes and sang my motherland and me and Fijian folk songs.

The Democratic Progressive Party (DPP) gave up the diplomatic truce after it came to power again in 2016, Hong Kongs China Review Service said on the 20th. So far, Taiwan has lost seven diplomatic countries and has been rejected by the WHO and other international organizations. According to the article, Taiwans foreign relations mainly rely on the support of the United States, but the United States is not omnipotent. Looking forward to the future, Taiwan has no chance of winning in the cross-strait diplomatic war. The endless diplomatic war not only consumes money, but also worsens cross-strait relations, resulting in more opposition between the two sides of the Strait. How long will it last? Will Taiwan continue to fight? According to the star island daily, with Tsai ing ing Wen, who advocates Taiwan independence, to pursue progressive Taiwan independence after taking office, and to make a high-profile declaration of resisting China and protecting Taiwan and acting as a pawn of the United States in containing the mainland, Beijing has begun to clean up its roots. International politics pays attention to strength. Most countries in the world follow the one China principle, Taiwan independence will not work! Chen Shui Bian once said, if you cant do it, you cant do it. its also unreliable to expect the United States to protect.. The article said that the strength of the two sides of the Strait is so far apart that Tsai ing Wens authorities should give up relying on the United States for independence and return to the statement that both sides of the Strait are not two countries, so as to maintain cross-strait peace.

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Officials in front of Taiwan said they had never been so anxious: the loss of Taiwan must be the biggest in the event of war

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Taiwan officials say they have never been so anxious: as long as there is a war, Taiwan will lose the most

Cai Desheng, former head of the Security Department of the Taiwan authorities, said on the 17th that he had worked in the Security Department of the Taiwan authorities for 35 years and had never been so anxious as now. He also said that Tsai ing Wens authorities are now following the line of confrontation between the two sides of the Strait, which is not good for Taiwan. Now, as long as there is a war, it is impossible for us to fight against the mainland. It must be the mainland that is fighting us, so the battlefield must be in Taiwan. As long as the battlefield is in Taiwan, no matter which battle is fought, Taiwan will surely suffer the greatest loss. .

The backstage media of Fijian beating incident admitted: we have a secret

Recently, the Taiwan authorities have staged a trick of the thief shouts to catch the thief.

On October 19, Fijian media reported that the local police received a report from the Chinese Embassy in Fiji that the staff of the embassy were attacked and the attacker was from Taiwan.

On the same day, the islands media reports showed a different scene: the public opinion hyped the diplomats of the Chinese Embassy in Fiji to hard break the so-called Taiwan Representative Office in Fiji activity site, and started to beat people, causing injuries to Taiwan personnel.

It did not let the rumors made by the Taiwan media spread for too long. The statement issued by the Chinese Embassy in Fiji on the afternoon of the 19th quickly restored the original situation.

The statement pointed out: the fact is that the Taipei business office in Fiji openly held the so-called Double Tenth National Day in public on October 8. These actions not only seriously violate the one China principle, but also violate the relevant regulations of the Fijian government on the activities of Taiwan institutions. Taiwans move is intended to create a situation of two Chinas or one China, one Taiwan internationally. On that night, Taiwan officials launched verbal provocation and physical conflict against Chinese embassy staff who were performing their official duties in the public area of the same hotel, resulting in physical injury and material damage to a Chinese diplomat. The Chinese Embassy in Fiji has expressed its serious concern to the Fijian side over the above incident and asked the Fijian police to conduct a thorough investigation into the incident and to hold Taiwan personnel accountable according to law.

Wu zhaoxie (photo source: Zhongshi News Network)

However, the DPP authorities are obviously not willing to face the truth. Wu zhaoxie, head of Taiwans foreign affairs department, was still clamoring in an interview with Taiwan media this morning (20th), saying that Taiwan had submitted evidence to the Fijian police to seek justice for diplomats.

Foreign Ministry spokesman Zhao Lijian said on the 19th that Taiwan does not have any so-called diplomats in Fiji. The Fijian government has long adhered to the correct position of the one China principle, and in 2019 ordered Taiwans business institutions in Fiji not to use the false name of Taiwan and not to engage in one China, one Taiwan or two Chinas on the territory of Fiji.

Therefore, Wu zhaoxies attitude in front of the media is more like a self Hi performance.

Taiwan media also have doubts about this. Taiwans United Daily News website pointed out that the Fijian police only received a report from the Chinese embassy. If it was not reported by foreign media, the people on the island might not have known about it. What are the DPP authorities worried about?

We have a secret to hide -- the United Daily concluded.

First cover up, then the thief yelled to catch the thief, the DPP authorities showed the ruthlessness, and Wu zhaoxies performance after the exposure of the incident was also ridiculed by some netizens in the island.

At that time, Taiwanese fishermen were very angry and said, can Japanese bully us at will? They appealed to the Taiwan authorities to speak up. However, the Taiwan authorities did not immediately protest, and the response of some officials was also regarded as soft lying. When someone questioned Wu zhaoxies cringe attitude towards Japan, Wu only said, Im not afraid. Please use a better adjective.

In contrast, the two faces of Taiwans foreign affairs department are also highlighted. Many netizens also took the opportunity of Wu zhaoxies tough mouth to bring up the old story again, hoping that he might as well seek justice for Taiwans fishermen.

Yes, its not fair to ask for justice. On the contrary, they only know to stir up trouble against the mainland. This trick of the Taiwan authorities cant deceive people. (by Tang Lixin)

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