Xujiayu: to make great efforts to increase strength, to measure a mirror

 Xujiayu: to make great efforts to increase strength, to measure a mirror

Xu Jiayu won the 100m backstroke final in 52.60 seconds. In the preliminaries on the night before the final, he swam in 52.37 seconds, 0.06 seconds faster than his record at last years Guangzhou swimming world championships. Before that, he had already won the 200m backstroke champion. Especially in the final of the 200m backstroke in the morning, Xu Jiayu swam 1:55.26. To be able to swim in the morning such a good result, Xu Jiayu is very satisfied: this time can swim such a result is not easy, I am very satisfied. For a period of time, the improvement of physical fitness has supported me to play better in the sprint stage of swimming competition. I put my special focus and willpower on physical training, and made sure that physical training and special training are equally important. Although its hard to practice physical fitness, I will try my best to get good results in the physical fitness test. I want to continue to do bad complement can short board, strengthen special training, strive to create better results

In the physical fitness test before the race, Xu Jiayu scored 47 points (out of 50 points), ranking second among the top 16 athletes in the 200m backstroke preliminaries. As for the benefits brought by physical training, Xu Jiayu had a deep understanding: in fact, I began to focus on strength growth at the end of 2018. Before, I was only 77 kg, which was still very thin. I was a skilled athlete. Compared with European and American players in terms of body size, I was seriously attacked by eating waves in the final. Since that years winter training, I have made unimaginable efforts to increase my strength.

Since this spring, he has been exposed to more and more fresh physical training methods, such as 4D core training, plate physical training and so on. Xu Jiayu confessed that at first he resisted because he failed to get the ideal score in the test: but if you dont try, how can you know if you can do well? Especially the core strength, for swimming is too important! The difficulty is that the core strength is very difficult to involve in our special training, we must break through in the environment of resisting gravity. 4D core strength training has given us a higher upper limit, aiming at special breakthroughs in weak links. Performing specific technical moves in normal gravity also helped me to re understand how important core strength is to maintain body position in the water. Plate physical training is the most effective way to supplement the short board of muscle endurance and temper the will quality in swimming. Im afraid of running 3000 meters. Ive vomited and Ive been injured in the test, but we cant make excuses for poor performance In order to better complete the 3000 meter race, Xu Jiayu began to reduce body fat. At present, his body fat rate has reached 9%, and his small goal in the next stage is to control the body fat rate at about 7.5%. Xu Jiayu has gained new achievements through the short board of complement energy.

Physical fitness tests are like a mirror for athletes. Indicators and figures will expose the short board and help us find and solve problems, Xu said (from the 06 edition of China sports daily on October 20)

Source: responsible editor of China Sports Daily: Wang Chengcheng_ NB12651