IPhone 12 blue version looks like a rollover: is this still the blue in your heart?

 IPhone 12 blue version looks like a rollover: is this still the blue in your heart?

As we all know, blue is a new color of this years iPhone 12 series, which has been widely favored by the outside world, and has been predicted to be the main color of the iPhone 12. Then, with the official opening of the iPhone 12 series, the relevant real photos began to flow out. However, the highly anticipated color scheme seems to have overturned. The photos from the Internet show that the blue color of the real machine is obviously not so high-level, and even looks very close to the color of cheap plastic, which makes the users hesitant to start with.

Of course, regardless of the color, the iPhone 12 series is still popular. Among them, the iPhone 12 uses super ceramic crystal panel, glass back plate and aluminum frame, carries 5nma144ionic processor, is equipped with 4GB memory, and has 12 million wide-angle + 12 million ultra wide angle dual camera, supporting 2x optical zoom, 5x digital zoom and OIS optical anti shake; while the iPhone 12pro uses super ceramic crystal face Plate, matte glass backplane with stainless steel frame, equipped with 5nma144ionic processor, equipped with 6GB memory. Compared with the former, it adds a 12 megapixel long focus lens, and supports 4x optical zoom and 10x digital zoom.

It is reported that the new iphone12 and iPhone 12pro have arrived in the hands of domestic dealers and will be officially put on sale on October 23. As for whether the blue color can be accepted or not, Im afraid we need to feel it in person before deciding. Well see more details.

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