Spy photos of Toyotas new Mirai mass production version

 Spy photos of Toyotas new Mirai mass production version

Although the new car is still in camouflage, in fact, it keeps a high degree of consistency with the concept car that has appeared, especially the design of big mouth front grille and split daytime running light. However, some changes have also taken place in the details of headlight and wheel hub shape, which also means that Toyota has made some adjustments in the process of pushing forward the landing of the new generation Mirai. On the whole, compared with the previous generation, the cars styling is less sci-fi, and it has a more suitable car positioning for household use.

The second generation Mirai is based on ga-l rear wheel drive platform under tnga architecture. In order to cooperate with the rear wheel drive, the motor is moved from the front axle to the rear axle, and the fuel cell pack is moved from under the front seat of the current model to the front of the vehicle to achieve 50:50 front and rear counterweight balance. Two hydrogen tanks are also vertically arranged in the central channel along the traveling direction, which improves the space utilization around the trunk Efficiency.

In terms of interior, the new car adopts the latest design language of Toyota. The whole central control area inclines to the drivers side. The interior panel has a wide air outlet. The asymmetric design is eye-catching and creates a certain three-dimensional sense. In terms of configuration, the new car is equipped with 8-inch digital instrument cluster + 12.3-inch central control panel with built-in multimedia system, HUD head up display, front seat heating / ventilation, streaming media interior rearview mirror and JBL sound system with 14 speakers.

In terms of power, Toyota Mirai adopts a hydrogen fuel cell system. The driving mode is that hydrogen and oxygen react in the fuel cell stack to generate electric energy to drive the motor, and finally drive the vehicle to drive. The driving range reaches 653km, while the fuel replenishment time is only 3-5 minutes, and the emission is only water.


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