Hong Kong: once the Pearl of the East can only grow old?

 Hong Kong: once the Pearl of the East can only grow old?

In fact, Chinas development has brought rare opportunities for the world economy, especially for Asian economies. Hong Kong, which is backed by the huge mainland market and complete industrial system, has also ushered in a new round of Internet development opportunities.

The explosion of online economy makes the new model and new format represented by digital economy grow rapidly. New technologies and industries such as new infrastructure, industrial Internet, 5g and artificial intelligence have gradually formed clusters. As a frontier window for mainland enterprises to access international trade, finance and logistics, Hong Kong has the advantages of good information and communication technology foundation, sound legal system and efficient sea, land and air international logistics connection. It complements and learns from each others advantages, and has excellent opportunities for innovation and entrepreneurship in enterprise services, cross-border trade, supply chain services and other industries.

Under the trend of consumption upgrading in the mainland, the demand for high-quality overseas goods in the sinking market has increased greatly

With the development of business, the sales end has been mature, but small and medium-sized businesses have great demand for efficient import supply chain solutions. We choose to develop in Hong Kong and provide integrated services for mainland businesses in cross-border trade. It is precisely because of Hong Kongs developed advantages in international financial, consulting and legal services, strong talent support and international innovation and technology vision. Said Amy, founder of the Hong Kong based golden rice technology company.